The cult of the minority.


Mitch’s note: This article was originally published back in June of 2012, given the recent stories in the media about what is happening around us, I thought I’d repost it.

I was reading an interesting article in the Tampa Bay Times this morning that cited statistics that named Florida as number two in the country for job discrimination claims against employers. More claims were filed in Florida than even in California or New York which have much larger populations:

“More Americans than ever filed job discrimination claims last year. But Florida workers outpaced most of the country, registering 8,088 private sector complaints of workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliation and the like with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

That number made Florida No. 2 behind only Texas — and way ahead of larger California and New York — for the sheer number of EEOC complaints filed in 2011.”

They gave the reason that they thought Florida had so many claims filed:

“What made Florida such a workers’ hell for so many, just behind Texas? It’s no coincidence that both the Lone Star and Sunshine states boast minimal worker protection laws, with employers pretty much able to fire someone at will.”

Personally, I don’t think that’s the case at all. Look, we all know that minorities and women file the vast majority of discrimination lawsuits in this country. The only discrimination claim any man could file and not be laughed out of the courtroom is an age discrimination suit and those are pretty rare. No, what’s happening is women and minorities have come to the conclusion that if they get fired or laid off no matter the reason, they have a pretty good chance of winning at least a pretty sizable settlement if they sue. Just on the basis that in our politically correct society, the prevailing sentiment is that if a woman or minority got canned; the reason was sexism or racism. We have instituted a cult of the minority.

What is prevailing is a worldview in which racial/ethnic identity and gender is more important than any other factor in judging a person. They have to be a victim of bias because of their color or gender, regardless of whether there were legitimate reasons for their dismissal.

This method of viewing the world, solely through a prism of race, ethnicity and gender, has a serious, and one would assume, unintended side effect, no matter the intentions of those who employ it. It tells the world those colorblind and gender neutral practices that hold minorities and women to the same standards as others may simply not be good enough. If an employee, who is terminated by an employer for good reason, can extract a sizable monetary settlement, what are the prospects for a private employer who wants to terminate a minority or female employee when no bias is involved? A very public precedent has been set: If the merest assertion of bias is made, the expectations of reward will probably be there.

There are employers who will understand this and, when faced with a choice between hiring a non-minority or a minority or a male or a female, they may well think twice about hiring the minority or the female because of a fear that any decision to terminate or discipline the employee would be subject to allegations of racism or gender bias based solely on the employee’s minority or gender status.

When it comes to employment, the race/gender card is a trump card. The article mentions this:

“Wolfgang Florin, an attorney with Palm Harbor’s Florin Roebig, a law firm very active in defending employees in workplace matters, says he is not surprised to see an uptick in the number of EEOC filings with the downturn in the economy.

“Our state has a large population of both older workers and minorities, both groups obviously protected by the civil rights laws,” he says. The good news, Florin suggests, is that the large number of EEOC filings should decrease this year as people return to the workforce. The bad news, Florin says, is “the same discriminatory animus” seen so often in layoffs, termination and downsizing scenarios will now be present — and much harder to identify — in the hiring decisions around our state.

“The difference from a legal perspective is that it is much easier for employers to hide or mask discrimination in the hiring process than it is in the termination process,” he says.”

Black leaders and feminists who assert racism/sexism at the drop of a hat presume to be advancing the cause of minorities and women by being vigilant. In fact, they may be inadvertently adding to the discrimination in our country and doing their constituents a grave disservice. Personally, I feel they have it coming. After so many years of screaming “racism” or “sexism”, the tide has turned against them in a way they never saw coming. Employers aren’t stupid, they’re going to hire the person who’ll cost them less in the long haul and that just happens to be white males. Look for this trend to continue.

Unintended consequences are a bitch ain’t they?

Hilarious but achingly sad.

This video is on the verge of going viral. It’s of a guy who got stuck in Las Vegas McCarran airport overnight and used the opportunity to film a YouTube video with him lip-syncing to Celion Dion’s “All by Myself” which is a cover of an eighties band that was fronted by Eric Carmen. Here’s the video and pay close attention to the body language and symbolism that I don’t think he realizes he was communicating:

Pay close attention and you’ll soon realize that this is a man in pain. His sadness comes through loud and clear if you know what to look for. The sad thing is he probably doesn’t realize what this video represents. This is the fate of the common guy, you might be brilliant and be able to produce a video like this on the fly, but in the end, you’re still alone.

