The next Manosphere meetup.


Ever since we were disappointed in New Orleans during Mardi Gras due to a misunderstanding from our supposed host and not realizing that New Orleans has gone to shit since the last time I was there, Tempest, Bill and I have been discussing other places to visit. They’ve come up with an option that I think we will all enjoy and since she posted our intentions, the interest has been encouraging.

I’ve already made my reservations, and given how much I hate to fly these days because I generally have to go into the special room for “enhanced screening” I’ve decided to drive to the Fitz. Given my experience driving there and back in the Mustang from New Orleans for the last meetup, I’m leaving Saturday, November 8th, going to take my time, see everything touristy between here and there and show up in Tunica around 3 p.m on Sunday the 9th. Here’s my proposed route.

It looks like Matt, Doc and Aurini are going to show up too. We’re working on Chloe,her husband and Ace but confirmation has not been given thus far. But, I’d love to meet anyone who’s near my proposed route. Seeing that I’m going to take two days driving there and two days driving back, I’ve got plenty of time to meet anyone who might be interested in meeting my sorry drunken ass.

Plus, since I plan to take the Mustang, it’s a nearly twelve hour drive and I’m not exactly the most reputable individual, I’m taking bets on how many times I get pulled over on the way there and back. One thing you might want to take into account; since my experience with the Florida Highway Patrol on the way back from New Orleans, I’ve had the limo tint removed from the car windows. Probably won’t make much difference but I thought you guys should know.

Place your bets in the comments LOL.

Update: Looks like @technoronin is going to attend also. I’ve been in contact with this individual forever and can’t wait to meet him in person.

I hope all you guys like to gamble.

Physics will help your Game.


One of the most famous thought questions in quantum physics is the problem of Schrodinger’s cat. It’s a problem that I’ve had a hard time wrapping my mind around even though intuitively it makes perfect sense.

“If you can’t observe something, how do you know it actually happened.”

Then another question arises. Science relies on a huge amount of people that haven’t actually observed the phenomena being reported on believing the computer generated simulations and huge amounts of mathematical paperwork to give them a modicum of consensus. I just don’t see it. I can do the math, I can decipher the obfuscation that purports to be scientific journalism these days, but there’s still one question that has never been answered:

What happened to the cat?

It’s something that if you find a cat lover, you can develop an entire night’s worth of conversation about. It’s even better if she has a dog and you modify it for her canine friend.

You’re welcome again. Be prepared with smart girls to demonstrate the math.

Blue Pill Psychopaths.

blue pills

“My dream role would probably be a psycho killer, because the whole thing I love about movies is that you get to do things you could never do in real life, and that would be my way of vicariously experiencing being a psycho killer. Also, it’s incredibly romantic.” Christina Ricci

The only reason that what we see around us is still dysfunctionally functional is the deep psychopathy of every person that has either swallowed the blue pill whole or has figured out a way to profit from it.

Every person that believes in feminism, social justice, takes a government disability payment, an EBT card or any other of the myriad of government entitlement programs is guilty of a psychopathy so deep that I have my doubts that it can ever be reversed beyond a complete collapse.

And, from this psychopathy, a Deep State has taken control of this country and most of the developed nations of the world.

The deep state begins with government, an institution I’ve always described as intrinsically evil and destructive. That’s because it’s empowered by enforced coercion; one of only two ways in which humans interact with one another.

The other is voluntary cooperation. That can’t be allowed.

But the deep state is more. It’s not only the massive, prying, regulating apparatus of the federal government, but also the corporate structure that depends on government largess, and the lapdogs in the media and academic community that serve to perpetuate its message. All of these elements are held together with money and propaganda, and they combine to deny the vast majority of citizens true freedom.

I’ve been exposed throughout my working life to these individuals that are described as America’s “top dogs”; a few thousand elites who all know each other. They went to the same schools, belong to the same clubs, socialize amongst themselves, and scratch each other’s backs. There’s no conspiracy needed. They all know exactly what to do to maintain their position without being told. It’s a closed party and as George Carlin stated, “It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.” (Personally I think this routine is why he died so quickly from cancer. There’s plenty of evidence that intel agencies use Polonium as an assassination tool).

But the storm troopers below the top dogs are the running dogs: police, military, politicians, and upper-level government and corporate functionaries who grease the wheels for those at the top. And below them are all the rest. Most are little better than trained dogs who will do anything to keep their treats coming. They have swallowed the blue pill psychopathy whole, either from educational programming or from seeing no other way to feed themselves. These are the bastards that people like you and me are most likely to come in contact with given that we deal with petty bureaucrats, cops and minor functionaries. And, they’re the most dangerous. Given that their livings are dominated by arrest records, quotas and the majority being the type of people we all used to beat up in high school, they have a grudge. And they’ll do anything they can get away with to get back at individuals like us who are successful by our own efforts.

