It’s election day.

Look at all these poor mother fuckers waiting in line to vote for their own enslavement. This is a picture taken about a couple of hours ago in one of the busier polling places near where I live. See something in common with nearly all of them? If you don’t, your powers of observation are far worse than mine and mine ain’t all that great.

I really didn’t want to write about this at all but I took this pic and said what the hell, there might be an object lesson here. I’ve tried to over the past few election cycles to keep a media blackout going but having to run a couple of errands and having the radio on just keeps the worthlessness of the election today in the forward of my mind.

I’ve written about this copiously but here’s the saying that I coined a few years ago that keeps coming back to my mind every time I see something like this, “If you vote, you give your consent to be governed.” Here’s what I wrote waaay back when the elections first got started:

“You are giving your consent to be groped at an airport, to be picked up and indefinitely detained, have all your phone calls and online activities monitored, have your tax dollars given to the greedy banksters, have your hard earned money taken away from you at the point of a gun and on and on. You have VOLUNTEERED for all this mistreatment if you vote.

I refuse to volunteer for all this horrific degradation of myself and all the people around me. I try to limit my exposure to any governmental entities to as little as I can even though it is impossible to eliminate it entirely. I take back my earlier statement that nothing is going to change after this upcoming election. Things ARE going to change; they’re going to get worse, much worse.”

My prediction about less than fifty percent of the voting populace voting has to my eternal pessimism not come true. Just in the area I live in, they are forecasting 70-80% turnout. And even though I refuse to participate, in some ways I understand why these individuals would stand in line for hours just to vote for someone that might give them a little bit of hope that things might change.

I’ll go back to my original quote from above, “I take back my earlier statement that nothing is going to change after this upcoming election. Things ARE going to change; they’re going to get worse, much worse.”

I stick to that prediction.


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  1. There is nothing…NOTHING…cooler than a guy with an anonymous blog bragging about how awesome he is because he doesn’t believe in elections. I’ve NEVER heard such a rebellious and inconoclastic take on the futility of American democracy before. Not from my college roommate, not from a bearded Occupy Wall Street protester, not from losers on Reddit and 4Chan, I mean NEVER!!!!1 WHAT A REBEL! HOW LAID DO YOU GET, BRO!?

  2. This post reads like something Alex Jones would say. Hey Bill, are you familiar with Alex Jones?

    • Kenny, yeah I’m familiar with him. He’s a tool, no one would get that successful and stay here in the states without explicit permission from the elites. Look at what happened to JFK and MLK and you’ll understand why I say that.

        • Think about it Jose, the elites kill presidents (look at the history of JFK or MLK) when they don’t do what they want them to. If Alex was doing anything that threatened them, he would be quickly taken care of.

  3. “See something in common with nearly all of them?”

    Slovenly dress. But that’s to be expected in the U.S.

  4. Don’t know why they don’t at least vote by mail, no waiting just color in the dots and mail it.

    In any case there’s a good write up on zero hedge on why it doesn’t really matter who you vote for:

    That fits with my view as well, although I think an Obama second term could be more interesting in that Wallstreet went against him and backed Mitt so there may be some pay back coming from the O after the election, even if he loses. One can only hope, but in either case I would disagree with you, whether you vote or not really doesn’t matter to them. They just don’t care as the trillion dollar bail out of the TBTF banks at the end of GW’s term demonstrated. Over 70% of the “voters” were against that bail out but they did it anyway, even though it cost several congress critters their seats (although didn’t really impact most of them as they just roll into over paid lobbyist jobs anyway).

    There really is no illusion any more and there really is no choice and I have no doubt that sooner or later they’ll just get rid of all that bothersome voting stuff. I’d say the sheeple are halfway there as far as accepting something like that anyway so long as they get their EBT cards and all the other free shit.

    • What you and that link describe is coming now sooner than later. Not that it would have made any difference which empty suit got elected. But given that Romney was the Boomer candidate, I’d have liked to see him win just to see the boomers exposed for what they really are.

      • Looks like we have four more years of slow worsening, before it really gets bad (globalist control of our economy), going by that article.

  5. Just goes to show how stupid people are. Wait five minutes but hours?? Our masters have the populace trained like horses at the circus. But, then, they’ll wait for hours in line for a 60 second roller coaster ride.

  6. I was listening to the radio one woman said she based her decision on “women’s rights” and…um Obama has daughters so she voted for him.

    • @Tim – years ago (decades ago, actually) local Chicago TV news was conducting exit polls when they came upon a blue collar guy, probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s. They asked him how he had voted and he proudly declared “Democratic!”. The reporter then asked him “Why?” The guy paused and had a puzzled look on his face. He then waved his hand and said “Ah, they’re all crooks!”.

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