You only get one chance.


I went out tonight because I was back on the island after a couple of weeks and I got one of my vehicles back after it had been in the shop being modified. Why not do what you want to do with one of your cars if you aren’t going to use it for a few weeks? Makes sense to me especially since I have minimal money into it and it looked so good when I picked it up, I just had to take it out.

Met up with some friends of mine and they loved the new look of the car. We headed to one of our favorite bars for some Stellas and to listen to some live music.

I really wasn’t looking to talk to any women, it’s really not the right time of year on my little island but when I went to the bar for the first time and went back outside to my seat, there was a group of 5 women blocking the boardwalk on my way back to my friends on the deck. The first time I walked by, I got plenty of smiles. I’m used to that, so I really didn’t think too much of it.

The second time I walked by after getting my friends another round, they had the boardwalk completely blocked. I put down the beers and started talking to them. Turns out they were a mother, two of her daughters and a daughter of one of the older girls.

I started talking to the cutest daughter and we hit it off immediately. Shit, she was kinoing me from the beginning of the conversation. Then she introduced me to her mother who seemed to like me even better than her daughter did. She kept saying, “I’ve always hoped she would meet someone like you”.

But the daughter fucked up. But not in the way you might think. She kissed me pretty quickly which her mother noticed. The three girls left to go to the restroom which left me with their mother alone albeit on the boardwalk which is in public. She asks me, “Do you like my daughter” to which I replied, “I don’t know yet, talking to you though seems that she could be pretty cool.”

When she came back, we kissed again, I pulled out my phone and told her, “put your number in and call me, then you’ll have mine.” She said no. Her mother then grabbed me by the hand and walked me towards the deck and told me, “She’s just three weeks divorced.” I replied, “I don’t give a shit about that, she just fucked up and I’m out of here.” Amazingly, her mother asked me for my number. Don’t know if it’s for her or her daughter, but it really doesn’t make a difference.

The lesson here is that you women especially older ones need to learn that men like me will only give you one chance. One no and you are relegated to the shitpile. No second chances. There’s a hell of a lot more of you than there are men like me and we don’t put up with any bullshit. Kicking bitches to the curb becomes second nature after awhile.

It’s sad but you women have forced us into this situation.

Depresses the hell out of me. But it’s necessary to protect your sanity if you’re a man.

Hope you bitches enjoy the future you wished for.

Killing in self defense, part 3.


I got some responses from my last two posts about what will happen to you if you kill an asshole in self defense. I posted those two articles with a bias that if you want to stay within the law my advice is what you might want to do. I got a bunch of responses that informed me that maybe us that really cherish our freedom, might have to take alternate actions that are completely different than what I wrote about.

I completely agree. Personally, if I had to kill someone, I wouldn’t follow my own advice. That’s because I have nothing to lose. My advice in the last two articles are for individuals who have something to lose like jobs, families, reputations or any other thing that keeps their lives livable. That’s why I asked my lawyer and a retired law enforcement official for information to write those two posts.

In real life however, things aren’t so easy. And, if you have nothing to lose, the decision becomes that much easier. Kill the bastard and get the fuck out of there.

Yes, that means exactly what I wrote. There’s an old saying that says, “Cops believe the live guy’s story”. But if you get the fuck out of there, after making sure that the bastard is dead, it makes their job that much more difficult and if you’ve taken down a douchebag, they won’t spend too much time on the case unless you kill someone or their kid which might be connected to the PTB.

We all know about the George Zimmerman case. That poor fucker is never going to be able to live a normal existence for the rest of his life. You want to know his major mistake? He called the cops after he shot Trayvon. If he’d just killed him, left him where he lay, climbed back in his SUV and went home, the hell that his life is now would’ve never happened.

So here’s what it is. If you have to defend yourself, make sure the bastard dies. Then get the fuck out of there. Even if it is in a crowd, the sheer violence of what you are forced to do will make the recollection of any witnesses subject.

So, here’s the rules:

Make sure the asshole’s dead.

Get the fuck out of there, and, especially take any weapon he tried to use on you with you. Throw his weapon and the one you used on him in the nearest river or lake.

Shut the fuck up, never say anything about it to anyone, especially family and friends. Most people arrested are turned in by family and friends.

But number one is make sure the bastard that attacked you dies at your hand.

You’re welcome again.

Killing in self defense, part 2.


Today we are going to go through what “stand your ground” and self defense statutes mean to someone who has to kill someone to save their own life. Most states have these statutes and they are all modeled on nearly every states statutes so, I’ll use Florida’s where I live as a case in point given that Florida is pretty much a mix of liberals and conservatives that no other state can say it is.

