You have more time than you think.

A post by Danger and Play came across my Twitter feed today and after reading it,I had to laugh. I really hate to get on the man, most of his stuff is solid as hell. But here, he hasn’t figured it out yet:

“Quite a lot of bad advice is circulating around recently. Guys are saying that college is a scam and that a man can waste his 20s goofing off and partying. That advice is based in large part on the common human mindset that the party never ends.

You simply do not have as much time as you think.”

I’ve heard this all my life. I understand that D&P is a young man but he’s completely mistaken where he says you don’t have as much time as you think you do, given catastrophic illness or accident, you actually do. I’m fifty one and I know as long as I don’t do something stupid, I have, given my family genetics at least twenty more years left in this life. To do with as I wish. I sometimes wonder to my self, “Shit, twenty more years?” “What the fuck am I going to do next?” He uses a guy near my age he talked to as an example:

“I spoke to a 54-year old recently. He owned his own business for over a decade. After a friend ripped him off, the company folded.

Considering this man’s business, you’d think employers would be lining up to hire him at a discount. Everyone who works in IT takes continuing classes to get certifications. Those certifications mean something. This man used to teach classes to IT professionals. He was the certifying agency.

Yet he can’t find a corporate job. He is not in denial about his situation. He told everyone who would listen, “Start your own business. After 50, you are shit. I taught those fuckers and they won’t hire me.”

That’s the problem right there, he wants a corporate job. Hell my past career entailed quite a few corporate jobs but I was able to escape that crap with experience and knowledge. And these days, who the hell wants to work in the corporate slaughterhouses anymore. Not any man I know. Plus, that’s essentially what they are, slaughterhouses for your soul and masculinity. Then he makes probably the most ludicrous statement I’ve ever heard from a man:

“Once a man is over 50, he is dead to the world. In America a 50-year-old man is not having sex with the hottest, youngest women. He is not getting good jobs in corporate America. He is out to pasture.

If a 50-year-old man is dead, a 30-year-old man is dying.”

I beg to differ, given my experiences

“If you’re not set in your career by 30, companies will give you a funny look. Maybe you had a perfectly good reason to have a late start. People will want to know, though and they will assume you’re aimless and unreliable.”

I realize that D&P doesn’t have the perspective that I might have, but this is a completely wrong assumption on his part. Hell, if you have taken the right career path like I’ve documented in earlier posts, your life is just beginning. Just look at the graph I posted above, in your forties you are just being seen as the epitome of your SMP value. I’ve lived that graph and I can understand where a younger guy might not see it. And being over fifty dead to the world? Don’t make me laugh, there’s not a day goes by where one of my previous employers tries to get me to come out of retirement. Why? Because I know my shit and I take care of myself and my health. This part of his article really made me laugh:

“Dead at 50, dying at 30. Let’s look at the depressing timeline:

    • 25-33: Slave away at a career, build a name for yourself and showing that you can take a lot of pain. Something needs done on Friday at 5 p.m.? You’re the man to do it.
    • 34-39: Assume increasingly important company roles. Become a junior partner or middle manager.
    • 40-44: Now you’re arriving. You are getting older but feel invincible. You are a real partner or a vice president.
    • 45-50: Begin being marginalized at your company.
    • 51: Fight every day to avoid becoming a Wal-Mart greeter.

Personally, I’ve never met a Wal-Mart greeter younger than seventy and if you take a bit of time to talk to them, they’ll tell you that they really don’t need the job, they do it because they like the personal interactions that come with the job. That’s the problem these days, nobody talks to anyone and sometimes I come off as a bit weird to people who know me because I approach and talk to everyone who interests me. That includes Wal-Mart greeters. And as for being dying at thirty and dead at fifty, don’t make me laugh anymore than I have at this article.

D&P, I understand that you are a young guy trying to get by in this world. You need to read the commentariat on this site, you might learn how the world works.

It’s definitely not volunteering for the corporate slaughterhouse.

