Where did it all start?

I get asked all the time, “Mitch, when did you first start looking into all the lies that you have been told and what convinced you?” I remember it like it was yesterday and it was when the airliners crashed into the World Trade Center on 9/11 2001. Thing about it was, I was a X-files fan at the time and I remembered a pilot episode of a spin-off show that was trying to get started on the back of that successful series called “The Smoking Gun”. If you’re as old as I am, the X-Files was hugely popular if the alien intrusion theme was overdone and they used on occasion a group of individuals who ran a website called “The Smoking Gun” which was one of the most edgy sites out there when it came to exposing the lies that were all around us at that time. That site actually existed and still does to this day even though I doubt their motives anymore. Well this is part of the pilot that was aired March 4th, 2001:

At the time, I was supposedly happily married with kids but after the 9/11 attacks, I had an epiphany. I thought to myself, “These bastards warned us and it happened.”

The reason I had an epiphany was I knew hard it was to fly a plane especially especially ones that large without specialized training and to put it in a target as small as the twin towers given the size of the building and the size of the planes would take a professional. You see, I took flying lessons from my neighbor for two years and let me tell you something, driving a plane is nothing like driving a car or a motorcycle. Airliners have all the tech in the world and if you know and ask any airline pilot, he’ll tell you the same thing. If you don’t know it, you ain’t flying it.

After the twin towers were devastated, the TV show went nowhere. I figured at the time the show got too close to the truth with what had happened for it to stay on the air.

But I never forgot the lesson. The bastards are always going to broadcast their intentions to inure you to what is to come. Look for nuclear war movies to come out as blockbusters by the first of the year.

That last sentence in the video is prescient. “Just don’t expect to win.”

Personally I don’t. But I’ve got to try.

Looks like I might have hurt someone’s feelings


This is a normal day for my site if I don’t write a new post:

Search Engines 185
tempesttcup.wordpress.com 105
hawaiianlibertarian.blogspot.com 70
Twitter 63
manosphere.com 54
elusivewapiti.blogspot.com 21
Reddit 17
freenortherner.com 11
articlesformen.com 10
illusionofsanity.com 9

That’s just the short list. If I don’t write anything, it’s between a thousand to two thousand hits a day, much more if I write something. And here’s what happened since my last post and not writing anything since:

uncabob.blogspot.com 9
freenortherner.com 9
therockyroadahead.wordpress.com/page/6/ 7
illusionofsanity.com 6
staresattheworld.com 6
Twitter 4
WordPress Dashboard 4
mindweaponsinragnarok.com 3
Reddit 3
jack-donovan.com/axis/ 3
hawaiianlibertarian.blogspot.com 2
elusivewapiti.blogspot.com 2
Search Engines 2

Search engine traffic has fallen off of a cliff. I haven’t paid attention too much to the site over the past few days since I’ve been helping a friend move throughout the weekend but this surprised the hell out of me. Looks like I pissed someone off and they’ve decided that they’d fuck with my search engine traffic to get back at me. I just noticed also that if you google this site, it still comes up number one but the notice, “this site might be hacked” is back up again. That I’ve gotten used to, but there’s no way anyone could hack this site without me knowing it. And taking extreme action against anyone trying it.

There’s been a few commentors that have said that they were the men giving me traffic from the City of London. Here’s one from a commentor calling himself DW:

“Hi Mitch, I’ve been following your blog for over a year and really enjoy it. Some of the links and articles you’ve posted have been excellent, especially the propaganda links, a real wake up call. I’m the person in the City of London who you refer to. I do work in Banking, but I certainly don’t make seven figures. Keep up the good work and I’ll comment now I’ve enrolled. Best regards from ‘the inside’, Dan”

Shit, it occurs to me that I might be fucked.

That’s not necessarily a bad place to be.

The City of London.


If you have your website set up properly, you can see the locations of everyone who clicks on your pages. It’s not unusual to see cities from all over the world where interested individuals have clicked on your site from various search engines and associated links that have been entered onto the webz. Now being the ethical person I am, I would never use that information for other than banning trolls and spammers. What IS unusual and it’s something I’ve noticed on a regular basis is that I’m getting traffic from the City of London nearly daily.

