The FEMA Corps.

Have you heard about this new youth oriented corps that the Federal Emergency Management Agency just inaugurated? I didn’t think so, I stumbled across it because I have a habit of perusing Department of Homeland Security websites just to see what shit they let out that the MSM doesn’t report on. This one is troubling considering the demographic they are targeting and what they intend to do with them. From the DHS website dated September 13, 2012:

“Yesterday, we welcomed 231 energetic members into the first ever FEMA Corps class. The members just finished off their first month of training with our partners at the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and are one step closer to working in the field on disaster response and recovery. They will now head to FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness to spend the next two weeks training in their FEMA position-specific roles. Once they complete both the CNCS and FEMA training, these 231 dedicated FEMA Corps members will be qualified to work in one of a variety of disaster related roles, ranging from Community Relations to Disaster Recovery Center support.”

This new agency really got my attention, Center for Domestic Preparedness. Go to that site if you really want to see what our government is preparing for. And according to the website, the government will pay for any training that you might want as a first responder:

“If you are a state, local, or tribal government emergency responder, this training is completely funded by DHS at no cost to you or your jurisdiction. We fly you into Atlanta airport, pick you up, transport you to the CDP, and provide all meals and lodging.”

And probably all of the indoctrination that you can stand. But let’s look closer at the Corporation for National and Community Service that seems to be behind this push for a new FEMA youth corps. From their own website:

“The Corporation for National and Community Service is a federal agency that engages more than 5 million Americans in service through Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and the Social Innovation Fund, and leads President Obama’s national call to service initiative, United We Serve.“

Five million mother fuckers are a part of this? That’s more than all active duty military and police forces combined in this country as far as I can determine doing research on the netz. And they are completely under the radar as far as I can tell, have you heard of any of these agencies? I didn’t think so. I went looking also for the Social Innovation Fund. This is from their website:

“The Social Innovation Fund (SIF), an initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service, is an innovative approach to transforming lives and communities that uses limited federal investment as a catalyst to grow community-based nonprofits with evidence of strong results. 

By fostering private and public collaborations that identify, evaluate, and expand these nonprofits, the SIF increases access to effective programs that enable people and communities in need to overcome their most pressing challenges in the areas of economic opportunity, health, and youth development.”

And there we find the real reason for all this shit, “youth development“. Does this bring back any memories for anyone out there that knows their history? It does for me. Back to the FEMA youth corps website and we find what they really want to accomplish:

“The inductees are pioneers, combining the exceptional record of citizen service at AmeriCorps’ National Civilian Community Corps with FEMA’s specialized mission of supporting survivors with their recovery after a disaster. The new members, who range in age from 18-24 years old, will contribute to a dedicated, trained, and reliable disaster workforce by working full-time for ten months on federal disaster response and recovery efforts. As we announced in March, FEMA Corps sets the foundation for a new generation of emergency managers; it promotes civic engagement and offers an educational and financial opportunity for young people; and is designed to strengthen the nation’s disaster response by supplementing FEMA’s existing Reservist workforce.”

I found a quite a few pictures of this inaugural class and even though the header pic gets the point across, I thought I’d post more:

These are the individuals who are eventually going to come after you and me. They look nerdy and dweebish in the pics but in my experience with cops and other law enforcement personnel, these are exactly the types that were recruited to run the ovens in WWII. Give someone who has had no power in their life the power over life and death and you create monsters.

Shit’s further along than I myself thought it was.

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  1. A few sentences stood out for me:

    “Once they complete both the CNCS and FEMA training, these 231 dedicated FEMA Corps members will be qualified to work in one of a variety of disaster related roles, ranging from Community Relations to Disaster Recovery Center support.” -Yes, no doubt these stooges will be very “Qualified” to carry out their orders to the letter. What “Disaster” would they be referring to? Complete Economic meltdown perhaps?

    How about this Gem:
    “If you are a state, local, or tribal government emergency responder, this training is completely funded by DHS at no cost to you or your jurisdiction. We fly you into Atlanta airport, pick you up, transport you to the CDP, and provide all meals and lodging.”- Fantastic, the United States of America is up to its neck in debt and these bastards can still find money to cover expenses for shit like this, if alarm bells are not ringing for anybody reading that sentence then there is no hope for them.

    “The Corporation for National and Community Service is a federal agency that engages more than 5 million Americans in service through Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and the Social Innovation Fund, and leads President Obama’s national call to service initiative, United We Serve.“

    – United We Serve(Ourselves and our Banking Cronies).

    Another Great article Bill.

