The anger of men.

My last article where I published a comment from “Someone” about the anger that is prevalent among men and especially younger men these days, caused quite a stir, not just in the comments section but also in this corner of the webz we inhabit. Free Northerner answered with what I thought were his very insightful views on the subject and linked to this cartoon from /b/:

Remind you of anyone?

Then Aurini posted a very good video on his YouTube channel:

The anger among men is rising, not just in the West, but worldwide. The “Arab spring” was a symptom of this even though it was aided and abetted (and probably instigated) by western Intel agencies. You don’t hear much about it but even in China there have been instances of civil unrest numbering in the thousands. What do you expect when it’s projected that there will be 10 million men without mates there by 2020?

This is very much a worldwide phenomenon and it’s going to spread. The question is, what direction is it going to take? Violence and riots? The arising of a new despot or despots? Governments resorting to complete authoritarianism to quell the rising mobs of angry men? Martial law? I predict probably a little bit of all of the above.

I really don’t see a peaceful end to all of this, knowing human nature as I do.

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  1. (Please explain to me what the green /b/rothers people are/represent. I’m too dense to get it.)

    • Green skin/blank face/business suit is the calling card of Anonymous. For instance:

      I occurs to me just now that you could probably make an analysis of what that particular shade of green means subconsciously; it crops up often.

  2. Holy shit. Very informative. I wonder if young men are being purposefully primed for installing a dictator or the like. Northern’s blog was brilliant. You are right, I think, in your comment there, that at least anger is not a feminized choice. Aurini has a sci-fi look and a good grasp of history and philosophy. Love the quote: “Women in our culture have become the most decadent sluts since the fall of Rome.” Nailed it. I think they must smell my lack of degeneracy, but I’ll keep trying to make useful idiots work not just against me. Apparently, there is a leadership role available with an army of confused betas. You know what they say. If you want it done right,… Otherwise, I presume the brain trust of the NWO will lead. They always rig every relevant side.

    • Thank you, sir; ironically they’re calling me Hitler over on Reddit/Men’srights, when one of the things I’m trying to do is *prevent* a populist dictatorship.

      • Number one rule of debate and manipulation:

        Always call the other guy what you are yourself.

        It’s the cheapest and easiest of dialectics to throw up and it almost always works. Crazy I know.

  3. Very interesting I first came across this demographic in a place called Australia Topix, it’s one of the only non-moderated forums on that site, so the people it attracts is similar to the 4chan forum, very, very few women there indeed. What’s funny is it’s mainly Indian beta trolls on the Australian topix site, Aussies there try to fight back, but it tends to turn into a huge troll feast. India has the same problem as china when it comes to 10’s of millions of single men who’ll never marry.

    My suggestion that would put these men to honourable purpose would be an ideology that creates an institution by them and for them. The leaders would form organically on local levels, in fact the meta ideology can also be malleable on a local level to a degree. From there it could grow. Of course not all ideologies have honourable purposes…That’s my suggestion for the single beta men of the USA, the West in general.

    On the huge numbers of single men of Asia, more then likely they’ll be put to the purpose of war, one for the profit of the elite and two to protect the elite from mobs of angry beta males in such countries. As the USA will keep drones and special forces in the Middle East and Africa, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the East and South Asians become the cannon fodder. In fact Israel foreign policy think tanks suggest that as a good course for it’s survival, yes that is on the net blatantly I might add.

  4. I am 26. I am virgin. Never even kissed a girl. I worked hard all my life because everyone told me that’s what matters. I was one of those model students teachers talk about. Through out my high school my average never went under 90. I worked hard because society told me that hard work pays for itself. I went into computer science because that was one thing I liked even though it was academic. Started uni in 2004, finished by 2008, got into PHD program in a well known school. Fast forward to 2012, I am still working on my fucking PHD.

    Hard work does not pay off. While I am working hard, there’s some douchebags fucking 10 other women he wants to fuck. 5 those women will become pregnant, and 3 of those women who become pregnant will be single mother I fucking have to take care of through taxes. And guess what, that fucking douchebag who did nothing but boning girls, he’s living his life on welfare and unemployment insurance, while I work my ass off paying for expensive school and taxes.

    Fuck this system. Fuck everything about this. The true victims of this society are people who actually worked hard during the prime of their lives. Those who worked hard to get into good college, well you are fucked because college debt will fucking rape you. It doesn’t matter that you have amazing technical skills. Those who are “business” execs will make 2 times more than you do, even though you are the value creator.

    I really hope that once I finish PHD, things will get better.

    • Buddy you are achy-breaking my heart here, and I want to tell you a few things. (I’m also at work so I apologize for this not being crisply arranged.)

      First of all, if that PhD of yours has anything to do with science or engineering or computers then yes, finish it, because that sucker is your solid gold ticket to anywhere in the world you want to go. And even if not then shoot, my buddy’s wife has a PhD in a semi-fluff major and she still got gigs at universities in Asia and the UK.

