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  1. Great picture. This is REALLY great. I’ve been reading a lot lately about how damn selfish the boomers are, and this picture sums it all up very concisely. Great job to whoever created this pic.

    • IMHO, the greatest generation was the WW-1 generation. Too bad, their children and grandchildren didn’t listen to them.

    • They were so great that the boomers couldn’t live up to that standard. So instead they became haters.

  2. They’re not planted yet. Payback will be a bitch for all of these. Unfortunately we’re all screwed anyway.

  3. I don’t know who made up that picture but he is right on the money. Especially the part about multiculturalism and immigration. The baby boomers truly are a smug, self-righteous waste of space. I hope their 401 k’s get confiscated. Better yet, I hope EBT runs out and some of those “lovely colored folk” come looking to get “Whitey” in revenge.
    Another great post Bill.

  4. Luckily we have retirement homes in a nice diverse envirohment, where they can enjoy a truly enriching cultural experience. They can encounter the native people in all their glory.

    I’m thinking retirement homes on the coast of somalia here.

    • Just because the Boomers claim us doesn’t mean we are them – there was no baby boom happening when I was born. Also look at where all the cutoffs are: 1960. The boomers want to curse us with being considered part of their generation, but all the benefits only extend to 1960, the last year of the actual baby boom.

    • Look at the Birthrate in 1960. Then look at the next 4 years or so. Then Redefine the ‘definition” you were force-fed. The “Boom” came to a screeching halt in 1960. Those are the facts.

  5. It’s comforting to blame previous generations but they were only human, possessed of the same vulnerabilities and weakness that we all are. They were swept up in the tides of history as everyone is.

    • I was also thinking the same thing after mature thought.

      This is just another divine and conquer strategy. Turn the generations against each other, just like they turned the races and genders against each other.

      Who is the real controllers? The Illuminati. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other top elite families and top wealthy leaders.

      Granted, I am still pissed off at how ignorant and stupid the baby boomers are in regards to feminism. Even when it is blatantly obvious that feminism is a failed social policy, even THEN the boomers refuse to admit their mistake.

      Baby boomer women are probably the most evil, sadistic, and hateful bitches to ever exist in history. I truly hope they, baby boomer women, all die very painful and slow deaths of cancer and other diseases. The younger generation of western women, flawed as they may be, are not intentionally evil, like the baby boomer women are. And 90 percent of baby boomer MEN are manginas who support feminism and refuse to hold women accountable. So the men are just as bad, the baby boomer women only got so bad because the boomer men ALLOWED them to get that bad.

      So yea, either way, I don’t really like boomers very much and I hope they all die very painful and slow deaths. That’s the least they deserve, for selling their children into a Marxist-communist-fascist hellhole society.

      • Glad you said that part about the illumnati.
        Doesn’t anything strike you as odd in that list?
        They’re all JEWS.
        Look at the leading feminists. Jews. Multicult propaganda: Jews.Tv: Jews. Banks: Jews.

        Guess it’s weimar all over again.

        • maybe we should kill all jews? go to redpill.us and there’s lots of like minded guys

  6. Eh, its not like the boomers thought, like any generation really. They are the malleable slaves of those in the know. Blaming them is akin to blaming a dog for obeying it’s master after a lifetime of training. They are the “dead” as they are the unthinking mass. While i do not condone their actions they did what any humans would do in their place under the social and cultural constructs. Having said that they can sure enjoy the fruits of the poisonous tree that is bearing fruit in the west.

    • @Shameful – right on. Compared to most of the intelligence I see hear, I’m surprised how many of you fell for that BS picture. Yeah, clearly the boomers are to blame for everything. Oh, wait, no, it’s all the fault of women. Oh wait, no, WWII is all the fault of the Japanese and Hitler. Oh wait, no, the Soviets brought us the cold war. Oh wait, no, Lincoln freed the slaves and the Civil War was the fault of the South.

      You guys have gotten about one inch into the rabbit hole.

      • We can blame the Illuminati, the elite, for creating all of these policies- feminism, multiculturalism, etc. They are the real enemy.

        BUT, the baby boomer generation are their willing slaves. The Illuminati didn’t put a gun to anyone’s head and FORCE them to accept feminism, multiculturalism, etc, no, the baby boomers CHOSE to support those things.

        So it doesn’t excuse the boomers. They ARE responsible for their actions. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. It’s THEIR fault for being ignorant in the first place. Baby boomers could have chosen to educate themselves but instead they sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver.