    • Thanks Roy, this one scared the hell out of me. It appears that the government is finally finding a use for the people who got useless college degrees but still can’t think. Welcome to the FEMA youth.

      • By the way, I forgot to mention your quote:
        “These are the individuals who are eventually going to come after you and me. They look nerdy and dweebish in the pics”,
        “Give someone who has had no power in their life the power over life and death and you create monsters”.
        That has been my experience too. I have worked with bullies, sociopaths, scumbags and ne’er-do-wells in the private sector and a few of these have gone on to do some Government Enforcement job just like the Fema Corps. Give some unexceptional/lazy person a uniform and some authority and you will have tyranny.

        • That’s what we have to look forward too. What really freaked me out was the five million number. How the hell do you defend against that type of numbers?

          • In war you have battles of maneuvre and battles of force. Because there’s so many of them, you fight a battle of maneuvre.

            Get out of the U.S. – period. On an individual level, it is worthwhile to train yourself up so you can get out of dodge should a small number of these “trained” dweebs aren’t able to apprehend you on first try.

            While the beast is still young – kill it or get away.

            Reminds me of the cultural revolution in China, only the targets will be different.

            It’s going to be an interesting 10 years. It is going to get way worse before it gets better, if at all.

          • You can’t, the Germans that opposed Hitler never had a chance, nor did the Russians opposing Stalin. That’s what organized governments are all about, making sure they stay in power and in first world countries they are very very good at that.

            As Wald said and I continue to say you can’t fight this kind of thing, the only option a gun gives you in this situation is how you chose to die. Other than that a gun it totally useless and trying to organize some kind of resistance would also be quickly shut down as you’d be ratted out before it even got off the ground.

            The only real option still open but closing fast is exiting stage right to whatever country you think may be a better bet than here in the next 20-30 years. Either that or keeping as low a profile as possible and hope to live out the miserable life of a surf. That or join up and be one of the concentration camp guards.

          • “The Corporation for National and Community Service is a federal agency that engages more than 5 million Americans in service through Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and the Social Innovation Fund, and leads President Obama’s national call to service initiative, United We Serve.“

            I don’t think that means 5 million FEMA troops. I think that means some percentage of FEMA troops, some percentage of AmeriCorps drones, some percentage of Senior Corps oldies, and some percentage of Social Innovators.

            The USA government can barely keep the DHS personnel from blatantly robbing travelers. I don’t think they have 5 million elite enforcers.

    • So I was having a particualarly bad day at the office and came across this bog. I only wish this program WERE this contravercial but considering this blog is the highlight of my day, its quite menial.

      Amused FEMA Corps member

  2. Yup it will be interesting to see what happens as the dollar eventually collapses as the worlds reserve currency and America has to actually fund it’s government using internal resources. Will the federal government be able to continue to support the huge crony capitalist/fascist infrastructure or will it all start to collapse under its own weight. There are unsustainable manpower costs associated with this and not enough industry left in the country to pay for it all. We have millions of military/police/prison guards and millions of federal and state prisoners housed in prisons that are overflowing. As the soviet union has shown us an unsustainable government (communism in that case) will eventually collapse but it can go on far longer than one would think, about 70 years for the CCCP. I wonder how long we’ll be able to go, should be interesting to see how many of us come out alive at the other end.

    Also, something else that should scare you about those photos are the demographics of the kids in them. Mostly white with a high percentage of females does not bode well. Why? Well because of all the races whites and Asians are the most efficient at implementing mass murder schemes (just look at the 20th century, it has all been either European or Asian countries where genocides have occurred). Also with females they tend to be the most brutal when it comes to these types of things as, unlike males who know what they are doing is wrong but do it anyway but at least show some restraint, females become “true believers” and have been known to sink to unbelievable depths of depravity when they have ultimate power over their victims.

    The other more important question here is the identification of the scape goat that will be the target of all these over eager Hitler youths of the future. You can’t have a really good genocide unless you can identify who it is you want to kill. Will it be the Christians? Maybe but there really are so few of them in America any more that I have a hard time believing it’ll just be them. Will it be random “enemies of the state” like in the CCCP? Maybe or maybe resistant farmers and property owners that don’t want to give all that their land has produced to feed the Free Shit Army. Well it be rabble like here on this site that are poking a sharp stick in the powers that be eye? Probably. As I said, interesting times are in our future, short as that future may be.

  3. Hitler Youth, brizzo.

    What blows me away is the overtness. Someone went through a lot of trouble to put this together. It didn’t just happen. There’s sustained and organized INTENT to this, and dammit I STILL have trouble actually believing that that intent can actually exist. That’s what gets me every time.