I guess some backstory is necessary because most people have no idea what the City of London is and how it is one of four hubs of global finance and power, the others being Tel Aviv in Israel, the Vatican and the New York Washington D.C. corridor.

So, let’s begin:

The City’s own website is a good place to start but it is full of obfuscation. There are more correct descriptions. Here are some links to get you familiar with the place.

The medieval, unaccountable Corporation of London.

The secret “City of London”

Actually the wikipedia entry isn’t too bad in explaining the place.

So, who in the hell that calls the City a home or place of business would have any interest at all in what I’m writing and reporting on. You don’t live or work there unless you’re a millionaire or better, hell the place is so awash in money that even the janitorial help makes six figures a year. Good luck getting a job there, everything is nepotistic or who you know.

Honestly, I can’t figure out why anyone there would be reading this site considering how insulated the place is. Hell, even the queen has to ask permission to enter the City.

But it’s been going on for so long that I finally had to start taking notice.


Black Knights.


Another good fucking grief moment. If you thought all the white knight enablers that surround us in daily life were bad, check this shit out. From Chronicle.su:

“They’re known as Black Knights and they’ve got a message for serial abusers of women on the internet: “We’re going to hunt you down and kill you in your sleep.”

Bwaahaahaa. Read on.

The alarming new internet trend of trolls and doxxers has caused thousands of suicides of young women and girls. The abuser, or troll, becomes addicted to stalking, harrassing, and targeting a woman, ruining her life in the process. But now, vigilante Black Knights are fighting back.

Thousands of suicides of young women and girls? Don’t make me laugh again. By the way, isn’t it bullying by other young women and girls that has been making all the news these days for causing suicides among young girls?

Unlike so-called White Knights such as the famed knightsec of the hacker collective Anonymous led by Deric Lotsgutter, Black Knights are out for blood and are definitely not revealing their identities. A Black Knight known only as NotAnonymous told reporters, “No one knows we exist. No one knows who we kill. No one knows when we kill. But if you’re ruining women’s lives for fun on the internet, we’ll kill you in your sleep.”

So these (WHITE) black knights who think we’re ruining women’s lives for making them cry by telling them the truth are going to come kill us in our sleep? Bwaahaahaa.

Feminists contribute to bitcoin pools on the darknet, an encrypted “underground” of the internet accessed with Tor software, and the Black Knight can collect payment by placing a bid on the abuser which correctly predicts the target’s time of death.

I’ve got to find this site and put a bounty on my own head. Think a Black Knighter might just be surprised that I’ve got something waiting for him if he shows up to kill me in my sleep? Hilarity will ensue when I make him shit his pants while staring down the barrel of a .45. And did you notice that it’s feminists that are contributing to these assholes? Since we make them cry more than any other women, that doesn’t surprise me.

NotAnonymous refused to elaborate on the mission of the Black Knights. “We don’t have any identity. We aren’t doing this to get laid. Most of us don’t even do it for the bitcoins. We do it for the same reason the abusers do it. For the lulz.”

“We aren’t doing this to get laid.” Anytime you hear some herbly say something like this, that’s exactly why he’s doing it. It’s the only thing he’s got and by acting like some badass who’s “going to kill someone in their sleep” that’s exactly what he hopes happens. Given who the people are that are contributing bitcoins to their endeavor, personally I’d pass. I wouldn’t lay a feminist with your dick. Well maybe none I’ve seen so far. There’s always exceptions.

I’m going to do all I can to find where these assholes hang out and put a bounty on my own head. Anyone that can help me with this quest, let me know.

Universe, I hope one of these lame individuals tries to find me. I’ll be in it for the lulz.

I live in Florida. Stand your ground anyone?

No more social media for me, for now.


