Feminism now.

A couple of articles written in different British newspapers got my attention today. First there’s this one in the Telegraph written by a cow named Katy Brand (click on the link to see a picture of her and you’ll see what I mean) titled: “Balls to femininity, start shouting Julia Gillard-style”. If you don’t know who Julia Gillard is, she’s the Prime Minister of Australia whose hysterical rant against the opposition leader in parliament, Tony Abbott has become quite the cause de jour for feminists in both Australia and Britain. Here’s the video and I love the reaction by Tony while she’s trying to browbeat him down:

This is my favorite quote from that video:

“He has said, ‘If it’s true that men have more power, generally speaking, than women, is that a bad thing?’ [and] ‘What if men, by physiology or temperament, are more adapted to exercise authority or to issue command?’”

Tony Abbott is the man. Did you see the smirk on his face? I have yet to see this story make it across to the states yet but it’s coming I’m sure. But back to Katy Brand’s article. Here’s how she starts it:

“About ten years ago, I went to the rather posh wedding of a couple in their forties. The guests were a mix of judges, landed gentry, ex-officers and other red trouser types, and their wives. It was not my usual crowd, but I was a plus one, and the mix of good champagne and bad dancing that a posh wedding celebration offers was too much to resist.

I had a good time, but one moment has stuck with me ever since: the best man stood to give his speech, ending it by running through a list of the groom’s finest qualities – he was a successful businessman, a decent chap, a true friend with a great sense of humour, he loved his dogs and children (in that order, that is to say, the correct order) and now he had been blessed with this, his second marriage to the most ‘feminine woman’ he had ever met.”

This of course was met with the predictable response:

“Both clearly felt they had been complimented to the skies, and good luck to them. They were very happy, but I felt grumpy. It struck me that for these people the men ‘do’ and the women ‘are’. It’s an attitude I still encounter depressingly often, from both genders.

And this is my problem: I worry that this desire to be feminine is holding women back. I worry that a certain type of man, who prefers his women feminine, is holding us back. And I particularly worry that it is a gang of precisely this type of man that is currently running things.”

Welcome to 250,000 years of human history Ms. Brand. It’s always been this way and to deny it is to deny essential human biological imperatives. You can read the rest of the article here, but it’s essentially the same girrrl power drivel that every woman who’s Ms. Brand’s age and appearance spout. But then, I found this article in the Daily Mail U.K. that states that women in their younger years don’t identify with feminism. Here’s a few excerpts:

“It is the movement that, among its many triumphs, won women the vote. Yet, for the average modern woman, feminism is dead, research claims.

Just one in seven women describes herself as a ‘feminist’, it found, with younger women even less likely to describe themselves as such. 

A third view traditional radical feminism as ‘too aggressive’ towards men, while a quarter no longer view it as a positive label. One in five describe it as ‘old-fashioned’ and simply ‘not relevant’ to their generation.”

Here’s another:

“Modern women feel traditional feminism is no longer working for them, as it’s aggressive, divisive and doesn’t take into account their personal circumstances. 

‘They simply don’t view men as  “the enemy”. And it’s clear there is no longer a “battle of the sexes” but a coming together of the sexes to make society work for everyone in it.”

And the last one:

“Fewer than one in ten women aged 25 to 29 identified with feminism, compared with a quarter of those aged 45 to 50. 

One in six said feminism had gone too far, ‘losing sight of the natural roles of men and women’. Instead of fighting for equality, two in five now want to ‘celebrate difference’ instead. 

The majority of the 1,300 polled felt feminism should be about ensuring women have ‘real choice over their family, career and lives’, and to reinstate the value of motherhood.”

Did you notice the difference? The young babes are fleeing feminism in droves while the older gals still embrace it. There’s a perfectly good reason for this rejection of feminism by the younger set.

They were raised by feminist women and they’ve witnessed firsthand the damage that’s been done by it.