    Even if these fags don’t come for me, they’ll come for my kids (yet unborn thank God).

    You see, there’s only one demographic that’s really dangerous to an existing order: Young Men. That’s who. That’s who has the courage, recklessness, and the internal fires of principle, indignation and outrage.

    So what is the Army/war, then? It’s a meat-grinder for neutralizing those people. For converting them into sad-sack helpless demoralized brutalized government dependents.

    And now there’s the Amerika Youth, scraping up the leftovers.

    Let me make this clear: This is no WAY in HELL that I will allow these people to get their hands on my kids, as perpetrators or victims or both.

    • It wasn’t that overt, I actually had to go on a government website to find all this crap. As far as I know, none of this has been reported either in the MSM or the alt-media. No one I know peruses government websites other than me and I’m probably a bit crazy for doing so. But they every once in a while put something out there like this and that’s why I read them.

      • It’s “overt” in there’s a whole auditorium full of kids with custom-printed T-shirts. That doesn’t happen on a whim. It takes money and planning to get an event like that together.

        It’s not just two CIA agents meeting a midnight at the Starbucks in Istanbul, you dig?

        • Got it my friend. It just wasn’t ever out there in the open like a lot of things. Can you imagine what these kids are going to turn out like? It makes me shudder to think about it.

  4. These kids are monsters the world should know them and how they are going to start taking action against civilians man. If their one scard of its that girl in the last photo with the red hair she may cute as buttons but im sure she can kill anyone of us.

  5. Actually I think I know what you mean. That is that the one girl with the red hair is cute as buttons, like Howe earings, but that she could also tear limb from limb. Like a deadly ninja.

  6. Through his mom, my husband can claim Ukrainian citizenship. I’ve started to wonder if it wouldn’t be the worst thing to get him a Ukrainian passport and fly us all away from here. I am sure a few months of exposure would have us speaking passable Ukrainian and Russian, and our kids would be fluent in no time to help us out. Worked in reverse for my grandparents when they came here from Poland.

    No one learns the lessons of history. Churchill was correct in his exhortation to study history, but too optimistic in its intended outcome.

    • I’d do it to keep your options open.

      As for studying history I don’t think it would benefit populations as the lessons taught would be from the perspective of whatever government paid teacher is in the classroom. Plus most people are just too lazy and too short sighted to be able to apply any truth that might leak past the teacher.

      However, I can give you the bottom line of years of study in one easy to remember sentence. “Human beings ultimately succumb to their baser human nature and no civilization has ever managed to escape that fate.” Studying history will show you the stages and steps that every civilization has taken in it’s path from glory to obscurity. Learning the markers of those stages will help you calibrate where we are in the process and at the least you can pick up some ideas of what past humans did to survive during those stages.

  7. Bill, Ive gotta say, you are one of the last blogs in the sphere that I still read.

    Perhaps its because Im in a good relationship for once, but THIS stuff is what’s important now. We are in the midst of a classic authoritarian takeover, yet it seems this area of the internet is still obsessed with picking apart videos of groids picking up skanks and shit like that. I am so over the whole roissy thing…

    I have gone from reading all the big ones to just you, aurini, economic collapse (ocassionally), and infowars…and Im not missing out on anything.

    Im also working on starting a small, one-man business that I can operate from pretty much anywhere. Any guess as to whether I’m too late?

    • Thank you Bill, I feel in very good company with you and the guys you read regularly. And I think your business venture is a very intelligent thing to do considering the circumstances we find ourselves in these days. I’ve done pretty much the same, got out of the corporate grind and I’m working for myself and no one else. And, all I need is a computer or smartphone and a high speed net connection to do it. Good for you and if you want I’ll post a link to your venture if you want me to.

  8. Infowars linked to an article about it at a week ago, but agree it’s been a pretty silent topic.

    It was mainly young people who were the foot soldiers in the Chinese Cultural Revolution. I can see the FEMA corps easily expanding as unemployment among the young continues to surge. The power elite would rather have them working for them than against them.

    As far as female depravity goes, the Russian partisans knew. When a German soldier was captured on the eastern front and they needed to extract information, the female partisans made the best torturers.

  9. Great fucking research again. That misandrist shaming language speech by PM(s) Julia Gillard was…farther along than you thought? lutz I’m glad. Can’t take this culture, these dime-a-dozen mentally weak tools empowered to look down on me like my introversion among this herd is natural weakness. No one can compete with fiat money that has currency, and the idiots love not worrying about the definition of money. Let the sustaining wealth dry up and please collapse already. We would then see who the feckless introverts are, paralyzed by inescapable discordant observation. I’m afraid of an orderly decline all the way to full state husbandry, as in moo. I proudly will not make the genetic or mental cut for that.