They hate us. They know that they will be on the streets without deep state employment so they defend it with what I describe as a loyalty bordering on zealotry.

But they’re completely vapid when encountered in a social situation. That’s why they socialize only with their fellow blue pill psychopaths.

They can’t be talked to no matter how superficial the subject. There is no discussion, all they can do is regurgitate what they’ve seen on TV or what they’ve read in the NYT or on HuffPo. But, they will defend to the death their ability to suck at the teat of the taxpayer.

Sad as this is, there’s way more of them than there is of us who hold the ideals of freedom dear. Given how my interactions with the deep state have gone lately, I’m not optimistic about any imminent changes.

Psychopaths are problematic in any population. But when they are programmed, encouraged and installed into positions of power now matter how minimal, we have a problem that won’t be easily solved.

I know what it’s going to take.

I just hope I’m healthy enough to participate in it. Already got the hardware.

I’m definitely getting a Tikker.

But not for the reasons you might think. Personally, I have no real interest in how much longer physically that I could possibly live. When it’s time, I’ll know it and I’ll go out on my terms and the way I wish to. I’ve already got the cliff in Arizona picked out where I’ll just drive off in my Mustang at 120 mph. One last adrenaline rush and all and the life insurance will pay.

But imagine the possibilities for conversations that could arise if you’re in a social situation, dressed well, wearing a fine automatic watch on your left wrist and a Tikker on your right wrist. “Why are you wearing two watches?” Show them the Tikker on your right wrist and say, “This isn’t a watch, it’s my death monitor. Reminds me to enjoy life for what time I have left.”

Imagine the reactions that would elicit. From my interactions with most people, I would imagine the majority would be horrified. But imagine the possibilities from people who get it.

I can’t wait to get mine.

There’s a well established script.

life script 2

For building and maintaining a life in the dystopia that we currently live in.

Spend thirteen years in government schools which teach you nothing other than how to sit in a seat for hours at a time.
Rack up a bunch of student loan debt to pay for a useless degree in the college of your choice.
Get yourself a cubicle job if you can and either live near the poverty level or move back in with your parents.
Meet a pudgy girl who makes as much as you but considering that you haven’t gotten laid since college, you fall in love.
Marry said girl and spend six months salary on the wedding.
Buy a house on credit because your new wife is thinking about the two of you starting a “family”.
Start working more hours at your job because the expenses of being married are way more than you ever had when you were single. Plus, you want children.
Feel ecstatic when your wife tells you she’s pregnant with your child. But you have no idea that nearly 30% of children born into marriage aren’t the husbands child.
Have tears in your eyes when you hold your supposed child for the first time despite the absolute horror of witnessing what happens to the bottom half of a woman’s body during childbirth. Try to get over that visual the next time she initiates sex because, “It’s time for another baby.”
Do it anyway because you want another child.
Wonder why the next child looks nothing like you but believe your wife when she says, “Looks just like my grandfather.”
Work more and more to support your supposed family even though it takes you away from the household for extended periods of time.
Get used to watching the children on weekend nights when she’s “out with the girls” but you’re mostly happy to have time with the children without the harpy bitching at them and you all the time. Some of the best times with your kids are during these nights.
Get the “I’m not haaappy complaints”
Move into the spare bedroom and start using porn after the kids are put to bed.
Get the “I want a divorce” proclamation.
Find out she’s been fucking most all of your acquaintances and there’s a good chance that one of your kids is likely not yours and there’s a good chance that neither are.
Get divorce raped. Lose the house you built yourself, pay punitive child support for kids that aren’t likely genetically yours and lose spending time with them if they are yours.

This is the script. It’s been planned for over a hundred years and is now the normal in our contemporary society for the past thirty years.

Too many men still fall into this script. It’s time we try to rescue them from this.

Way too many still become victimized.

Another bullshit speech.

From another girl with a 1000 cock stare. I’m amazed this has gotten the attention it has given how she completely demolished feminism in this speech.

Were her money making producers men? Check. Were her directors men? Check. Were her co-stars men or boys? Check.

Could she have achieved her fame and money without the work of men? No way in hell.

So they trot out this pathetic excuse of a 24 year old as their new voice for feminism.