As we all are.

A pill to get your pussy wet.


I’ve been working on my house, going to the beach and enjoying the little social events that go on my island on a regular basis. Haven’t spent a lot of time on this blog but when I came home today I did something that I rarely do, I watched the network news. It was the same old same old, propaganda for the state but there was a commercial that caught my attention because it dovetailed with my experience over the past seven years. Here it is and if it’s something you’ve experienced you know why I’m posting it:

If you’re my age, you know that no matter how hot the girl you bring home and how horny she is, if she’s over 35 you better have a bottle of lube in your bedside table. Not making any judgments here, lube generally leads to anal, but in my experience, any woman over the age of 35 these days doesn’t self lubricate no matter how horny you make her.

So, now there’s a pill for that.

We should have seen this coming, there’s no way that every man that a woman over 35 would like to fuck would have a bottle of lube in his bedside table even though if you get laid regularly you should. That’s just me.

I’ve seen this more than I would have ever figured. I call it “Dry Snatch Syndrome” or DSS. It’s widespread more than you might think. I figure I’ve spent more than 100 dollars over the past seven years on lube just because my demographic for lays are the 35 and up group women. There’s nothing quite like it these days and I think I know why it is so pervasive.

Fertility equals lubricity. When I was younger and even when I married my 23 year old ex-wife, having sex meant washing the sheets the next morning. I used to call it, “getting hosed down”. Now, most of the girls I date, need external lubrication no matter how horny they are or how much they want to please me. And, a lot of the time, they have their own bottles of lube next to their beds.

So now there’s a pill for that. There’s not a pill to cure the reasons for DSS.

And we all know those reasons.

Theme parks are genius.

cheetah_hunt header

Anyone who follows me on this site or on Twitter (By the way it’s @UnkaMitch) knows by now that I’m a roller coaster fanatic. The newer and more cutting edge the better. This past weekend gave me the opportunity to do something I’ve really needed to do; try to repair the relationships with my daughters and go and ride multiple times one of the most enjoyable coasters I’ve had the pleasure to ride in a long time. That my daughters liked it better than I did went a long way.

A bit of background; my last girlfriend hated my daughters and they her. I should have known better, but it went on far longer than I should have allowed. No excuses, but when I met her it was just the beginning of my AWALT education. Luckily, I was able to extricate myself before too much damage was done. Now it’s time to get my daughters back and this past weekend went a long way towards that.

But that’s not what this article is about. I have a question for everyone out there. Do you go to theme parks any or at all? The reason I ask this is when my daughters were riding something I didn’t want to do like get soaked on a log plume or ride this huge ass wooden coaster that beats the hell out of me and gives me a headache, I’d send them on their way, buy a beer, park myself under a mister because it was hot as hell and watch the people walking by, especially the women.

Now there’s huge differences between theme parks and the differences are worldwide. There’s two essential types, ones where the little tykes can ride most anything in the park with a couple of rides that won’t bore the parents to death and the parks that specialize in thrill rides, ergo roller coasters. The clientele between the two couldn’t be more pronouncedly different especially when it comes to the amount of fatties that go to each type. I live in Florida where Disney rules. Go there and all you’ll see is pasty fat parents and their pasty fat kids. In Tampa however, at Busch Gardens, they concentrate on the highest and the best roller coasters in the state. Go there and you’ll see so many in shape people of all ages from tweens to octagenarions, all to get their adrenaline fix. Now that’s not to say that you don’t see some land whales but by and large they’re fat parents sitting on benches while their teenage kids run all over the park enjoying themselves with their siblings and friends. Sitting under that mister for an hour drinking beer while my daughters were riding Gwanzi three times (the wooden coaster I don’t much care for) I was rewarded by many delectable sights because when it’s hot everyone goes for the misters when it’s 100% humidity as well. But there’s a reason the two different types of parks are so different and it’s something that they will never admit to but it’s so obvious that even my kids hate the Disney/Universal/MGM parks. And this is true throughout the country and even worldwide if my experiences in Europe are any indication.

There’s a reason Disney/Universal/MGM is so successful and the reason is this:

Any fatass can fit in their rides seats

You could be a thousand pounds and still be able to enjoy It’s a Small World at Disney World if you could get yourself into the boat and if you couldn’t the staff would do anything short of a forklift to make sure they didn’t get a complaint.

