How the elites recruit.


Wars that seem to have no real purpose, bank bailouts, austerity, sequestration, QE, trillions in debt, precious metals price suppression, the Euro meltdown, the global economic slowdown, the impending China credit bubble crash, laws and executive orders passed and signed against the will of the people and all the bad things that seem to be going on these days are coming together in the perfect storm. If you feel that today’s calamities are a global trainwreck that no one could have anticipated, I’ve got some swampland that I’ll sell you cheap. The truth is all of this is being purposefully engineered by a small group of people who control the course of world events; They might not always be on the same page and power struggles do occur. But in the end, the goal is always the same; global financial and power consolidation for and by this small elite group. The evidence is pretty overwhelming when taken as a whole, but if you speak your conclusions, then be careful because you risk being branded another paranoid conspiracy theorist.

I don’t let that worry me too much because those who disqualify as mere “conspiracy theories” any attempt to put together an alternative model of how global power really works are either, blissfully ignorant and believe in the “world according to CNN and Fox News”, near-sighted on key long-term geopolitical processes or purposely deceptive and have a reason (their cushy lifestyles) for protecting the global power elite, which always reacts with uneasiness whenever someone points out exactly what they are and what their plans are.

And debunking “conspiracy theory” accusations is really not all that hard because what is branded that is really just normal human behavior. We can’t yell “Conspiracy!” every time two or more people having common interests and goals come together to coordinate and articulate their actions, joining forces to promote such goals and objectives more easily and with a higher degree of certainty. We see this all the time at work in our workplaces, communities, schools, even in our own families. Such normal human behavior is so ubiquitous that nobody bothers to notice it; that is not until you point out that the highest echelons of world power also do exactly the same for the same reasons. Every time somebody says very powerful individuals and entities quite predictably also engage in common actions, planning, and agreements in order to achieve common goals, the “conspiracy theory” label kicks in ready to kill any such line of thought or investigation dead in its tracks.

But once you take the blinders off and really start looking into all of this stuff, it becomes readily apparent that global bankers plot to manipulate money and finance so they can control economies, markets, governments and the media. It’s also readily obvious that the rich and powerful create organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bildergergers or the Trilateral Commission to do their geopolitical planning supporting long-term global power elite interests bent on imposing world government on mankind. And if you even suggest that moneyed elites use their clout to place “their people” in the White House, Congress, Parliaments all over the world, Downing Street in the U.K., the Central Committee in China and editors’ desks in all major media outlets in the world then the brainwashed definitely look upon you as a kook, a tin-foil hat wearing crazy person.

That is the mainstream reaction whenever we speak of bankers, oil men, defense contractors, politicians, journalists and their respective corporations, organizations, banks, lobbyists and armies who all most clearly do have common interests and objectives, coming together and using their vast money flows to exert iron-fist control over society. This is all so obvious that only very naïve people conclude otherwise which includes the population at large. What is really naïve is to think that George Soros never picks up the phone to discuss mutual plans with Henry Kissinger or Christine Lagarde; or that David Rockefeller never dines with his Rothschild, Morgan and Warburg brethren.

So don’t be worried about being called a conspiracy theorist. Whoever uses it to silence awake and aware people do so because they know nothing is more dangerous to them than…awake and aware people! 

There’s a problem with the power elite however and that’s their size as a group. Logically, there can’t be that many of them or they couldn’t coordinate their efforts as well as they do. I’ve read estimates that state that there are no more of them than around six thousand individuals at any one time being true members of the global elites and the membership is constantly changing. But this presents a problem for them, there is more that they want done than they can accomplish by themselves even when they incorporate their families and trusted confidants into the corporations, foundations, think tanks, government agencies, etc. than they can staff. So how do the elites get the people they need who will work in the governments, corporations, agencies etc. and work towards their goals? The surprising answer to this question is they get them from the populace at large. But it’s not your average person who is recruited by the elites however. They have mechanisms in place to identify individuals who they think will fit into their plans and the monitoring of individuals they seek to recruit starts at a very young age of those they target. And it’s a very specific type of person they’re looking for; high intelligence and a strong psychopathic streak. If you’re a full psychopath, so much the better. How do I know this? Because, and I didn’t know it at the time, they tried to recruit me.