      Also, consider the fact that if you’re off the American financial grid, then do you really need to pay back those student loans? Really? The worse they can do (and believe me I’ve been ruminating on this) is bar you from leaving the country, East Germany style, but they can’t do that to you until you’re already gone and haven’t been paying for a while.

      As for women, two things:

      It’s primarily in the Anglosphere that you’re hardworking, honest and respectful, and therefore dog shit. It’s not like that everywhere. For example, I met some Russian women in Peru and was just shocked by A) how pretty they were, B) how smart they were, and C) how welcoming and interesting they were to talk to. That was a goddang FIRST, believe you me.

      This is heavy but important, and I bring it up just for you because I’m frankly a little bit worried that you’re so angry that you might do something to hurt yourself or others. Dig:

      A couple years ago I had my “Sodini Moment”. (George Sodini was a fellow who made big bucks in computers and took good care of himself, but never got anywhere with women and ended up shooting up an aerobics class, and then himself.)

      In my Sodini Moment I was riding my bike home and just furious at all the hotties out on the trail with me. For their perceived rejection of me, for the fact that I’ll have to pay their bills at gunpoint anyway, etc. I wanted to punch them in the stomach, and then in the face.

      (I believe ‘alienation’ is the word.)

      And THEN I noticed the fact that I was doing that, which left me despondent. “Holy SHIT, this is ME! THIS is how my emotions work. THIS is the brain that I have. Instead of being attracted, I feel anger. This will NOT lead to another relationship EVER.”

      And it sucked to see that about myself. At 3am that night I woke up and I was still scared about it, still afraid that I would remain an emotional fuckup until my dying day. So I got on my knees and I prayed for once:

      “Please God help me. I don’t even know what to ask for but please God just do something. Anything.”

      It was the first time that I’d prayed to God and actually felt like I was talking to someone.

      The next morning I woke up and everything was different. For one day. For one day, I would look at every woman around — even the hot ones — and feel no pain. No shame, no anger, no hurt, no awkwardness, nothing. It was like dunking your hand in a pot of boiling water and not feeling any pain. It was like being Superman. I walked around with my mouth hanging open because everything looked and felt so weird and strange, but also free and relaxing.

      God bats 1000, but you need to ASK him to help you.

      So you and me, we’re in this together buddy. If you want to talk on the phone or anything like that (and yes, at some point I WILL tell you about Jesus Christ) then let me know here and we can figure out some way to exchange numbers.

      • “God bats 1000, but you need to ASK him to help you.”

        Profound Mister Grumpus, profound as all get out. I’m far from religious but I’m not so stupid to not realize that there are waaaaay too many coincidences that enable life on this little rock to exist and that we don’t have something of a higher power to enable us to exist on this planet the way we do. I love that quote from you. If any of you guys want to talk to me and I hope Mr. Grumpus if you don’t mind, e-mail me on my g-mail account. It happens more than you might think, I’m reviewing a returning Afghan soldier’s account in book form as we speak. That’s what we are here for, no one else will have our backs. Well, let me let you all know, I’ve got your’s.

      • Thank man. And yes, I’m doing PhD in CS. I am considering moving back to India (where my parents are from) after my PhD because I see nothing but disgust in women here. There’s a bit of growing feminist influence there, but it’s no where as corrupt as US.

        And hey, if religion helped you, that’s great. I have nothing against that. I am not a believer, but I always respect traditions of religions and the institution.

  5. I see this every day. I’m doing a stem for christsake, I’m surrounded by guys with IQ’s in the 120+ range, even a fucker who can understand the proof to Fermat’s Last Theorem if you can imagine such a guy. They are also loyal, good people. They are betas/omegas in the sexual definition of the word. But, they are the clogs in the clock. And they are feeling the raw end of the stick. You don’t want to fucking piss these guys off. You can count me out. I’m not playing along with this garbage anymore.

    The only way you are going to escape this madness is to quote Aurini, get into that top ten percent of people. Gentlemen, we’re all in this together. Let’s see what we can do. Cheshire Cat grin while typing this.

    Excellent video Aurini.

    • Indeed. Women collectively decide who has sex and who has children. Men collectively decide EVERYTHING ELSE.

      Pity the Anglo women. Seriously. When men like you, like me, and like noname above say “fuck this”, it’s over. Just like that.

      You could say that feminism is a short-term device for liquidating those men who have already “bought in” via career and marriage. But when men stop walking into the meat grinder? Over.

      …which is exactly the moment when good men are valuable again. Crazy, right?

    • Welcome Francis to this little area of the sphere that is growing by leaps and bounds. I’m thinking we should start a gang and I mean that in the worst definition of that word. We already have the knowledge and most of us have the street smarts. Why not?