Listen to her tone of voice. She knows she’s being used. Seeing a couple of movies she’s been in, you can tell as an actress, she should have done a hell of better performance.

Just pay attention to the look on her face throughout this speech.

It tells you everything you need to know.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


“Proverbs often contradict one another, as any reader soon discovers. The sagacity that advises us to look before we leap promptly warns us that if we hesitate we are lost; that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but out of sight, out of mind.”  Leo Rosten

That quote pretty much sums up my life. It explains why every relationship I’ve ever experienced, from my parents, to fiance’s, to my ex-wife and every other relationship I’ve ever had has gone down the crapper. Well, with the exception of my kids, they still love their father even though I don’t see them much these days considering they’ve got their teenage concerns to think about.

The reason why? I don’t stick around long.

I’ve always had the travel bug and if I could get someone else to pay for it and get paid in the process, hell, I was there. My first love lost me to the army, my second love lost me to an electronics firm in Atlanta, my third love, the girl I married lost me to extended job trips all over the country and my last girl lost me to traveling all over the world for almost four years.

But the thing about it is, they didn’t lose me. I always came home. They abandoned me.

Didn’t matter if the bills were paid. Didn’t matter if they had enough money to support the lifestyles they were used to. Didn’t matter if I called everyday or that I answered the phone when they called. Didn’t matter if something went wrong at the house, I knew who to call to fix it and they didn’t have to worry about it.

Want to know the real reason they abandoned me? My dick wasn’t in the house.

Now that might seem harsh, but listen to me for a second. Here’s one rule of life that will serve you well and it’s a hard lesson for me but after nearly forty years of seeing it in action, it’s something you need to sear into your brain. This is it:

Once a woman starts menstruating, she won’t go for long without a dick in her.

This is the dirty little secret that the medical, psychological and sociology fields won’t tell you. If a woman doesn’t have a hard dick around giving her what she needs, she is going to find that only thing that she needs to make her life complete. And that’s a hard dick. That’s the only thing she cares about and it doesn’t matter what size it is, if she orgasms, she has to have that and it is the only thing she has any care for.

I know what you are all thinking, “Mitch, how can you say that with any conscious logic?”

Well, I’ve been there. I have so many stories about fucking girlfriends of my friends, I have so many stories about my friends fucking my girlfriends when I was traveling but there was one incident when I lived in Atlanta when I was a Foreman for a high-rise company that was building a 17 story parking garage. The project manager invited me over for dinner with him, his wife and his 25 year old daughter that had just separated from her husband of five years for only a week. She was obviously interested, but I asked her a question. “Are you over him?” I was obviously naive being only 24 years old but her answer stuck with me. “I can’t wait to get into the arms of another man, and that looks like it’s going to be you.” Well it was.

To put it bluntly, the bitches can’t go without dick. And given their proclivities, they won’t. If they don’t have a hard dick in the house, they’ll find one somewhere. And plastic is only a stopgap, they need the real thing and they won’t stop until they get it.

My recommendation is that you don’t leave for more than a week. Personally, from my experience, that’s about as long as they can go without some flesh injection. Trust me on this, I’ve been studying this subject for almost twenty years. And you Red Pill girls, you know I’m right, I know you better than you know yourselves.

It only takes a few days of absence for your woman to stray. Six at the most in my opinion. But that is only for women worth fucking. Now we see the roots of feminism.

Imagine if you are a woman who needs dick at the level that most women need it but can’t get it? That enrages them, they need it as bad as their sisters but can’t get it.

Pisses them off. Imagine needing something that is vital for your survival, you don’t realize what it is but you still can see other women around you getting it?

They don’t have a regular dick in them. Personally, I’m not going to volunteer to help them out, I might be a bit older but I still have standards.

Hopefully you learn this lesson. Took me many years to.

You’re welcome again.

We know who the next president will be.

When shows like this show up on a national network:

Pure propaganda for Hillary Clinton. You’ve got to admit, the elites aren’t afraid these days to tell us what exactly their intentions are.

Bad thing is, the sheeple will fall completely for this mass media brainwashing.

Be prepared for president Hillary.

Universe help us all.

Why would even a beta male try?

Look at the reaction from his fat, ugly, frumpy wife after he spent sixty grand remodeling their kitchen while she was gone for a week. Probably getting raw dogged by anyone she could convince to fuck her.

Bitch even complained about a light bulb being burned out. Unfortunately this is the new normal, no matter what any man does, the “What’s Next?” attitude pervades all of modern womanhood. No matter the age, that’s all you’re going to get from them no matter what you do.

So why would even a beta male try?