I was a pretty intelligent kid growing up. I’d already taught myself to read by the time I went to kindergarten and found school to be pretty easy. My teachers quickly identified me as pretty smart and so I went through the battery of tests and was admitted into the gifted program (do they have that anymore?) in the fifth grade. I took the PSAT (preliminary SAT) in the ninth grade and made a good enough score to be named a National Merit Scholar. Took the SAT in the tenth grade and very nearly aced it. That’s when things started getting weird. At the time, all I knew about the college I wanted to go to was that it had to be a party school with a lot of hot babes there. I was leaning towards the University of Florida for just that reason, was a huge Gator fan and had already gotten a partial academic scholarship. But one day when I was hanging out at the house, my father called and said that someone was coming to see me. When I opened the door, it was our district’s congressman who I’d never heard of before. But I was floored when he told me what he was there for; he wanted to sponsor me to go to West Point military academy at a full scholarship. I didn’t answer, I was so shocked, but I told him I’d have to think about it, and would get back to him. The very next day, I got a letter from Yale University, offering me a scholarship and wanting me to schedule a trip to their campus. Three days later, a letter from Harvard stating the same thing came in the mail. Now I hadn’t applied to any of these institutions, much less had any interest at the time of attending any of them. Of course I blew them all off and went to the party school I wanted to. My parents absolutely freaked, they said to me, “You’re fucking up your future”, but looking back on that period of my life, if I’d had a different temperament than I do, or was overly ambitious; my life would have been very different. Hugely different. And it was much later in life that I figured out I was being recruited at that time by the elites to become part of their machine. As a matter of fact, a kid I knew back during that time had the same thing happen to him. He went for it, now he’s a congressman. I know for sure that he got married and had a couple of kids just make his campaign ads look better because now he’s running for a Senate seat.

All I can say is thank the Universe that I was a laid-back, long haired, pot smoking surfer/skater dude at the time all this went down. You’ve got to remember the time period when all of this happened was at the ass end of the seventies. Things were different back then.

But, all that said, being a part of the global elite is just not my style.

I just can’t kiss that much ass. Plus I can’t keep my mouth shut.

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  1. It’s funny how people with intellect see the bullshit while the ignorant just go with the flow!

    For me i have known that just beneath the facade of society there is a dark world! I began to notice things happening when i began to get into Global History and world events. I was 13 at the time and had (still do) a great fascination of what was going on in the world.

    At first i was ignorant as why wars, conflicts just popped up as if for no reason. But as i got to learn more and more i began to notice that what the MSM was showing was just a one sided view of the world. Once i found out that these events go deeper than anyone would accept to see i discovered many things like illegal arms trades, illegal drug trafficking, the taking of resources from other countries, Assassinating heads of state for fear that they might actually make their country a better place, Lending money to the enemy and selling weapons even though we are at war with them etc.

    Mind you since then i have always been skeptical of what is going on in the world. The world is never black and white its more complicated than that. Which is why the majority of the people will never get that the good guy is also the bad guy! Sometimes without even trying i can already see a pattern going to happen to a certain country. That is how blatant they did their shit! I began following this before the internet so i usually spent my days reading newspapers, books and learning more and more about banking families that practically controlled Europe and how they also had their eyes here as well. so many things!

    Its crazy!

    Yes i have been called a “Conspiracy Nut” a million times and yes at times it cut me but hey that is their opinion it does not change what i have learned. Its as if i have suddenly become awake!

    During that time i never had any outlet or knew any people who saw things the same way i did. I grew up in the Bronx! That by itself should say quite a bit! :) Then came the internet and GAWD DAM there are a lot of people who see the world the same way as i do! You are in that group too Tio! A world where only a few profit and the rest are slaves!

    For the elites its not about money! Its about the most wanted one of kind thing that all men want POWER.!

    Great Post Tio Mitch!

      • I liked the old look better.

        I don’t mind the background, but the header picture of the last one is way better than your current one. Your current one looks amateurish and has the “conspiracy” nut vibe like it was designed in 2007. Somehow both the images juxtaposed to one another and the format they are in rubs me the wrong way.


        • I realize my reply looks harsh. Not trying to be that way.

          My simple opinion:

          1. I like the background
          2. I don’t like the banner picture
          3. I still prefer white text over black


  2. Sometimes I wonder if our “elite” are actually even Elite to begin with and not just glorified merchants on steroids. Anyway, glad to hear you did well in school Apocalypse.

  3. Sometimes, those elites actually have to trot out their conspiracies, in order to avoid a larger loss. Look up the Libor ruling, where British bankers whose Libor interest rate for loaning each other money is used globally as an index for many economic standards. Sued by individual investors for manipulation of the rate, the bankers got out of the lawsuits by declaring they were never in competition with each other on rates.

    Mind you, the government had already assessed some $2.5 billion in fines. The Libor is used in setting interest rates for more than $350 trillion in securities and loans worldwide. However, the judge agreed, and the case was dismissed, and immediately appealed to Federal Appeals Court. Some estimates say that the banks stand to lose over $1 trillion, collectively, if found to be fraudulent.

    As for recruitment, you implied, but did not actually say it out loud: they demand that you respect (to the death) their hierarchy. You can move up, but you never ever take anyone else out on the way up, or they all band together to take your ass out.