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  1. I will never understand why people associate “job” and “career” with corporate office bullshit. He makes the same mistake. “Junior partner or middle manager.” Neither of those roles exist in mens jobs. And being useless after 50 mosr certainly does not apply in my field. It’s the older guys who can tell you what’s wrong with something without ever leaving the shop. Experience counts for a lot.

    • I agree with you brother that’s why I took the time today to write this post after what at the least offended me and at the worst pissed me off when D&P’s post came across my twitter feed. There’s a problem out in the sphere as I see it and it’s that it was started by guys that went to college, didn’t get the lives they were promised and now are whining about it. Well, 2013 is going to be the year men like us take this shit back, I’m tired of listening to these wusses.

      • Agree that it’s connected with college – if you did a trade then your ideas about work will be quite different. I was the only one of my family to get a degree and comparing my path to my siblings has given me a different perspective on the value of a degree. Having said that my work hasn’t been related to my degree at all since 1997 – but it has been corporate because that was the path the degrees started me on. I’m currently taking a mini-retirement (I’m 41) and living off savings while I think about what to do next – your careers posts have given me a lot of food for thought.

  2. DAM! If your dead at 50 then my left foot is already in the grave. I could never understand why people think that once you are 50 its all over. I’m 41 and now i can say my life is getting a lot better than before. I feel great everyday of my life and do not have to worry about getting carded when i go to a bar or nightclub with my wife. Its great!

    • I’ll agree that life is what you make it but by no means is perception reality. That’s what the red pill is all about, seeing the truth despite our perceptions. Or as the kid in the movie the Matrix said, “Do not try to bend the spoon — that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth: there is no spoon.”

        • Think about Wald, you’re falling into the post-modern intellectual trap when you say “Perception is reality”. In a lot of ways that was what the movie the Matrix was all about and what the red pill represented, seeing the reality (or truth) that was beyond what was perceived by everybody.

  3. “Career” is a recent invention. For most of human history men worked to survive and to hoard. They did so with muscle. Good comments guys.

    • The commentors here are some of the most intelligent individuals that I have ever been involved with and I’ve been doing this for a while. You guys have no idea how much I appreciate you.

  4. Well looking at the chart my SMV is 15% of peak value. Guess I’ll have to pack it in and just wonder off some place to die. ;)

  5. Also have to say, looks like that chart is sexists, why the hell didn’t I ever get up to 100% like the women! This is an outrage! I’m sure that for some brief period of time I was at 100% … Well now that I think about it maybe not, my youth was pretty wasted so I’d have to say I only achieve a 50% but if you integrate that area under the curve that means I’ve saved that SMV for later in life … right? That means instead of 15% it’s really something like 40% right? … Oh forget it, think I’ll just go have another beer and listen to Springsteen’s “Glory Days”

  6. In America a 50-year-old man is not having sex with the hottest, youngest women. He is not getting good jobs in corporate America. He is out to pasture.

    In China, a 50-year-old man is a worker. He might be rich, he might be poor, but he works.

    That is why China is China and the USA is the USA.

    Similar observations apply to Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, etc.

    • I agree, that statement hit me the wrong way. Thus the series on careers for men. If you can do the jobs, it doesn’t matter how old you are.

  7. The older you get, the more you realize that youth is wasted on the young, and everything you thought you HAD TO HAVE or thought you could never have, are all there for the taking.

    This may be the single biggest problem people have faced ever, in any period of history – the desire for youth to fulfill itself prematurely; for youth to vilify and fail to appreciate the wisdom, discretion, and opportunity afforded by age; for young people to think they have all the time in world afforded to them, while secretly yearning for the very things the elders have without having to put in the sweat equity and heartache required to earn the same privilege and wisdom.

    • Cranberry what really bothers me is that most of the older folks in this country get warehoused in nursing homes when they become infirm instead of being taken care of by their families. So much wisdom is lost this way.

      • Yes – it used to be grandmothers who told their granddaughters not to be sluts and grandfathers who told their grandsons not to be pussies.