Try fitting your 5’6″ 250 pound ass in this seat at Busch Gardens. That’s a four year old kid who wasn’t tall enough to ride the ride because he would probably fallen out given the acceleration and g-forces on most of the coasters there. He cried. You could be 6’7″ and fit in this seat if you were height weight proportional. If you’re round, no way in hell. In parks all over the world, I’ve seen people get kicked off of rides because the safety bars and buckles couldn’t be secured. Most of the time, the people waiting in line laugh at them.

cheetah hunt seats

Considering that the population is getting to near a universal 50% or more obesity rate, it doesn’t surprise me that the Orlando parks are so full. But when you go to a thrill/coaster park like Busch Gardens it’s a completely different story. That’s on purpose for a coaster driven park, fatties upset the balance of these rides and given that they dance on the edge of accelerational physics they have to make sure that the structures that make the rides so enjoyable for what used to be normal people aren’t ruined by the hordes of fatties. The lines are so manageable that it enables you to ride all of the best rides multiple times. Which my daughters and I did for ten hours. And the absence of the kind of people you find in Orlando parks is one of the reasons I enjoy parks like Busch Gardens in both Tampa and Williamsburg, Virginia, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, all of the parks I visited in Europe and others like Six Flags which hasn’t done so well over the years. Big roller coasters means a minimum of Wal-Mart people, they know they can’t fit in the seats and adrenaline scares the hell out of them so they stay away. Another reason for this is it’s damned expensive to enjoy these parks, so much of the population is excluded for entirely financial reasons.

So, if you happen to be on vacation and go to a theme park, go to the most popular ride first and see how big the seats are. If your fat mother-in-law/whatever can fit in it, go straight back to the ticket desk and ask for a refund. Or, if you want the best parks to spend your money and want to watch some of the best ass you’ve ever seen walk around, contact me, I’ve been to pretty much all of them. If you’re a young twenty-something with Game, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

You’re welcome and enjoy your summer.

This was obviously staged.


If you think that the supposed mass shootings at Santa Barbara City College are an attack by a virginal male named Elliot Rodger who couldn’t get female attention, you are completely mistaken. Just check out the video he supposedly recorded the day before his supposed shooting spree:

It’s interesting who his father is:

“Rodger was the son of Peter Rodger, assistant director of the Hollywood film franchise The Hunger Games.
An attorney for Peter Rodger has confirmed to KCAL that Elliot Rodger was ‘involved’ in the shooting.”

That’s pretty telling. Someone who has access to Hollywood CGI studios and is an assistant director for one of the most popular movies series these days indicating to the sheeple what the elites have planned for us. Kind of makes you go hmmm.

And I swear, look at the guy, father is a studio director, kid drives a BMW, and is attending a school that’s piled full with Cali city college sluts. I don’t believe for a moment that this guy couldn’t get laid. Shit, when I was his age, I looked like the south end of a north bound donkey and I didn’t have any problem getting laid and I drove a rusty POS. Plus, the video is too polished, his demeanor seems to me like he’s acting and his body language and hand motions don’t exhibit any overt signs of the magma hot anger that courses through the veins of young men who are really socially ostracized.

So, I call bullshit.


Dude if you can’t get laid rolling like this; shit, it’s inevitable. Put a pair of sunglasses on the Elephant man and he’ll get laid rolling like this in Cali.

The one thing I wonder is why is his entire front windshield blown out? From the outside.


Trust me that doesn’t happen by gunfire alone and I know because I’ve fired hundreds of rounds through junk car windshields. With the way windshield technology has progressed, that’s just not possible by any small arms fire. Looks like someone threw a cow through his windshield.

And then there’s the issue of the slant of media coverage surrounding this alleged event. Remember the media hysteria surrounding the supposed Sandy Hook school massacre was entirely focused on gun control and drugging so-called “aberrant” young men who exhibited, “anti-social” behavior? Not a peep from the MSM about guns or anything else that promoted that narrative this time. What they have focused on is his posts on various forums like PUAHate (which has been taken down so no link forthcoming, Google it, plenty have saved his posts) and associated forums that dovetail with the new narrative and there’s a very good reason for that. The new narrative is spreading and to the elites it’s a trend that they in no way can let grow:

Men are waking up; as a matter of fact more men have woken up than they projected. And it scares the shit out of them.

