The “End Of The World” came and went…again.

I hope you didn't believe this crap, you must be disappointed

I hope you didn’t believe this crap, you must be disappointed

The latest incarnation of the end of the world has come and pretty much gone even though those of us here in the rest of the world have a few hours left before the calendar clicks over to December 22nd. I never gave much credence to the Mayan calendar being the predictor of the end of the world due to my understanding of what the Mayans used calendars for and why it was essential to their survival to understand sun activity, seasonal variations and that their civilization was much older than any archaeology or the alleged science of carbon dating could determine how old that said civilization was. I’ll have to get into that in another post, what I’ve written so far on that could be a book, I’ve just never posted it. Let’s just say that they were way more advanced than any Discovery or Science channel documentary and the truth of what they really were will never make it on any TV show or much less any institution of learning.

That being said, they were correct in their assumptions about what the sun is going to do in the next few years due to hundreds of years of observation and coming to the forefront of Mesoamerican human civilization almost as soon as the last ice age ended. They spent more years observing the sun than any civilization that we know of before and were mathematically advanced enough to make some conclusions that ended up with the production of their calender which they thought was warning enough for any future generations that they could foresee needing that information. Unfortunately they were wrong, they had no idea that sea-faring peoples from across the Atlantic would come bearing diseases that they had no immunity from and so, their civilizations fell, their edifices were abandoned and they became second-class if not worse denizens of their own lands.

But they did leave us with a warning.

Today is the solar max of this last solar period and that the Mayans predicted this with a pretty good margin of error is a testament to their observational and mathematics skills. Here’s an excerpt from NASA’s own website:

“An unusually long, deep lull in sunspots led the panel to revise its 2007 prediction that the next cycle of solar storms would start in March 2008 and peak in late 2011 or mid-2012. The persistence of a quiet sun also led the panel to a consensus that the next cycle will be “moderately weak.”

That’s right now and today, the sun is almost perfectly smooth, few sunspots can be seen on it as of today. Contemporary scientists have observed enough over the past hundred years to know what that portends (the graphs are worth reading that article by themselves). It’s going to get cold, one of the reasons I live in Florida. One of the consequences of our sun getting colder is drought, a warm sun evaporates much more seawater causing clouds and rain, whereas a cold sun has the exact opposite effect, thus widespread drought throughout the world. It’s only going to get worse but it’s going to take a few years for the real consequences of the cooling sun to be seen and it’s going to have severe repercussions for the populations of this planet.

The elites know this and they’re both preparing for it and reveling in it. They own the scientists so they’ve had warning for a long time and have been preparing. The elites know that the earth is going to cool and cool dramatically, they think generationally, they have laid plans for themselves and their families to survive a cooling planet and they don’t care if any of us do other than the ones who might be able to serve their needs to ensure their survival.

So, it’s not the end of the world today and I don’t expect much for the next twenty hours or so until the sun breaks the international date line again signalling the start of December 22nd.

But, I guarantee you, “The end of the world as we know it” is definitely going to happen in 2013. It might or not be cataclysmic but it is going to change everyone’s on the globe’s lives. The signs are all there and there is a one hundred year anniversary that no one is thinking about that points to that conclusion. Just remember, the elites love symbolism.

I’m taking time off from the blog starting today for the holidays. I’ve got a good girl and young kids that I want to spend time with for the next few days. So, I’d like to wish everyone who reads here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, enjoy this holiday season and forget the tribulations that are to come for at least a little while.

I’ll explain everything to come right after the first of the year if it’s not too late.

14 thoughts on “The “End Of The World” came and went…again.

  1. How anticlimactic. I had high hopes for the world ending. Not high enough that I took the day off work or anything (two of my co-workers did).

    The cooling sun does not worry me all that much. I live in the South like you. I wouldn’t mind a summer with days below 115 degrees every now and then.

    • Wouldn’t bother me much either. I’ve already gotten used to cold as shit with my travels and the heat in the summer is killing me. But, the world as we have known it for most of our lives has ended, and I’ll explain further in the future.

  2. I am just a lurker coming out of hiding to say thanks for all that you post. Merry Christmas and look forward to your rrturn to posting shortly.

    • Thanks Sean, I’m glad you commented here and I hope you do more often. This group is one of the most intelligent on the webz and we’ll be glad to welcome you aboard.

  3. Gotcha. A cooling sun produces drought, we are at a solar maximum, and that’s why we have droughts now. No, wait …

  4. Another long time lurker here.

    I will take this chance to thank you Bill. I am a young man at an awfully confused place in life, as many of us are. I have however learned a lot from your blog, ad am very thankful that this sort of information exists for me to read. Alas, changing myself fundamentally will be difficult, let alone introducing such topics as discussed here to family and such, but this blog here as well as others in the “manosphere” inspire me.

    Merry Christmas and have fun this 2013!

    I do like the cold. The idea of starvation gets me though, let alone having to deal with a bunch of hungry motherfuckers.

    • Thanks for commenting Kieran and I hope you do regularly. This little corner of the webz has more intelligent individuals than any other that I peruse on a regular basis and I’m glad you’re here. As for all the “hungry motherfuckers” that are going to be released once the SHTF, start buying guns, the ones you zap are going to be useful for hog feed.

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  6. It may already be too late.

    Deep freezing across Europe and Asia has already killed hundreds in the last few days, while the media rushes to reassure people that “weather” is not “climate”.

  7. end of the world will happen. but in a billion years from now, when the sun goes super nova. other than that, it will never happen.

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