        Baby boomers were perfectly happy with the system back when they all had shitloads of money and a house in the suburbs. Now that things are bad economically, NOW they are upset?

        They chose the course of action that led us to our present circumstances, and now they have to accept it.

        It’s like a child whining because the child chose to eat candy instead of healthy food, and then complaining later of a stomach ache.

        Sorry boomers, but you ARE responsible. Of course the ultimate responsibility lies with the Illuminati and other top elite leaders, but the boomers went along with the Illuminati’s plans VOLUNTARILY. So they are responsible too.

  7. I know these people intimately – they are dead weight and unreachable. Blame them if you want – most are too selfish of dullards to even begin to have the insight required to be properly shamed. They will whine about “my social security” as much as any ghetto denizen screams about section 8 housing. Would you take the battle to those folks?
    Revolutions are fought by the young, focus on them, IMO. Cut the bastards off in order to make them productive after winning.

    • Well the good news is that I saw a news article a couple months back, saying that only 1 out of 6 boomers are in good health. That is, 85 percent of boomers are unhealthy and will probably die pretty soon, within the next 5 or 10 years, by God’s grace.

    • Not too long ago, in the time before social security, there was this thing called family. It was social security. The older generations knew that if they screwed up raising their children they would pay for it in their elder years because the young would be the ones who protected and provided for the old. But they have social security. The disconnect between the young and the old is just as great and important as the disconnect between men and women.

      • The thing about marriage is the same thing about family. When the old were dependent on the young for their survival they made families work. When women and men were dependent on each other they made marriage work. Strong bonds were formed, strong families, and strong nations. Now everyone is independent and isolated.

        • I think the welfare state has to collapse worldwide before there will be any real change. And it looks like it’s going bankrupt pretty soon. Either way, more and more young men are refusing to get married, so the laws become irrelevant for them.

  8. It’s kind of fun following the Boomers though. Since their entire lives were spent jumping onto one bandwagon or another, you can pick up their leavings pretty cheaply. I’m thinking that Harleys are gonna be on fire-sale in the next 10 years (not that I want one – I’m more of an enduro sort of girl).

    Right now I think the market might be good for small boats & small airplanes. I’m looking at getting at least one of those in the near future. Probably a catamaran; the airplane can wait a year or so.

    • The ones I see as patients: I’d keep an eye out for golf carts for that 1/4 mile trip to get Cheeze Doodles and PBR at the Pig. Also, expect fire sales on handicapped license plates, Rascal Scooters, CPAP hardware, Diabetic footware, compression hose for edematous legs, and Canadian Cialis for their limp noodles.

    • You don’t want a cat unless you can build them yourself. Over time years), catamarans lose structural integrity in large swell. You want a good displacement cruiser with a solid cared-for hull and cutter-rigged. They’re smaller on livable space, but much safer if you get caught in a storm.

      • Oops, my husband just informed me that he is actually looking for a pontoon boat. He wants a motor & we will be on a lake because we live right damn smack in the middle of the Great North American Outback.

  9. Watch the end of the movie Woodstock, while Jimmy Hendrix is playiing. That should tell you Everything you need to know about those Fuckers. I’ve been wading knee-deep through their detritus my entire life. they suck dead dog dick in the hot noonday sun until it comes off in their mouths, and then tell everyone around them how great it is. Fuck them. They will suffer the most in the Malaise… Enjoy the Decline!

  10. Took my first job at fifteen as a trash hauler. During Woodstock, I was painting my future Mother in law’s house. I didn’t know about the killing of MLK because I was in the library studying. During the Detroit riots, I was working side by side with black men as a railroad laborer. I didn’t go to ‘nam, but had friends who died there. I married for life, raised a successful child who loves me, and voted for the most conservative candidate in every election. I worked all my life, because the SS I was forced to pay into won’t be nearly enough, I will die working.
    Explain to me again how any of this is my fault.

    • And never once you raised your voice to stop the enslavement of your child. Never once did you not vote for a candidate that would utterly and completely fuck over his life.

      Yours is the Nürnberg defense.

      • And just how do YOU know that he never raised his voice. A lot of us Boomers are of the same persuasion and did not buy into that crap. Problem was our kind were outnumbered and out voted.

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  12. Leykis Clause.

    You may be an exception, but it still holds that the boomers as a group did all this.

  13. http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/12/us/louisiana-shooting/index.html
    The false flags shall continue, untill morale improves.

  14. Only on “e” in feminism.

    Also, shouldn’t it start with “depleted”, “not deplete”?

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