      • Husband and I often have this conversation. We don’t want our parents to be relegated to anonymous, even if warm and friendly, care in a nursing home. We have talked about taking in one or more (or all of our surviving) parents when the time comes for them to sacrifice their independence. It’s a sad day for them, and for us, for it shows us our own human frailty and eventual decline, but there are positives. It will show our children the proper way to care for our elders, and the proper respect we ought accord to those who made our lives possible.

        To this date, none of my grandparents or great-grandparents died alone, in hospice, or in the care of anonymous but friendly strangers. They were tended by children or spouses in their final hours. I want my parents to go that way, and I want to go that way. I want my children to understand the beauty and the sadness and joy that such a situation nevertheless brings. I want the circle to be complete, and perpetuated.

        One thing motherhood has done for me is put so very many things into perspective. My life, my marriage, my pleasure, is not about me anymore at all. It’s still a part of me and my life with my spouse, but the team effort we put into our children touches a part of me I never knew was or could be alive. It helps our marriage rather than kills it, and I think our kids thrive because we are committed to raising loving and responsible kids, so we demonstrate love and responsibility. It’s not perfect, ever, but it goes a long way to providing the true “cradle to grave” care we seek from government but will never truly find. Cradle to grave can only be found in the family and in the spiritual community. The State cannot provide what it seeks to destroy.

  8. I don’t see myself as part of the “sheeple”. I do what I can to enjoy life, our life.

  9. hey Bill, I am thinking of getting into Air conditing installation and repair, or fridge repair etc. What’s a good way to get a feel for the work before I commit? And then how do I go about getting a job in that field?

    • The best way to start is to get a helper job. HVAC isn’t that complicated and if you are in a good area, 12 to 15 dollars an hour is the going rate for guys that aren’t afraid of a little hard work. Just make sure that when you apply, tell them you want to work with the most senior guy there who has to solve the most problematic issues with HVAC. Treat that man well, do what he asks of you and always watch over his shoulder when he’s diagnosing something. He’ll most likely be appreciative of your attitude and willingness to learn and if you play your cards right, will mentor you while you draw a pretty good paycheck. Within a year, you should know enough to be able to do your own troubleshooting and installation and from there the sky’s the limit.

  10. “Once a man is over 50, he is dead to the world. In America a 50-year-old man is not having sex with the hottest, youngest women. He is not getting good jobs in corporate America. He is out to pasture.

    If a 50-year-old man is dead, a 30-year-old man is dying.”

    If you have lead a conventional life expect a conventional death. I turn 53 in 22 hours. I discovered the red pill, paleo diets, 5×5 lifts 5 years ago. Today I wake up at 10, work from 11 to 4 ( for my own company), date a 20 year old babe and party harder now than I ever did at university.

    A good friend of mine gave me a piece of advice prior to my consumption of the red pill, he said: ” People rarely get what they want but they always get what they think they deserve.”

    Do I deserve my great life? Of course I do. I followed the red pill instructions to a T. A great life consists of showing up, standing up and following the right instructions.

    Drop the red pill, start life now.

      • Sounds a lot like my life but my babe is a bit older. Not much but the parallels are there. I wouldn’t say drop the red pill however, swallowing that mother made the life I have now possible. Didn’t make it any easier but now I understand what’s going on and can tell other men about it.

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  12. How can somebody claim to see through the matrix and then write such an article like D&P has. That is the type of shit I would expect from a college professor. I will say one thing, his article should be aimed at women not men. The message I am getting from his piece is that you should plan your whole life around your corporate job and become a stooge. Fuck that shit.

  13. I’m 37. I had plenty of game with girls mid 20’s and up in the U.S. One of my good friends, in his 40’s (and balding, fat, living in a shack), picks up 19 year old hotties on a regular basis. Now I’m living in SE Asia and finding that here even more, getting older just makes a man more attractive. I’ll be 70 and still dating 20 year olds. Suckahs!

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