Carry tiny but deadly.


This is something that shouldn’t surprise anyone but I still find it amazing that more people that should know don’t. We live in a dangerous age, maybe more dangerous than any of us in our generations have ever experienced. That being said, this post is going to recommend some weapons that you should be carrying all the time, any time you leave your dwelling because it just might save your life. Plus, like I said in the title of this article, they are tiny, but deadly to the individuals who might want to rob or even kill you.

Summer is coming and if you’re like me, I wear shorts and a t-shirt 90% of the time during this time of year. It definitely makes it hard to carry a weapon and unless you want to make it obvious that you’re carrying one you have to plan what you are going to carry in advance. Here’s where I’m going to help you for areas that you can’t carry concealed firearms and where you can and this is what I recommend especially if you live in a near tropical area like I do.

First recommendation, a switchblade knife. Especially one from an Italian named Frank Beltrame. Check the link, his knives are awesome. This is the one I carry

A-my switchbladeTeflon handle, teflon coated blade, slick as shit mechanism and costs less than a hundred bucks. Fits perfectly concealed closed in the bottom of my right side cargo pocket in the shorts I wear regularly below my cigs and there’s been a couple of instances where just slinging the blade out has remediated some circumstances that could have gone a lot worse. Five inches long when folded, nine and a half inches long when deployed and razor sharp from the factory. This knife is so beautiful, I play with it regularly, just because of it’s aesthetic attributes. I’ve bought and given these knives to my girlfriend, my sister, her oldest son and my girlfriend’s son, I trust them so much. Get yourself one or more, they’re small but deadly as hell. Plus as a weapon or a tool for opening boxes or cleaning small game, you always need to have a razor sharp knife, which is something a man should have on him at all times anyway.

Alright, I know you are all asking, “What’s up with the pistol at the top of the page?” I’m about to get into that. That pistol is the Intratec Cat 9 semi-auto concealed carry pistol that was manufactured from 1994 to 2001. At the time, it was the smallest, easily concealable and lightest nine millimeter semi automatic handgun ever manufactured. I traded a Thompson Center .357 maximum single shot hunting gun for one in 1995 and have never regretted the trade.

Now I’m not going to say it’s an easy pistol to shoot. Given its weight and the low profile and slimness of the gun, it’s a pain in the ass to target shoot with. With the adrenaline flowing though, you’ll never notice the recoil. If you are used to pocket guns, its accuracy is way beyond any revolver like the Judge.

But, given its geometry, less than three quarters of an inch in width, it looks like a pack of cigs in your cargo pants pocket and with a 7 + 1 bullet capacity, it’s something that I carry all the time. Plus if you look hard enough online there are some out there for less than $150 dollars. There’s something that everyone out here is going to have to realize soon enough, to be deadly we’re either going to have to go silent or go tiny. I don’t anticipate me going silent, so I’ll go tiny. Personally, I’d rather be deadly than dead or incarcerated

Luckily I’ve figured out how to either pack in a pair of cargo shorts in Florida, a hoodie in San Fran or a jacket in Seattle. I wouldn’t recommend trying to rob me. It’s not going to be pretty. And I won’t be saying a thing.

You’re welcome again.

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  1. So what would uou suggest for those of us living in quasi-tyrannical places like Canada where acquiring something like the small handgun is exceedingly difficult?

    • You can get a handgun license in two weekends in Canada. I wouldn’t call that exceedingly difficult.

      For Eurofags and whatnot, just ask your shady-est friend to introduce you to his shady-est friend. Repeat as necessary. Eventually you will find a guy who can sell you a gun.

      • Exactly what happens in the most strict countries as considering firearms laws. That’s what’s so funny, they are easier to get the stronger the prohibitions. Just like the drug laws here. I can get some of the best pot and coke for so cheap it’s funny. But it costs me out the ass for an AR-15 and the ammo for it.