    Hitler moved way too fast, especially with 2nd front. He was uncontrollable, so I’ve heard. I expect that mistake will not be repeated readily. That’s my election prognostication. I hope that virtues and vices soon fetch their prices, that some missed structural weakness will give. That some ‘people’ can be so intellectual as to how and so stupid as to why or for whom is a testament to the elite and/or to the human genome, not unlike wolf DNA can make dogs of such variety. Evolution is blind, and I would gladly lend my eyes.

  10. Dam! they are building another Gestapo! i can hear the goose step marching already! Fuck! what’s next Obama as der fuhrer?

      • We gots a hurricane coming. I see practice maneuvres under the guise of helping the people in order.

        One my roommates, national guard, has been activated to help out. He joked about “I hope I’m riot control!”

        I know he was joking, but that comment didn’t sit right.

        • Considering where hurricane Sandy is heading, he might not be far off. Looks like that storm is going to hit some of the poorest metro areas of Washington, New Jersey and New York before the day is done.

  11. Proof positive that our ruling elite are getting worried:

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  13. I rekon they look like the re-education Corps, perhaps they’ll make the decisions on who goes into which Gulag. It’ll be the thin blue and green lines and various armed agencies that attempt to corral the lost sheep.

    Looking in my crystal ball I give it 18 months to 2 years, 4 at the most, if the PTB can kick the can long enough.

      • This kind of reminds me of Cambodia after the Viet Nam war ended and Pol Pot instituted a “children’s corps” that were responsible for over a million deaths in the killing fields.

        • Those who fail to learn the lesson of history are forced to repeat it.

          The Childrens Crusade


          Pol Pot’s Children’s Corps

          Mao’s Young Revolutionaries

          I’m sure there are many more examples.


  15. If you don’t mind, I want to voice skepticism. Because I want to dig at the reasoning back your thinking and unlike the commentators above already moving on to make comparisons (or talking about the cute redhead), what I experienced so far doesn’t corroborate. I look at those pictures and see another version of the people I already seen in the past. And they are not the mobilizing force to shut us down. They remind me of the kids I know in programs like City Year, Teach for America, and the Peace Corps.

    The work will usually involve some kind of nice thing to do. If like Teach for America – then going to a low-income school and teach. If it like City Year – then running around to homeless shelters, food pantries, community centers, and other places like that with a designated coordinator and 10 younger kids and open boxes or serve food or something. To channel some Half Sigma (I am assuming you know of him, he a degree or two from your blogrolls) – it all breaks down to running around somewhere to help someone or something but somehow it is just repeated the next year.

    I am currently more incline to view through Half Sigma’s lens then yours. My experience (which is more of the typical recent graduate kid so far).

    You back this post with comparison of the language of their news releases with historical groups and pictures of the the people. The language comparison is tenuous to me. And the picture argument, well what you see seems akin to the development of the next Hitler Youth, I just see something akin to Half Sigma’s posts about the youth (including elements of his shorts posts like “Jobs and Status” and longer ones like that involves how liberals’ efforts to close the racial gap through such programs).

    I can’t find agree or see your viewpoint. Because my background have let me directly or a degree or two through friends met these you are picturing (and been in smaller ones). With few exceptions, they range from moderate to raging liberal. Some can be quite bright in that they will talk about news events and political thoughts – though in a liberal lens except maybe a rare guy carrying a dissenting viewpoint if the group has they guy. I won’t be surprise a couple of them will pair up. After a couple of weeks to months or a few years depending on the program, they finish serving and go on to a life course probably still heavily related by choice of major.

    A relatable example if you never been directly exposed to these programs or people is imagine the Peace Corps with the personal backgrounds before and subsequent life course alumni go on after (or Teach for America, which is also pretty well known) – only in America.

    Obviously I read this blog for a reason. And of course I will keep an eye on the developments (like your claim that something big will happen before the election) or the course of the country. If thing really does go down the way you seem to be claiming, I have two countries that I can claim citizenship through direct family. As long there’s a plane out, I have places I can go. Still, like I said above, I would like to understand better of why you see this. I seen the same people and seen the “indoctrination”, but my assessment is more along the lines of practicing ideas derived from the liberal view of people than enforcing anyone – unless enforcement means handing out food.

