I resemble that remark.

I don’t think in all my time blogging I’ve ever felt as warm and fuzzy until I read this on Save Capitalism‘s blog when he described the Manosphere.

“There’s a vast difference between them, ranging from the Christian Married Man perspective of Dalrock, to the general “eat this douche-bag leftie feminist morons” of Captain Capitalism, to the cynical and crude commentary of Bill Powell over at ApocalypseCometh. They all have something in common, however. They all despise, or rather hate with a passion, that which has come from feminism. And feminists themselves, for that matter.”

I’m going to sleep well tonight just from reading that.

10 thoughts on “I resemble that remark.

  1. “cynical and crude commentary” ? I prefer to to think of it as insightful and forthright myself.

    • Offending someone’s feelings is the cultural law and getting more pronounced. If you are a non-Progressive white man your feelings don’t count, as you have them under control enough to be a problematic rival to the Neh Wurld Orda, and the absence of that independent control will be proof of conquest. If you want cynical and crude, read Dicipres on why Sluts Don’t Deserve Love. That’s crude, but well researched, which is the important thing if you aren’t an emotive dumb-ass with feelings that ought to perish for the good of all. The anger just flows out my typing fingers…

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