    Conspiracy theories? I’ve seen these elite, I’ve met a few. They’re not theories, unless one uses the scientific definition of theory, meaning almost a law, definitely facts. One of those elite I met actually used the word ‘prole’ when referring to his own employees. They’re incredibly charismatic, unbelievably facile, overly impressed with their own accomplishments and utterly incapable of introspection with anything close to a critical eye. Were you to take just one of them, place them into a mindnumbing job that barely paid his bills, he’d be on the 5 o’clock news within 6 months as the lead story about going postal.

    They have an amazing sense of honor… namely, to themselves. Control freak would be an understatement. It’s power, and almost absolute power, at that. Give them another 20 years, and it will be absolute, that much I guarantee. Some say it will be over in five.

    The Navy Corpsman

    • 5? Yeah. Talked to a ‘guy’ recently who said 5 Months…that was almost a month ago.

      • That’s why I keep my estimate high… not even the elite can fully predict the future, only grossly influence it. Being conservative (read that as careful) by nature, they prefer to nudge gently, unless necessary, or an emergency arises.

        The other thing you have to realize, is that their cabal is so large, so complex, one could actually say their left hand is losing money so the right hand can make money.

        The only thing they never lose, is power.

        SOCOM .458

        The Navy Corpsman

  4. The elite hire the poor and the middle classes to do their dirty work. I have more blame for them than for the elites themselves. They are the ones who are truly keeping this train wreck going.

    I don’t like this upgrade. Are we dealing with a light and happy subject? No way. Better to stay in the shadows.

  5. You hear the phrase, “We have some people who can advance your understanding of mathematics”, and you think that it’ll be a marvellous set-up for your doctoral work in a few years. A cushy life of pondering Big Ideas — it’s seductive and tempting …

    Then you’re approached by some people from top-notch universities, offering their help in exchange for helping them out. Summer programmes at Princeton, independent study at MIT, maybe even Caltech if you can interest them in your ideas.

    You realise this is a set-up, that you’re being groomed for being the intellectual equivalent of a Monarch Slave. You back away from these people, land some other deal, do anything you can to get well away from them. You stop just a hair’s width short of sabotaging your future, opting instead to go forward in some other direction, following the Zurich Axioms rather than some other Axiom of Choice.

    They keep showing up in your life in strange ways that you realise aren’t an accident, such as that guy who’s on the plane with you to Canada who just happens to be from your small home town. What are the odds, and why is he so interested in what you’ll be doing at the Toronto Research Library?

    Eventually you make a life decision that lets them know you’re not going “back on the reservation” — they get the message loud and clear.

    When you’re being chased by the elites for their needs, the best advice comes from Rilke: you must live another life.

  6. Almost the same story, bro.
    Your site is excellent. I’ll tell you what happened to me.
    Several years ago I attended one of social science faculties in east Europe. I think, it’s some kind of, as you in anglosphere call it, liberal colege. Being undoubtelly the best student in my group of almost 100 students, I was spotted by one of “scientific quality advisor” at our university. Even decan is staunchily submitted to him.
    I was polite offered several times to get scholarship of some of prestigeous USA or west European universities (in form of stipendy). I had refused althought I knew that I can get a lot of money and high social possition in my rotting, enslaved and plundered homeland if I agree. That was not the thing I can do. No, thanks. And that “advisor” – actually an essential psychopath and high level freemason became enraged. I believe he’d been truly surprised when he realised I don’t want to accept his petty offer. I said that’s far below both my dignity and humanity. I’m also sure that hitted realy hard his self-esteem.
    He always had calm and cold appearance, but at once, his face turned purple-red. He begun to yell to me that I’m stupid, that there is so much space at the top of piramide, that people are too stupid to realize how the system works and how to overthrow them, that the very fact that I am so good student could make me an excellent member of their “elite” and so on. Even worse, he realized I know to recognize massonic secret body and phrasal languange. They’re very vunereable when exposed. And dangerous, too.
    After graduating I started the small business.
    But, despite that, I do not regreated it. I don’t want to be part of those evil, demonic forces. I don’t want to willingly contribute to the NWO. I don’t want to become a slave bond by golden chain.
    Who knows what will happen in next few years. Now I’m happy but also a little bit afraid that in case of the eventual dictatorship I cannot consider myself safe because that unscrupulous (and yet, relativly influental) bastard knows that I know who he is. Will see what will happen. The world is on the edge of abyss. May God help us.

  7. One example is sponsorship of the TV show 24, carefully designed to desensitize the viewers to the use of torture. Another is the use of TV commercials showing stars cheerfully endorsing invasive personal identification technology, as part of a carefully designed program for grooming us to accept Big Brother surveillance and control, including the eventual implantation of microchips under our skin. The power elite goes to any lengths to keep the public misled, distracted, fearful, and ultimately imprisoned in a matrix of disinformation, rampant consumerism and the lowest common denominators of human nature, including raw violence and mindless sexuality.

