21 thoughts on “Finally found some ammo.

    • It’s a 1938, .30-.30. My Dad left it to me. There’s not much more I can say about that because my Dad wasn’t big on guns. But I have pics of a couple of trophy deer that I’ve killed with it.

  1. Gentlemen. if you date and target shoot, (without blowing your good ammo) teach a chick to shoot on the 2nd date if she has any enthusiasm. I did this Saturday which was the fourth gal, the fourth bulls-eye. One even woke up in the morning with extra “powder burns.”

    (Sorry Bill, rising from post-breakup depression has made me goofy.)


  2. I’ve got UMC .223 that was on closeout from Kmart years ago with the price tags still on the boxes. $3.00.

  3. Yup. If you can find it, it’s x3 the normal price. Online prices are still pretty good though.

  4. Practice with the.22 and save everything else for when it is needed.

    “To hell with the revolution! Bring on the apocalypse!”

    • In my opinion, save the .22, it works just as well as the larger calibers when it comes to feeding yourself. Plus, it will be the currency of the future when everything collapses.

  5. 223 is impossible to find in my area. The local Walmart has been out for 2 months — in that 2 months they have never received even one 20 round box! Waz up wit dat?

    • Supply and demand. I’ve got a friend who camps out behind their loading dock when deliveries are scheduled. He immediately goes inside when they open and buys everything they have.

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