Florida statutes FS 776.012 and FS 776.013 state:

“If you believe you are in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm, you no longer have a duty to retreat before you fire. Thus, you can stand your ground, and claim self-defense when you’re arrested and tried.” (Emphasis mine.)

Get that? When you’re arrested and tried. Which is exactly what a lot of people are going through right now.

See what you guys don’t know is these statutes have so many administrative requirements that no one who’s life might have been in danger can ever think that he or her won’t be arrested for the simple fact that they saved their own lives. The unwritten rules which cops, judges and state attorneys know that you don’t and that they will disclose before it’s way too late, if ever, maybe when you are in front of the judge in an orange jumpsuit and legchains and handcuffs will never be explained to you. Then there’s the politics, Lord help you if you saved your own life at the expense of a black gangbanger who’s parents have the wherewithal to contact Al Sharpton. Then you’re screwed.

And even if you’ve lived an exemplary life, never having been arrested, loving wife and children, coach the little league team, don’t think that the elected sheriffs, mayors, judges and state attorneys aren’t influenced by the opinions of voters, the remarks of the local newspaper hacks and the expressions of the talking heads on your local news.

They are. Now you’re really screwed.

Every time something like this happens, they’re like vultures, they fly out of every media center, every courthouse, every police department, every law office and anywhere these vultures think they can get some media attention, legal fees or donations.

See, what they want is to be shielded from their own shortcomings. They don’t give a shit about us that had to protect ourselves from their spawn. And they’ll do anything, even put an innocent man in jail for the rest of his life if that’s what it takes.

They do their best to make sure that good people trust the system. Why do you think there’s so many cop and trial shows on TV? So that when you get sucked up in the system you’ll think the “system works“. Which it doesn’t, but most people think it does and that’s exactly why so many people’s lives have been ruined for the rest of their days no matter the verdict in their trial.

For this article I’m going to give you the hard truth about what the police, detectives and the state attorney general are going to investigate when you have to defend yourself. This is more something you have to think about when it happens but forewarned is forearmed with the knowledge.

1. When the shit first hits the fan, state loudly, “I’m armed.” Do NOT brandish the weapon. That my friends is a felony in every state. If you take your gun out make damned sure you have to use it.

2. If you have to shoot, make sure you keep shooting until your attacker is down. If the bastard runs off, STOP SHOOTING. Otherwise you’re looking at a murder charge. Likewise if you shoot him in the back.

3. Don’t shoot more than 10 feet outside of your home or car. To cops and juries, this means you chased the bastard. Inside of your home or car however, blast away and make sure the asshole can’t hurt your family or yourself ever again.

4. When the guy goes down, kick his weapon away from him but NOT TOO FAR. Then step on it and stay stepped on it. You’d be surprised how many bystanders will scoop up a weapon for their own purposes. And, gunshots will draw everyone in the area out to see what’s happening.

5. Under no circumstances and I mean UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, shoot a final kill shot after your attacker is down. This will get you a comfy cell on death row no matter how much the dirtbag deserved it. I hate to say it but this is the state of the supposedly called “justice system” today.

6. Immediately dial 911 or have someone in the immediate area do so. Say, “There’s been a shooting at (area or address). Send an ambulance and a supervisor. Asking for a supervisor generally gets you police personnel that have seen this type of shit before and will get you someone on the scene who is way more experienced than your average beat cop. Then hang the fuck up, don’t say another word. All 911 calls are recorded and you don’t wan’t to have to explain in court what you were babbling about in the adrenaline rush.

7. Start taking pictures. Of everything, the asshole you had to shoot, the weapon he came at you with, the surroundings, witnesses and anything that you might think pertinent. Then immediately download them to your email accounts, as many as possible. The cops are going to be extremely interested in confiscating your phone, tablet or any type of media recording device. Make sure that all of these devices are password protected so that they need a warrant to access them.

8. If the guy you shot is still alive, you have to render aid. That’s right, if you let the bastard die without rendering aid, that’s an automatic manslaughter charge. Disgusting? Yes, but it’s better than spending five to life in the pen.

9. If the bad guy runs off, you still have to report it to the police. If you shot the guy and he makes it to a hospital, he’s GOING TO LIE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED. Don’t report it and you’ll find yourself in a jail cell before the night is over.

10. Don’t leave the scene. Listen to me, DON’T LEAVE THE SCENE. If you have your foot on the weapon you were threatened with and you don’t leave, your credibility goes up by a factor of ten. You stood your ground, acted like an adult and waited until the authorities got there.

The bad? You’re still going to be arrested and shoved into jail. Don’t say a fucking thing no matter how innocent you might be. SAY NOTHING. You’ve already done everything that the law says you have to, now it’s time to figure out your future strategy.