I’ve recently made a conscious choice to end my participation in all types of social media. You know, Facebook, Twitter and every other thing I was enrolled in that can be encapsulated by the picture above. Given that I made that decision on a drunken Sunday evening and talked with my friends to nearly three in the morning into Monday, at first I thought that it might have been the wrong decision when I sobered up. Turns out that it’s probably the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

A little back story. When I first started blogging nearly five years ago, I was on Facebook, Twitter and a bunch of other social media sites. I was traveling the world in my profession and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to stay in contact with your friends and family from your local wi-fi connection than it is by cell phone. Get your first $1800 cell phone bill and you’ll know what I mean.

Being a beginning blogger, I found that social media got me a large audience almost immediately. It’s easy, link your site to social media and you’re getting page-views that you never would have imagined. But it quickly snowballs, you get to the point that you don’t need or want the page-views and trying to keep up with everyone that wants to be in touch with you becomes a huge amount of time during your day that you could be using doing things that are way more productive. That’s what convinced me that I needed to break from all social media and get back to doing the things that I need to be working on for myself. Like getting my motorcycles ready for riding season for one. Plus everyone I know that I keep in touch with now has more direct methods to get in touch with me, thus the 3 a.m. calls into Monday morning. Everyone I care about knows how to get in touch with me without resorting to using social media anymore so I feel that it’s like an artifact that was useful during its time but will be dug up by future archaeologists who will wonder, “Why did so many individuals invest so much in this?” Kinda like the Maya and their human sacrifices, know what I mean?

I’m not the only one who has come to this conclusion. Matt messaged me today telling me he did the exact same thing. Seems like the cool kids have figured out that social media is nothing more than a time suck and are abandoning it in droves. If you read that article in its entirety it postulates that everyone is looking for more personal networks and not the depersonalizing huge networks that are ubiquitous today.

That’s where I am. I don’t give a fuck what my (at the time 414 followers) on Twitter are doing or linking. This might a bit of a future trend because my friends are texting me or are calling me on the phone these days. It’s a hell of a lot more personal and given the surveillance society we live in, a measure of safer communication. Not to say it’s safe, but at least when I’m on the phone with someone, I’m not bombarded with adverts. Win.

What really convinced me that this was the best course of action, to get off all social media was a conversation I had with a female friend of mine over the course of last weekend. She recounted a series of Facebook messages from a guy who was supposedly from Spokane, WA who had messaged a bunch of women who live in our general area doing all the things that men do when they are looking for older women to scam. If he hadn’t been so clumsy about it, he probably could have done much more damage than he did but the asshole did convince one women to send him some money. At last count, he targeted around five females from the area I live in and Universe who knows who else. This is the problem with social media, once some of these women hit the wall, an individual with less than honorable intentions will target these aging women and try to take advantage of them. Seems to me with my experience on these sites, I could rack up if I were inclined to do so. Not necessary now but it’s good to know the opportunity is out there.

So far now, I’m completely invisible to the social networks.

If I need some money, I know where to go.

Another reason not to go to college.


Good fuckin’ grief. I’m glad I quit contributing to my kid’s college fund and spent the money on gambling and whores.

You want to see a microaggression? Pay attention if you’re white to how you’re treated in a retail store or a restaurant if your store clerk or waitress is a minority. It’s so prevalent you won’t have to go far to see it.

I’m fucking tired of all this bullshit.

Giving up your anonymity has consequences.


I was hanging out at Ace’s site today (if you haven’t visited him yet, I highly recommend it) when I read this comment from Keoni (who is probably my favorite writer that I haven’t met yet):

“This is a good take on anonymity in the MAndrosphere.

My reasoning (at least consciously) for trying to keep anon is that ever since I was a child, I listened to the radio alot because my family did not have a television in my house until I was in high school. Every single time I saw a picture or video of the musical artist, DJ or talk show host, it caused cognitive dissonance with the image of the person behind the voice I had constructed in my mind’s eye.

As an adult, I reached a point where I would purposely avoid seeking out pictures of the talk show hosts I used to listen to on a daily basis, to avoid this effect.

I preferred my imaginary depictions of voices over the reality of the man or woman behind it.

I have the same effect with seeing actual pictures/videos of bloggers I read regularly. Roissy, Matt Forney, Uncle Mitch, Bill Price…all guys I read plenty of before I ever saw a picture of what they looked like in real life.