  8. I think you’re right that these people go out of their way to recruit psychopaths. I just don’t know to what level.

    With nothing but grades and test scores, not political connections or money, I went to West Point. I sought it out, I was ambitious as hell at the time, but then again, aren’t they looking for the power-hungry? I filled out an application to some Ivy League school as an afterthough just in case, it was made clear to me that I would get a free ride (if I remember correctly, didn’t care at the time.)

    When I read this, something occured to me that I never thought about before. I basically failed the medical exam in 2 ways. In one case, they made it extremely easy to get around it, and in another I took one test 3 times as the nurse had “lost track of time.” Nothing definite, but in hindsight damned convenient.

    The hazing there IS psychopath training. You have to be able to take abuse from superiors, and after a year of it, almost everyone was EAGER to dish it out. I never knew anyone else who didn’t haze, some just didn’t get off on it and quietly left. In a way I’m damned proud I didn’t engage in it when it was practically mandatory.

    By 6 months in, most of my illusions were gone. I was then just there for the business/financial/social opportunities, and to learn everything I could to use against them later.

    As your said, “I just can’t kiss that much ass. Plus I can’t keep my mouth shut.” I couldn’t handle it. You can’t fake what it takes to fit in without believing it to a point. Cognitive dissonance or whatever, I couldn’t function after a few years of it.

    I got kicked out (thank god). Their selection system works. I would never again doubt that anyone in power is evil unless they have an entire lifetime of transparent behavior to the contrary. Which is never.

  9. I didn’t score well enough on my SATs to be considered for anything close to an elite school. My HS grades weren’t that great, either. Even if both had been good enough to qualify for consideration to an elite school or service academy, I couldn’t have kissed that much ass, nor could I keep my mouth shut-especially when I was younger! I did one hitch in the Navy, and I got out because ass kissing isn’t my cup of tea.

    Nowadays, I’d be considered a ‘straight arrow'; a ‘straight arrow’ is someone who doesn’t do anything major to piss off my bosses or higher ups, but doesn’t kiss ass, either. While I’m better at keeping my mouth shut (at least for a period of time, anyway), I cannot keep it shut for good. Even to this day, I’ll pop off now and then; it’s just that I don’t: 1) pop off about everything; and 2) I wait longer for when I do. In any case, I couldn’t fit in.

    Now, I have a question about if the elite recruit people after HS. My brother is a VP at his company. He’s high enough on the food chain to hitch a ride on the company plane, but not quite high enough to request it for his own use; he’ll have to go up one more level, and there’s about a 20% chance he’ll be promoted to that level. He lives in a million dollar house; it has 4,500 sq. feet; and it’s located in the right neighborhood. My brother has done well.

    To give you some background, my brother went to a decent, regional, private university in NJ, but it wasn’t in the Ivy League. I don’t know what his SATs were, but they weren’t high enough to get into an Ivy; even if he had done well on the SATs, our family didn’t have the money to send him to an Ivy. He went on to get his MBA, though it wasn’t from a Top-25 program. That said, he’s done well. I don’t know if I’d consider him in the elite, but he’s damn close.

    So, if a guy does well after college, is it possible that the elites will recruit him after he’s out? Or is it done early on, like it was in the case of you and your friend? I was curious, because, as I said, my brother, if he isn’t in the ‘elites’, he’s damn close to it. The real test will be if he gets promoted one more level, thus giving him the right to request the company plane for his own use. Your thoughts?

  10. The one thing fatal to a democracy is a class of hereditary wealthy people. A wise democracy implements ruthless inheritance, sumptuary, and wealth taxes.

  11. “Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)”

    …an organization that promotes a specific school of thought about relations between states, called “realist” because otherwise, it wouldn’t occur to you to describe it this way. “Careerist” is the more accurate term, with links to a US Department of State that, in the end, is a much more marginal influence than you’d think or they’d like. Proof: watch what happens when stuff is actually important, and how quickly TPTB turn to other organizations to perform even accepted State Dept. functions.

    The exception is, of course, the current administration. Hence the darkly hilarious ineptitude on display presently.

    “And if you even suggest that moneyed elites use their clout to place “their people” in the White House, Congress, Parliaments all over the world, Downing Street in the U.K., the Central Committee in China and editors’ desks in all major media outlets in the world then the brainwashed definitely look upon you as a kook, a tin-foil hat wearing crazy person.”

    Really?? Because this is the suggestion that most most people have seen locally, and should relate to easily. Maybe it’s a presentation/ how far arm I taking the claim issue?

    I have some rather deeper thoughts re: the idea of elite recruitment being something very much other than deliberate plan, and how this connects to both Martel’s alpha/ Alpha/ ALPHA distinctions, and a hugely positive possible role in the Manosphere for “trained betas” who are working toward Alpha status. Not here, though.

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