  6. And by the way,

    > They are also loyal, good people. They are
    > betas/omegas in the sexual definition of the word.
    > But, they are the clogs in the clock. And they are
    > feeling the raw end of the stick.

    You’re describing a society in the middle of its collapse. You’re describing a society that can not and will not sustain itself. You’re not describing a steady-state “world”, but rather the last twenty minutes of a movie.

    This is why I can’t get into that PUA stuff. I know that they’re talking about real psychology, and that I should learn about that psychology, because understanding the world is important. I don’t plan on shooting or getting shot by anybody, but I should still learn how guns work, as well as how to give first aid (metaphorically speaking).

    But I don’t want to engage in the PUA life. I don’t want to adapt myself to a social situation that won’t last. I don’t want to bet on a loser. I don’t want to hitch my wagon to a horse that will die tomorrow.

    What I want is to adapt myself to a world that CAN actually work long-term. I want to bet on a winner, even if he’s not winning today. It’s still a bet, but a bet with the greatest chances of long-term success.

    • The PUA life style is a dead end from both the moral and practical perspectives. This is the male version of the carousel rider and like the female counterpart they are damaging their long term relationship potential as like the carousel rider they will have trouble forming attachments or bonding to a mate. That’s not to say it isn’t a viable choice (from a humanist point of view) given western laws and the loads of feminized sluts that are just waiting to nail you in family court.

      I would agree that finding Christ is the most important thing as what gain is there if you gain the whole world but loose your soul? That said the Churches in the west are pretty much poisoned by feminism and trying to find one that will not undermine your marriage or that isn’t chalk full of “reformed sluts” looking for a beta provider after being kicked off the carousel is not what I would advise for someone like noname.

      I like your idea of finishing the PhD in computer science and then getting the hell out of the US and the west in general. Asian women are looking for someone like noname and would be all over the guy. Not sure why but they are much more open to the beta types over there and although feminism is spreading even over there it is not nearly as poisonous as it is here in the US. But give up the notion that you can have the expected middle-class, father knows best type of life in the west as that train left a looooong time ago.

      The good thing is that the truth is out there now for anyone that is interested, just a google click away and a willingness to swallow the “red pill”. It’s not like in my youth where there was no Man-o-sphere or internet so the only source you had for how things worked was from the feminist themselves as they pretty much dominated the media, church, schools, you name it. Talk about those that should be angry, it’s those that never had access to the truth that should be really angry as it blind sided my generation (50 and older).

      • > That said the Churches in the west are pretty
        > much poisoned by feminism…

        I must sadly agree, but the good news is that Church != Jesus. The stinker is that from outside Christianity, it certainly looks like Jesus is just the “mascot” for a certain tribe’s “ism”, their particular arbitrary moral system. I mean sheesh, I’m from the bible belt myself and I never heard any different from anybody.

        Me, I don’t give a flying fuck about anyone’s moral system, or their platitudes, or their ideals, or their one-liners, or whether they root for the Broncos or the Giants or the Cowboys, and the sad thing is that not long ago that’s what I thought Christianity was as well. But no. It’s a person, who either lived or didn’t, worked miracles or didn’t, and predicted his own resurrection or didn’t. One person in particular.

        In my church there’s a whole lot of interesting going on right now. Getting our pastor to criticize women for ANYthing is like pulling teeth, but the subject matter of the day (Esther) simply demands it. The rock and the immovable object…

        > “reformed sluts” looking for a beta provider…

        I’ve had a sneaking suspicion for some time that right there is the explanation for why churches are predominantly female in membership. Scary scary scary.

        > I like your idea of finishing the PhD in computer
        > science and then getting the hell out of the US
        > and the west in general.

        Oh shit, did I miss that it was in computer science in particular? Well hot damn, then, our little homeboy is set the hell UP.

        (You know it’s interesting. Is it a “brain drain” we’re talking about, or is it really a “heart drain”?)

        And finally, I just had this thought in the bathroom, about emigrating to somewhere in Asia for example:

        It’s not even necessarily about getting the girl in particular. Rather, it’s about walking around in a culture where someone like YOU is WORTH something. I’ve never gotten laid in Asia or South America (nor should I honestly), but what I have noticed is that over there, being a decent guy — who shows up on time to stuff, keeps his promises and is nice to old folks and little kids — is gently rewarded countless little ways that makes me feel good. (What a surprise that this correlates with being more successful with women there.)

        > The good thing is that the truth is out there
        > now for anyone that is interested

        Dude right. Where the HELL was this information in 1995 dammit?

        • “Dude right. Where the HELL was this information in 1995 dammit?”

          It was 1992 for me, that’s the year I married my second wife. Biggest mistake of my life and has led to a lifetime of regret that will follow me to my grave. If I had access to what kids have today my choices would have been far far different and I would have easily recognized her for what she was and what the dangers of family court held for men like me.