  2. Bill,
    Great post. I carry a Ti-Lite from Cold Steel (4′ inch blade) at all times. It is a sort of “assisted opening” knife, but not technically. It looks like the stiletto style switchblade you’ve shown here, but the quillons are designed to snag on your pocket and flick the blade open as you draw it out. It works like a dream. It has a thumb stud, but you can also open with a quick rake along the side of your jeans (like a Zippo). I bought mine from Amazon and love it. Pistol-wise, I switch it up b/t a Ruger LC9 and a Bond Arms “Snake Slayer”. The BA derringer is made in Texas and you can get it in a variety of chambering. Mine is chambered for 410/.45 Colt. Just like my Judge, you asshole!
    Just kidding, I like my Judge, but if you’re shooting 410 shot shells, then you can’t hit shit any further than across the room. The rifling plays hell with patterning the buckshot. I’ve gone to the Winchester PDX ammo, but I target shoot with Remington’s 45 Colt ammo.
    My other pocket knife is a Columbia River Knife & Tool, “bear claw”. It has the eponymous shape, lays flat in the pocket, has a finger hole for grip, and I can put my forefinger through the hole and use it like a claw OR put my pinky through the hole, have the blade protrude from the bottom, and still make a full, tight fist.

  3. BTW, anyone have any experience w/push daggers? I’ve been thinking about getting one. I like carrying a fixed blade (like the bear claw I described above), and I’ve found a couple that are legal in TN (under 4 inches). Seems like the push dagger could get squirrelly in your hand, but I don’t know.

    • I never had one, but combine it with boxing and I imagine it would be pretty handy. Geddit?

    • Thanks Tank, here’s a link for push daggers at good prices:

      I buy all my stuff from them. Good prices, quick shipping and they guarantee everything they sell. Plus I know the owner, he’s a good guy.

        • Personally, they take up too much room in my pocket. I’m all about stealth when being in polite company. If it looks bigger than a cigarette pack, I’m going to be looked at by people that I really don’t want to deal with. Better to go tiny and stealthy, that way if things go bad, they never see what’s coming.

          • I used to have a Push-dagger belt buckle. it was sweet; I believe the company was Bowen.

      • Thanks for the link, Bill. Your readers might want to check out an outfit called Uncle Mike’s (sorry for lack of linkage). They make small, pocket-shaped leather holsters. These fit squarely, snugly in your pants pocket and allow for a smooth draw without any part of your pistol snagging up.

  4. Wheeling, West Virginia. Small town but there is crime here because there are a lot of drug addicts.

    The reason I asked is that I’ve read that apparently crime is on the decline. I’ve also read that that is bullshit and the stats are fixed. Don’t know who to believe anymore.

    • Believe your eyes and what you see, not the lies in what you read.

      Most of what is in print is either outright bullshit or slanted for some angle of which is not always readily apparent.

      • I see drugs and unhappiness mostly. Not everyone is depressed but no one is happy. Varying degrees of miserable is how I describe people.

      • “Believe your eyes and what you see, not the lies in what you read.”

        Wald’s got it figured out, listen to him and he’s probably younger than you are. Wald, holy fucking crap, I’m stealing that quote if you don’t put it on your site by tomorrow. That’s poetic as hell and if you don’t start writing about this stuff, I told you to quit doing that or I was going to steal it LOL. Fuck it, I’m stealing it now.

  5. Cool gun, but I’d like to point out that getting 9mm ammo is damn near impossible at this point in time, and it looks like it’s going to be this way for some time. If you already have a ton of 9mm ammo, I’d recommend getting this gun. If you don’t, perhaps try looking for another gun that is as easy to conceal but in a different caliber, like .357, .38, or .40, since those rounds are easier to find right now.

    • It’s not so bad here. But then again, I’ve been hoarding this caliber since the nineties. I have two .50 cal ammo cans full of it. My daughter and I counted it the last time I had her and it’s around 7000 rounds. That should do.

    • Agreed. I have a .380 acp that I will be using as my CCW (I have had zero problems finding plenty of 380 acp ammo) and just purchased a 9mm for my truck, but ammo for that is very hard to find. Luckily I have been shopping for a while so I’ve had time to stock up and have plenty on hand for the moment. I have two hunting knives I carry all of the time never thought about ease of opening the blade as being an issue but now that you mention it timing could be critical in a tough situation. I am arming my two daughters with the Kimber jet-propelled mace “guns” advertised on their web site for next year’s school start. Maybe the “mean kitten” key chain too …

  6. Registration of firearms is always the first step of a Tyranny toward gun confiscation, and then the inevitable executions begin. For those that think that it cannot happen in the US, I call their attention to the concentration camps set up for those of Japanese ancestry during WW-II.