In every case, I lost a little bit of….attraction? Affection? Fandom? I don’t know what to call it….but for these guys, because the actual picture didn’t jibe with my mental picture I constructed, the lost mystique makes them a little less compelling for me…even though their writings are in many cases still top notch, knowing what they actually look like removes a little “edge” for myself.

So I actually enjoy anonymity amongst the blogosphere, and seek to keep my own so as to hold on to that “mystique effect.”

To which Stingray answered:

“I suspect if Keoni was able to actually meet the writers, the effect would change again and go from a disappointment that the mystery and veil is gone to an even deeper respect that an everyday man is overcoming not only everyday challenges but is putting himself out there in what could be a dangerous fashion by choice (and depending on the man, it might go just the opposite as well).

When we only have the screen and the words to go by, a small part of us does see the person behind the blog, behind the picture he has created on his own page, behind the mask he’s created as a little bit of a superhero. When we see a real picture, and the mask is taken away we see just a man when a tiny part of us wanted to see Bruce Wayne.

But then, when we are able to meet them and we meet the man, we find that he might be better than what we pictured in our minds because being just a man means he has real vices, troubles, and fears to overcome. Just like us. It will often lead to an even deeper respect because unlike a comic book hero with a mask, he is tangible. Someone that the men reading here can relate to on a real level and not just a fictional hero with super powers with whom the readers could never hope to be.”

This is my favorite part of Ace’s post that prompted these comments:

“The ancient Greeks had a term for it.


In the deepest, darkest recesses of every ‘spherian is the desire to be caught.

This is not to be confused with masochism.

Or even to be considered a conscious thought.

In reality, it is a deep-seated desire to be known.

To be understood.

To be True to purpose.

Come what may.”

“Come what may”. That pretty much sums it up. When you’ve seen what can’t be unseen, what you know can’t be unknown, “Come what may” becomes a pretty good alternative. I also really liked the quote, “In reality, it is a deep-seated desire to be known.” That doesn’t mean what you think it does. I have no desire for fame, or to make money off of this site, I just want to be known as a human who has a modicum of value. Of which, for my entire life, I’ve had no experience with until I started meeting individuals here in the sphere.

When I was anonymous first as Simon Rierdon posting on Veritas Aculeus and other venues like In Mala Fide, then as Bill Powell here on this site, I figured it would be easy to stay that way. I got a reality check when I was in Europe, my girlfriend at the time was housesitting for me, she went out to get the mail and a guy wearing black running shorts, a black tank top and black running shoes that she had never seen before stopped up short and asked, “Does Simon Rierdon live here?” That proved to me that anonymity is ephemeral, if someone really wants to find you they can. I thought that she was full of crap and making that story up until my neighbors confirmed it for me. So after a lot of thought, I decided to write and blog under my own name. Come what may.

That pretty much has given me the initiative to meet as many of the people I respect in person. And I’ve met more than most. Other than a couple that I’m not going to name, most everyone I’ve met face to face has well exceeded my expectations. Everyone has presupposed impressions but you never get to know an individual until you meet them in person. The ones I haven’t met in person, I’ve at least talked to on the phone and though I’m a pretty good characterizer of a mans personality, I’ve been burned a couple of times. That’s how the Mardi Gras meetup got out of control, I and others trusted someone and it bit us in the ass. Never again.

That’s how you counteract the mis-impressions that putting your real identity and posting a pic of yourself on your site inevitably results in. Meet in person, you won’t regret it.

And, even though Ace thinks we all want to be caught, that’s not necessarily the case. I definitely didn’t before I launched this site and was pseudonymous. But after awhile, you realize it can’t last and eventually say screw it, if you want to find me, here I am.

That’s how I became Uncle Mitch and just that has made putting myself out there under my own name worth it.

So Keoni or anyone else, if you want to realize your “fandom” or any thing else you think you lost when you found out how we look, meet us in person. You just might be surprised as I was.