    • Dreamer,

      The program may seem innocuous on the surface and in fact probably is for most of the participants. But there is a subtle indoctrination going on and your post is a prime example of that. These programs are set up to provide training and indoctrination of young people for them to look towards the government for all basic needs and to view the government as, “just trying to help the poor and down trodden”. But by doing that they have conditioned you to view the government as a dependency in all aspects of your life and preconditions you to hand over more and more of your life to the government.

      The problem is that the government is NOT looking out for your best interests and all these programs are just another way for the government to worm it’s way into your life. And once they’ve wormed their way in they then start making demands on you and limiting your freedom, “for your own good”. The Hitler youth programs did not start out as totally evil organizations and in point of fact did not end as totally evil organizations. They started out as kind of a German version of the Boy Scouts and ended as a system of indoctrination that prepared kids for the next step in the process that eventually ended in concentration camp guards being produced that were willing to do all sorts of evil.

      For those of us that have lived a fair amount of time in the US it is not hard to see how the country has turned into a police state that is trending towards a fascist/socialist totalitarian state. These programs are just yet another marker on the road towards that reality and as benign as they seem they can very easily be turned towards dark purposes.

      • Gunner,

        I can see your logic that programs like the above will graduate people with a view government is required to help increasingly.

        However, the post above is more than a noting about how programs like the above spreads leftist ideas with arguments that the results does not justify how much the programs accomplish versus the likely support from alumni. It is comparing the members to Hitler’s Youth in the final evolution.

        I cannot agree with that comparison. What I see more is, well, what Half Sigma’s blog says about government programs. Trying to throw money and people at causes Liberals take concern. In other words, the manosphere HBD bloggers on government largess and programs and repeated double downs are closer to the truth.

        The people pictured are going to leave and go on to college or look for jobs where they will fall under the category of when you this blog or the manosphere talks about the youth. Like the Occupy people, they could find angst and fall into the trap thinking the solution is through the government intervention, but that’s a lot different than the direction of the post and commentary.

        • Dreamer, listen to Gunner on this one. The first mission of any new program or initiative is to fund and grow that mission or initiative. These kids might be innocent babes now but when something like this becomes their livelihood and they can keep it going with government force behind them, that’s when they become the monsters they eventually will. And they will. Not to disparage Half Sigma but he’s way into Boomer brainwashing land. I used to read and link to him but his purple pill paroxysms finally got the best of me and I couldn’t read him anymore.

          • I don’t agree with HS with everything – including his commentators’ comments about certain aspect of race and especially of status flagellation. His analysis and trends prediction seems to fit better and closer to what I suspect is truth.

            You rebuttal (and gunner’s) remains is logical deduction from your initial premise: A comparison that a volunteer organization with employs youth. However, that is still a casual comparison. Not a strong link. I can make the same comparison that the Boy Scouts or Kiwanis or Rotary or any major volunteer network. You might they say are private, but doesn’t mean its members can’t get influenced or government can’t be connected.

            When there are other theories address how things are trending that takes less gymnastics, I suspect those are closer to future trends. So far it been working.

            I’ll keep reading your blog, of course. But I still don’t agree with your assessment of those in the picture. My expectation of such programs is similar lines like the Peace Corps of its years. What really change for them over the Peace Corps existence since the 60’s? I don’t think it involve anything you are foreseeing.

            In the end, I guess the only way to truly know is to wait and see what will play out. The radicalization you claim still require a series of multiple and major events. If I see the big event you claim will occur before the election. Then we have something. If I see those precursors and events that would radicalize Americorps, I’ll GTFO and claim citizenship of one of the two I quality by parentage.

            If not, I’m going try to set my life up to be as enjoyable as possible and shape my little bubble to my ideal as possible. I’m not going to assume assume the mentality that would lead me to find myself surprised for ideas expressed in the video did not get censored (what the characters said are not that uncommon).

          • Even if your premise is true dreamer – I believe in preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

            Despite what you say you believe, your actions belie what you suspect. With one foot out the day already you can believe what you like because you can afford to.

          • You’re comparing apples to oranges Dreamer. The boy Scouts and the others are private organizations. The FEMA youth is a government run organization. Governments don’t pump money and resources into this kind of thing unless there is some political purpose behind it.


    This vid is fiction, from a video game, but watch at least from 1:40 to the 3:30

      • This is the 1st of 3 games in the Deus Ex series. All of them are like this.

        Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the latest game but the earliest chronologically.

        Deus Ex, and Deus Ex: Invisible War (which was considered the sophomore slump of the series), are the earlier two. Even though the graphics are dated, they’re great games.

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