    I will keep my guns and if they try to take them, they can get them one bullet at a time. They have been purchasing large number of rounds – anyone want to guess why? Tyranny always starts the same way and this President is a Tyrant – it is as simple as that.

  7. Blades and barrels are overkill sometimes; just scaring and beating up might suffice.

    A question to all and Bill in particullar: those LED torches, can they be used to stun/ blind on the “light” side and to club down on the “heavy” side? If so, what kind of torch should I consider? Any specific suggestion?

  8. I’ve always carried a KelTec P-11 & it looks like it is just a tiny bit larger than yours but holds 10+1. I’ve had at least 1000 rounds through it & have never had a problem. Plus it fits nicely in an inside pocket of my tiny Fossil purse. It’s not bad to shoot & is pretty accurate.

    Of course, in my car I carry a revolver because I don’t want hot brass flying around :)

    • “Of course, in my car I carry a revolver because I don’t want hot brass flying around.”

      Me too but I carry a .32 long Taurus that my Dad left me. First pistol I ever shot when I was seven and in like new condition.

  9. As a commercial fisherman I always used to have a knife (single edge blade of at least 6 inches) that was on my belt as did most other fisherman. Rarely even thought about it as a weapon but more of a tool so never really associated a knife with something you’d use to stick people with. Open carry was/is legal in Alaska so anyone that wanted protection usually just strapped on a pistol, of course this was mostly for protection against bears. True story, my brother was working in the Kodiak and his employers gave him a .45 auto for the bears. He asked if this would really stop a bear and they said of course not, and not to shoot at them as that might piss off the bear but just to use it as a noise maker to scare it off.

    The question is always what are you trying to protect yourself from and what is available that counters that threat. Given that I’m wondering what the best choice is for various threats or what threats you’re looking at when you choose both a switch blade and a gun as a regular carry.

    Here in LA of course all of the options you’ve listed are illegal but if you’re in a high risk area it’s better to try and explain after the fact (if you’re dumb enough to hang around for the cops to show up). I don’t see a switch blade as a viable tool myself as here most of the guys I would be worried about are armed. I’ve had friends jumped by gang bangers and skinheads before, the one jumped by gang bangers was carrying a 9mm (illegally) and shot and killed one of them. Interestingly the cops gave him back his gun (this was in the early 90’s so things have probably changed as CA wasn’t that anit-gun at that time). The other friend was beat up by a bunch of skinheads and freaked out bough a Glock and carried it everywhere he went after that (guy was an ultra liberal type that hated guns and even said so while carrying one, bit of cognitive dissonance there). In any case as demonstrated threats here tend to go in packs and a gun is much more useful in deterring a pack than a switch blade.

    • The switchblade is for individual encounters, the pistol is for more than one attacker. The knife works well when someone who’s bigger than you grabs you unexpectedly, a slice across the arm works surprisingly well.

  10. my next purchase is a conceal carry 9 milli vanilli. i get my CCC next week. being active duty, i don’t even need the safety course.

  11. OP has probably never gotten rowdy with a weapon. Here is a hint on knives.

    Put it in your hand, in your fighting grip. Using your other hand, pour baby oil over your knife and knife-hand. Now drive the knife tip first into a piece of wood as hard as you possibly can. If you feel any anxiety for your fingers, palm, or investment in your knife as you are preparing to do that, get a new knife.

  12. Just received my Beltrame switch in the mail today. Hit the button, wham, the blade flew out. I feel like an idiot, but how do I get the blade back in? I’ve had a number of folding knives, but I can’t locate a release or lever to unlock the blade…

    • Alright, see the ears that look like handguards at the front of the handle? If you press backwards on the one that points downwards on the same side as the release button, that releases the lock on the blade. Don’t feel bad, took me awhile to figure it out myself. Lost a few fingernails in the process LOL.

  13. How strong would you recommend the switchblade over other options? I’ve read that pepper spray can be just as effective in situations you would need the knife. Also, given the legality, would it be so bad to opt instead for a folding knife?

    • Pepper spray won’t kill the fucker that attacked you. I have just one saying about that, “Make sure your story is the only one the cops hear.”

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