Unlike what some in the Manosphere think, I don’t think women are stupid. They might not think cognitively like men but they are able to realize when they look around them that what’s happening isn’t right. Plus, I think their biological imperatives are stronger than men’s, have you ever heard of a male biological clock? How would you feel if you were a young woman and had your father ripped away from you at a young age by a mother that really wasn’t interested in you very much, but all she wanted was to be haaaappy? And all you saw afterwards was an endless string of men coming and going and your mother getting more and more haggard until she eventually settled for probably someone abusive or worse, a leech. This is the reality these days for young women and I think they are rejecting this paradigm in numbers that might surprise us.

So ladies, pay attention to Julia Gillard. Is this how you want to live your life when you’re her age? Or do you want to be the woman in the wedding where everyone is loving and wants you to be part of their family?

Hard choice right?


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  1. It appears you’ve been coming across silver linings.

    Have you bought a new metal detector recently?

  2. Bill, It looks like “Equality ” has its downsides for Women too. In my country Women always had lower car insurance since they were less likely to be involved in an accident. But now the champion of “Human Rights and “Equality”- The European Union has ruled this “Gender Discrimination”:


    What a spineless,testicle-free entity the E.U truly is.

  3. Checked out the comments on the feminist article, pretty funny.

    The PM is only selling the poison to the converted feminists and white knights who vote Labor. I find it interesting the Greenies are now calling the PM a homophobe as she wouldn’t vote for gay marriage, hilarious.

    That rant by the way was made in defence of the lower house speaker, who made sexist text messages referring to c**ts that look like de-shelled muscles, and many more such texts. What shows even more poor leadership and judgement was the fact Slipper the speaker resigned two hours after the PM made that speech in his defence. So even the disgraced sexist speaker had more judgement and leadership then the PM.

    This PM is desperate to hold onto power, it’s a hung parliament and Labor has a 1 vote advantage, this government has run up the highest debt in Australian history, under Keynesian economics. So no longer can the government give out monetary or policy bribes to the public, as we know it can’t be funded. So being the government can’t run on policy debate, they’re left with one option, attack the man with smear and lies.

    This PM also stole the last election on a lie, “There will be no Carbon tax under the government I lead.”, on top we now have a federal mining tax, which has stunted mining investments, and a blatant attempt to centralise tax from the states to the fed. It’s a huge mess, with morewasted tax payer money on schemes that failed and caused many deaths.

    This PM has a very dodgy character, that the progressive media tried very hard to cover up, including threatening calls from the PM to certain newspapers, policy on the run with pending media legislation to muzzle and intimidate the conservative media, from setting up slush funds for Union mates/lovers when she was a lawyer in the distant past, to being a repeated adulterer before and during her time in parliament.

    Abbott is a married man in a monogamous marriage with 3 well balanced young adult daughters, he’s also a social conservative in a traditional Catholic sense, and a known Anglophile, who believes in the brother hood of the Anglosphere. So Abbott is like the Satan of all Satans to the feminists and white knights. So it’s been a fun filled few years of outrageous politics in Australia, which all began when Gillard stabbed PM K Rudd in the back to become PM, at the end of 2009. So our first woman PM is the first Australian affirmative action Prime Minister really.

    Abbotts reaction to the PM’s rant was classic gentleman father figure, who at the most would of been flabbergasted by her aggression. Though that was his plan and Gillards miss step as Abbott masterfully goaded her into that aggression, with language that mimicked a conservative shock jock, who stated a fortnight before that Gillards father “Died of shame”, though he was also able to shield accusations of such Machiavellian actions from his past use of language which was recorded in the hansard. The conservative shock jock by the way, has been vilified by the dominant MSM and has temporarily lost his advertising sponsors, I have no doubt he’ll get them back though, he also has to go through journalist re-education, but he still has his show…


    And the polls Liberal/National coalition 54% Vs Labor 46%

    Seems the sexist and misogynist smear failed, though Macquarie dictionary changed the definition of misogyny, to help Gllards poor choice of words, as under the proper definition it made her a liar again. Plus I think it has something to do with the 4th wave feminism, to change the thoughts of men, like us.