So, I call bullshit on this obviously staged so-called incident. Look, if I were to consider anything like this, and I were the self-declared virgin that he purports to be, and I had a pretty good idea that I would die while perpetrating my sick plan, I’d make sure if I was a virgin that the prettiest bitch I intended to kill, I’d fuck first. That’s just me, but back when I was younger, and the Cold War was in full swing, me and my friends used to ask each other what we would do if the missiles launched and we only had an hour to live given we all lived twenty miles from a nuclear submarine base. To a man we all said, “I’d find the nearest girl and fuck her.” Me too.

If you’re a virgin and you know you’re going to die why not fuck that bitch you want to kill first? I would.

But that’s just me I guess. I’ve got no martyr issues dying a virgin.

Seems to me a waste of a perfectly good opportunity. Especially if you’re going to end up dead afterwards.

Things get weird when you get older.

weird women
I have pushed the boat out as far as I should in terms of taking on too many things. I’m getting older and I just could not take it any more. I am now monitoring myself very closely and I’m just trying not to get into that sort of state again.”   Stephen Fry

That quote by Stephen Fry pretty much sums up my life until now. It’s getting to the point where I can’t take on any more projects, try to make any more friends, try to date any more women, try to raise my kids or try to be as sociable as I’m used to being. It’s just gotten to be too tiring. Plus, as I get older, it’s just gotten weird.

If you have any social skills whatsoever, you know what I mean. How long has it been since you met someone who isn’t either clueless or crazy in the real sense of the words? How long has it been since, if you’re a man, you met a woman who wasn’t batshit crazy? It doesn’t get any easier the older you get, especially these days, even though it’s easy as hell to get laid when you’re my age, mostly it’s not worth the effort, the women that surround us even if they’re in their forties which is my targeted demographic are vapid unemotional vessels who don’t care about anything but what you can provide for them.

“What’s next?” is their default. No emotion, no empathy, no feelings or other motivations than what they can get out of you.

That shit is weird.

Maybe I’m wired a bit differently. Even though most people who know me think I’m an asshole, they will to a person acknowledge that I care. That’s probably the problem, being a caring person doesn’t fit into a society whose entire philosophy is, “What can I get out of this?”, especially the individuals who are looking to get something from me and I refuse them. Plus I’m not exactly reticent with the truth. Want to piss someone off? Tell them the truth one time. You will quickly become an enemy no matter your relationship is with the individual you share said truth.


The older I get, the more I see this trend accelerating. It’s gotten to the point where I’m isolating myself more and more just to get away from the sheer idiocy that I find myself surrounded by. Which I recognize isn’t exactly healthy, but when the sheer stupidity of everyone who surrounds you and everyone you meet gets to a certain point, you have to pull back and protect your own mental state just to make sure you don’t go insane.

Being a sociable individual, this isn’t an easy conclusion to arrive at. But, as I get older, it’s inescapable, you fuckers out there around my age, if you’re not outright crazy, at the least you’re weird.

And don’t get me started on the women in my target demographic. You get either forty something women with everything drooping from age or fatties who think they’re all that. And they’re surrounded by balding, gray haired divorcees who can’t stand to be alone and will give up their resources willingly just for the chance to take a Viagra and maybe get laid for the cost of an expensive dinner and a night of droopy or fat flesh pressing against them for the evening. And these women I wouldn’t fuck with your dick are happy to oblige them.

Shit makes me sick. And, the older I get the weirder it seems.

It’s getting to the point where I’m thinking to myself why bother? Are there no real women out there? Given my experience over the past five years, I’m not optimistic.

It’s not a good time to be a middle aged man, in shape and with resources. There’s no one worth even giving a chance. It never ends well and probably won’t for the foreseeable future.

Now I know why MGTOW is spreading the way it is.

People get old quick.


I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on my little island trying to get back into the social circle that I once enjoyed. There’s a surprising number of individuals that are moving back to this little place and I can’t much blame them, for a beach town, it’s amazingly affordable and the individuals I’ve been seeing lately are taking over parental estates when their parents pass and given how expensive this island is to live on, a house that is paid for is nearly impossible to pass up. The property taxes aren’t so bad given the valuations of property that has no mortgage obligations, so I’m finding more and more people that I grew up with moving back and I see them when I go out these days.

But I don’t recognize them.