I’m a bigger fan of the individuals I’ve met (and some less, let’s be honest) than I ever was before I met them.

And, they’ve enriched my life more than I can ever explain.

Critical mass has been reached.

critical mass

Gentlemen (and gentlewomen), we, in our little corner of the webz have reached critical mass. What do I mean by this? Maybe a little bit of back story is in order:

MatingGrounds is the brainchild of NY Times bestselling author, Tucker Max, and renowned evolutionary psychologist, Professor Geoffrey Miller. The information and advice they offer will be unlike any other resource available on the subject; it will be grounded in the most recent breakthroughs in evolutionary psychology, human sexuality, behavior genetics, and animal communication, presented through the lens of personal experience and actionable tips.”

OK cool, Tucker Max and some nebbishy evolutionary psychologist are launching a new website that purports to help men with their dating and relationship lives; so what? What’s gotten under the skin of many authors in our little corner is this launch statement:

Looks like pajama boy

Looks like pajama boy

“Geoff“ I have looked, quite extensively, for a book or something that honestly and frankly addresses the entire spectrum of sex, dating, women and relationships, especially for men. I have never found one. I have to spend hours answering their very basic questions about these issues. ”Tucker “No fucking way. This has to exist.”

Geoff “It doesn’t. I’ve looked.”

Which is patently bullshit and has generated some worthwhile responses:

Mating Grounds: Geoffrey Miller and Tucker Max Copy Danger & Play and Hilarity Ensues

And another:

Tucker Max invents the Manosphere

And another:

Tucker Max is a liar

Well, if you dig a little further, you find the real reason for the launch:

“Geoff was right. There was nothing. This was a hole in the market so big, it was hard to see unless you stood far enough back.” (Emphasis mine)

The operative word is market. These bastards think they can make some money stealing content that has been available for years in our corner of the webz, repackaging it for mass consumption and selling it to gullible individuals and media outlets for profit. Why do you think I’ve been so busy trademarking and copyrighting all of my original content? I’ve seen this coming for a long time and personally I think most guys haven’t. Right now, we’re a content provider just waiting to be stolen from. Just see what happened to D&P as chronicled by Frost at Thumotic by a guy we used to trust. Hell, even with all the registering I’ve done for my content, I’m not immune to this as I wrote about in this post yesterday. And there’s a very good reason for what we’re seeing happening:

We’ve reached Critical Mass. What I mean by this is our audience has grown so large and our message has become so widespread that certain unscrupulous individuals have determined that this is something that they can make a buck off of. This trend is only going to accelerate as more and more people discover us and start to take our maxims to heart. The launch of manosphere.com a couple of days ago by Kid Strangelove and the huge amount of traffic it generated in its first days prove my premise. I’m proud to be a small part of that launch and it just proved to me that our audience is way larger than most of us realize.

See that picture at the top of this article? It’s from a presentation from Deepak Chopra where he stated:

“Our world right now is in a state of worrisome turbulence and chaos. If we are to achieve any measure of success in creating a more peaceful, just, sustainable, and healthy planet, it will require more than the participation of governments and businesses.

We’ll need a critical mass of consciousness.”

Well, in our part of the webz, we have reached that critical mass. Go to manosphere.com and think about how much traffic the sites listed there have generated all over the world. I guarantee that given the traffic this humble little site has generated, we are well above the 100 million that he cites as where an idea reaches critical mass among the populations of the earth. We are way beyond that number and I would guess by a power of ten. That’s why we are a target of the unscrupulous, our message sells and if you don’t protect yourself, you run the risk of having all of your hard work, work you put your soul into stolen by individuals who only are chasing the buck.

We are the future. In journalism, self-help, relationship advice, nutrition, fitness, business, work and any other subject that are in the interests of men. And our influence has reached the point that the vultures are circling looking to take advantage of our nascent rise to replace the mainstream. It’s not a bad place to be in to be honest, but you better know how to protect yourself from said vultures. It’s not hard. Why do you think the hottest new aggregator is copyright protected? Because I warned him to. Good thing he listened.

So protect yourselves. The blatant ripoffs are only going to intensify.

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