  4. Sorry but I don’t really see it. They have not rejected feminism but embraced it and taken it to the next logical level which is to keep the power acquired by their dike like fore mothers but embrace the feminine qualities when it suits them. The President of Argentina is a good example of that.

    Human nature does not change and power once acquired will be tightly held until ripped from their hands by those that are stronger. How and when that happens is anyone’s guess.

  5. You’re right Gunner as Abbott also concluded he was a feminist, with his wife and princess daughters backing him up. Still I prefer the conservative fembots/white knights over the progressive ones. The social conservatives here are the MRM’s dream when it comes to an egalitarian individual autonomous equality stuff. The last social conservative government bought in the 50/50 child custody and asset split. They still bought in the phoney domestic violence laws, where a woman is taken at her word without proof of the husbands guilt in all the states though. The social conservatives are also pushing for affirmative actions of women in all sorts of places including the front line.

    It’s the dominant line of neo liberalism that individual autonomy rules in a egalitarian society.

  6. OUCH! Could not watch the video for more than a minute. Can’t stand listening to cranky females. She should get back to the kitchen. BTW – the video you embedded is now blocked in the US, but the issue has come stateside and the video is available at CNN in “the speech every woman should hear” article. (OH, brother!)

    I’m with gunner. They have rejected the feminism tag line but have fully embraced its fruits.

    • I believe rejecting the feminist tag line is the first step of the end of feminism. Perhaps you and gunner are correct and the new wave of girls will simply keep the power for themselves and act feminine when it suits them.

      But I also say that the mission of feminism gets diluted each year, each generation. The end point of my logic being, we may get to the end of feminism in a generation or two. Or we will encounter something worse.

  7. Loved the “Fuck Off” look he was giving her the whole time she was talking. Politics is a man’s game and if she wants to survive in it shes going to have to take the punches. Trying to clean up and act properly does not work in politics

  8. “I worry that a certain type of man, who prefers his women feminine, is holding us back. And I particularly worry that it is a gang of precisely this type of man that is currently running things.”

    Did you catch that? To these people men must not be allowed to WANT what they want. Just like how women who want to be stay-at-home moms must not be allowed to want that, because if it’s an option to them then many will choose it.

    Ergo, guns must be pointed. The gun of taxation and the guns of violently-restricted choices and violently-avoided responsibilities.

    Fuck these people.

    In other news, I’m at the airport just now and the security-theater-is-good-for-you animation on the TV’s at the was of the scanner lines now concludes with an sillouetted woman’s (with ponytail) head, and in the space where her brain should be is the word “Why?”, which is then replaced from above by the word “OK”. What kind of Nazi shit is that?

    Fuck these people.

    Your pal.

    • Take a look at some of these pictures:



  9. I think the reason that young women are turning away from feminism is that they believe they can have everything. They were raised to believe that way and have made no contradictory experiences. Young women get preferential treatment in school, in the workplace and a lot of attention from men. Therefore they do not assume that they need feminsim. When they get older, they experience that you can’t have everything, but that there are tradeoffs instead. They also notice that the attention they are getting from men is vanishing. At this point women embrace feminsm to turn things in their favor again.

  10. Notice how many times she says, “I was personally offended.” I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I don’t have a wedding ring on my finger because I’m angry and most likely very unpleasant to be around.

  11. Point proven, from her Wikipedia page. “She has never married and has no children.” Ha, and the icing on the cake? Tony Abbott has 3 daughters!

  12. gunnar451 has it right, women dont reject the basic premise of feminism (women first, second and third). If they are publically saying that they are not feminists then it is just for show, because feminism got a bad public image, and women value public image highly, thus they will distance themselves from anything that the herd is looking down on.

    Women arent turning around and showing men affection; thatll never happen because women arent like that. Theyll only show conditional loyalty or affection if they can get something out of it.

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