They recognize me right off the bat, I pretty much look the same now as when I went to high school. Case in point, one of my surfer buddies from high school pulled me aside tonight when I was in a bar that one of my friends bands was playing in. I had no earthly idea who he was until he started speaking, gray hair, balding, and with a bunch of girls that supposedly went to school with me. All of the sudden it was a school reunion and I had no idea who these people were. A couple of the girls started whispering stories of what we did thirty five years ago, and some of them I remembered, but looking at them, there’s no way these were the same girls. They looked “old”, and “fat”. And, the guy who recognized me was two years younger than I am but completely gray and his face was unrecognizable.

Shit, is this what I have to look forward to? I’m glad that my father’s genetics has given me a bit of an advantage where it comes to premature aging but over the past month, I’ve seen so many of the people that I grew up with that look like old warmed over crap. Old is the operative word.

I have a class reunion at the end of this month that I’ve been vacillating about going to. Given what I’ve seen of the people that are younger than me who’ve moved back to this little island, I can just imagine what the individuals I went to school with are going to look like.

Fuck, I can just imagine how old they are going to look.

Batshit crazy is the new normal.

batshit crazy

This isn’t a post I really wanted to write. I’m of a kind that really wants to find the best of people and encourage them to live the best life they can. But there are trends I can no longer ignore and I find myself surrounded by them more regularly than not.

Everyone has become batshit crazy

This is a difficult thing to resign myself to. And, it’s not a generational thing, everyone I meet no matter their age, is crazier than a raccoon in a basement in New Orleans before a hurricane. This is not something I take lightly, I meet more people than most because of my personality, males and females both enjoy my company and I engage both because I like people.

But, everyone I’ve met lately in the past few weeks should be in an institution. Doesn’t matter how much money they have, or what they do for a living, these people are crazy and exhibit their craziness by their behavior.

What behavior you might ask?

There are examples galore. Like the wife of the guy who fucked my ex girlfriend within two weeks of me kicking her to the curb and after that she came after me. Seems that she wanted revenge on her Pirate costumed husband and the bitch he fucked behind her back.. Crazy people don’t like being told no. Like the Captain of the yacht me and my daughters spent a lot of time on during the last festival and he told me outright about his 14 year old daughter, “She likes you, I’m cool with that.”. Whaaat? I’m not cool with that in any way or form.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Maybe I have a bit of a different standard when it involves dealing with people. I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that everyone that surrounds me is batshit crazy.

Or maybe I am.


“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”  Edgar Allen Poe


One of the things that have given me pause since I retired and have settled into life on this little island I live on is something that took me completely by surprise.

I dream.

I’m not saying the normal dreams you get before the alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m. or later. I’ve been sleeping until they end without any alarm clock. That might be 2 a.m. or 11 a.m. Doesn’t matter, the memories of what they are telling me is way more giving me more information than I could ever get by rising up on a schedule that is arbitrarily considered by individuals that only have their profit margin to make sure their bosses don’t fire them.

That being said, my dreams aren’t comforting.

Throughout most of my life, I really didn’t have a lot of dream experiences. I don’t know whether it was just a matter of being too ambitious or just like I needed to make all the money I thought I needed to make sure that my family would be taken care of. All I know is that I’m now completely by myself without any outside obligations, the dreams come quickly nearly as soon as I go to sleep.

And they are disturbing. Not like nightmares per se, but the dreams are a hell of a lot worse than what my real life was like. Mostly, they are vivid examples of what I couldn’t do and I wake up before I can repair the damage. But there are some recurring dreams that both give me hope and make me trepiditious about the future.

Most people don’t have the luxury of waking up when they want to, most wake up to an alarm clock and I’ll admit that my working life was like that for more than twenty years. The past two years have proven to me that if you don’t do it at least once, you’ll never figure out the person you are or the person you’re intended to be.

It still amazes me that most of my dreams are about the work I used to do. There’s many mornings I wake up with memories of dreams where I was doing the same thing as I did in my career. Even two years later, it seems that my brain still identifies with what I did to make sure I could retire comfortably, and might want to go back to that lifestyle. Fuck you brain. Not going to happen.

The dreams that really bother me are the ones that are recurring. The ones that have a certain woman that I have never met. I don’t dream about sex at all and never have for some weird reason, but I do dream about certain individuals on a regular basis. There’s been one that has been showing up for the past three weeks that has been freaking me out only for the impression she has been making on me in my dreams. If you dream hard, you wake up and turn over, what you dream is forgotten. If you wake up and turn over three times and dream about the same thing, that’s freaky.

So, I dream. I get out of bed when I quit dreaming.

I don’t quite know what to make of the recurring woman I’ve never seen that’s haunting my dreams.