          But life is all about choices, we all have them and sometimes they are pretty stark. Life is a deadly serious business and the choices we make in this life follow us everywhere we go in this life and beyond. My advise to young men today is to consider those choices carefully, they will have far more of an affect on your future than you might think. Also, if there is one book in the bible every man should read (weather or not you’re a believer) it is Proverbs. This was written by King Solomon whose wisdom at that time was legendary as advice to young men on how to avoid most of the dangers in life (including a very red pill view of women).

          • Most of the more modern translations have been copyrighted so you won’t find them in their entirety on line for free (specific versus sure but that about it). However King James versions are not copy righted so Google is your friend there. I happen to prefer the King James version myself as the Shakespearean era English used flows much better and it has not been feminized which is quite the problem with newer translations of the bible. Try this link:


          • I have a “The Message” version of the Bible that is intentionally translated into regular-sounding English. I love it. It’s the only Bible translation where for every single sentence, I feel I understand what the heck it’s saying.

            But you gotta pay.

            No wait. Fuck it. I have a job so I’ll buy you a copy and mail it to you. Bill has my email and can bounce a message to me.

  7. Wald,

    Couldn’t resist this small excerpt that if this doesn’t describe modern American women to a T and what has befallen the men that marry them I don’t know what does.

    Proverbs 5:1-12.

    My son, attend to my wisdom, and incline thy ear to my prudence, That thou mayst keep thoughts, and thy lips may preserve instruction. Mind not the deceit of a woman.

    For the lips of a harlot are like a honeycomb dropping, and her throat is smoother than oil. But her end is bitter as wormwood, and sharp as a two-edged sword.

    Her feet go down into death, and her steps go in as far as hell. They walk not by the path of life, her steps are wandering, and unaccountable.

    Now, therefore, my son, hear me, and depart not from the words of my mouth. Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the doors of her house.

    Give not thy honour to strangers, and thy years to the cruel. Lest strangers be filled with thy strength, and thy labours be in another man’s house,

    And thou mourn at the last, when thou shalt have spent thy flesh and thy body, and say; Why have I hated instruction, and my heart consented not to reproof,

    • Homeboy Solomon knew his shit.

      He was the super-mack-Daddy (all the power, all the money, all the women, all the wisdom, etc) and fucked it up and watched it all blow up in his face. He wrote the book of Ecclesiastes after it was over, like a memoir.

      It’s the very sort of book I wish Tupac or Biggie Smalls could have written 30 years from now if only they’d survived their “peak phase,” if you will.

      • I’m agnostic – but I’ll admit – this is most interesting I’ve found the bible in years.

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  9. To our disenchanted young brother I say, “Welcome aboard!” You are seeing the ugly truth in time to do something about it. First, I must issue the Tank’s standard advice. Start doing push-ups, today. With that said, let’s look to your future young man. Finish that PhD and get the hell out of dodge. Take your knowledge and your skills to corners of the world where women will appreciate a good man. Roosh writes all the time about hot, feminine women in Eastern Europe (and elsewhere) that want a guy like you.

    America is a collapsing matriarchy. America is Gilbert Grape’s mother, fattened on a diet of Doritos Locos tacos, pathetic beta-male attention, maxed-out credit cards, Dr. Pepper, and affirmative action. An average white man, wanting nothing more than to be a genuinely decent guy and work hard for a good living is fucked in this country. Assuming everything else turns out well you’ll still have your ass chapped knowing that a fair amount of your earning$ will go to support utterly worthless, human trash that isn’t worth the cost of the hollow-point .22 shell it’d take to kill ‘em.

    I’d leave, ASAP. In all sincerity, consider yourself lucky. You should be well positioned to succeed (somewhere) in an economy that is increasingly reliant on a handful of truly useful people (in a world full of gratuitous humanity). For example, I am considered a professional, with all the diplomas and licenses to prove it. But, I’m locked into my job. I earn too much to go back to the sort of oblivious, laborer’s lifestyle I enjoyed while working my way through school. STEM stuff doesn’t come naturally to me, so I’d require some serious education if I ever went that direction. That education has gotten so ridiculously expensive that I just can’t do it.

    While it may not feel like it, we (manosphere) believe you’ve probably got a lot more going for you than you realize. Please understand that anyone with the brains to get a PhD in a STEM field can train himself to understand the way the world works. You need to be spending your off hours reading the Art of War, books on social engineering, seduction, logic and argumentation. Not to get chicks. Honestly, a little pussy isn’t worth all that effort. No, you do it for you. So that, when you survey the vast field of human interaction, you’ll have done the studying required to enable you to understand exactly what you’re looking at.

    Work your education, hit the deck for hardcore push-ups at least 3x a week, and plan your exit. We’re all rooting for you!

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  12. Mandatory 4chan visits to make everbody a more friendly, kind person.


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