Alright, you’ve followed my advice and the cops are on the way. What’s next? I really hate to say this, but it gets worse. After you’ve defended yourself, your body will flood with adrenaline. Your arms and legs will shake and you won’t be able to talk clearly. Worst of all, the adrenaline coursing through your system will essentially shut down your pre-frontal cortex in your brain, the area that governs speech and logical thought. You are about to be interrogated by the police with the most important portion of your brain out of action.

This is not good.

When the cops show, you’ll be juiced on adrenaline, paralyzed by what just happened and have a undeniable urge to talk. If you do, that’s when the trouble will start.

Forget it.

The cops aren’t anyone to confess to, they are by their very nature, YOUR INQUISITORS. Remember this last sentence and sear it into your brain, because if you don’t, welcome yourself to a long prison sentence. Say these words and nothing more:

“I was attacked.”

“I am the victim.”

“I acted in self-defense.”

“I will swear out a complaint against my attacker.”

“I will talk to you only after consultation with my attorney.”

Then shut the fuck up. Completely up. The only thing the cops are going to see is a perp on the ground and you with a gun in your hand. And just one other thing, if you’ve fired your firearm, don’t re-conceal it, if the threat is gone, leave it in your hand, in the open, they’re going to confiscate it anyway so there’s no reason to give them to search you for it.

Here’s my reasoning behind these statements and it’s not only advice I’ve gotten from my lawyer and a couple of retired cops that I know, it’s this. From the police point of view, it’s rare that it’s obvious who attacked who. After all, a body is on the ground and you are standing there with an obviously fired firearm. Naturally you should say that you had been attacked, acted in self-defense and will swear out a complaint.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of your legal defense. Your life is going to become increasingly complicated in just a very short time.

Mostly, you’ll just spend an overnight stint in jail and be released on your own recognizance until the State’s Attorney decides whether to charge you or not. If not, you’re cool. Kill the wrong person and then your life will quickly go to hell. The absolute worst thing that could happen is if the SA determines that your obvious self defense gives them some political advantage.

We’ll discuss this later.

Killing in self defense.


Given that all the MSM can do these days is cum themselves over the fact that a white cop killed a young unarmed black teen in Ferguson, MO and the breathless commentary that is all over the media, I thought I’d give you guys a practical lesson on what to do if ever the time comes when you have to protect yourself from a predatory attack from someone that you just might have to kill.

I’ve paid a bit of attention to this situation, not out of morbid curiosity but to see if my predictions I made when that incident occurred had a chance of coming to fruition. Here’s my conclusion if Officer Wilson is indicted:

If the jury box isn’t rigged, he’s going to walk. Then, shortly thereafter, that minority black city is going to burn. The reason why? I said this over a year ago:

We haven’t had a good race riot for a long while now. There’s a shitload of people who want that exact scenario to occur.

Well, I’m getting off subject of this post. This series of articles is going to describe exactly what will happen to you if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to protect yourself or your loved ones live’s with deadly force. This has happened to individuals I know, so I have a pretty damned good idea what will happen to you if ever this situation presents itself. This is going to be a long article in multiple parts all this week so bear with me, it just might save you a lot of anguish. This is the first time I’ve ever written about my friends experience with this so listen up, it might just keep you out of jail.


When you shoot someone in self-defense, your life goes from being cool to crazy in seconds. We’ve all watched TV shows and movies where the bad guy goes down immediately right? That’s not how it works, in the case I’m referencing, the bastard kept coming. So my friend shot three more times until the bastard was down. Little did he know that the horror of having to shoot someone would be the least of his worries. Hopefully if you read this article maybe, just maybe you’ll stay out of prison.

You guys aren’t going to like this advice. Most of us live in areas that are pretty safe given that we don’t live in the warzones that are scattered around this country like Detroit, Newark, Birmingham and a few others that I could name. And pretty much all of us are armed to the teeth. But that is a problem in itself, if you kill someone in self defense, the cops ARE going to look at how many firearms you have, how much ammo you have stashed and are going to come to certain conclusions because of that. Doesn’t matter that you blasted LeRoy while he held a knife to the throat of your wife while raping her, once he’s dead, now their entire attention is going to be on you.

And if you don’t follow the advice in this series of articles, it’s liable to be you that ends up in prison.

If you look at the map above, it shows the states that have “stand your ground” laws. Most people interpret these to mean, “If someone threatens me with bodily harm, I have the right to empty a clip into him and put him down like the dog he is.” Nothing could be further from the truth and this is exactly what is going to get Officer Wilson a second degree murder indictment whether he’s a cop or whether he gets acquitted or not. His lesson should be yours and tomorrow I’ll start explaining exactly what the laws permit. Because if you don’t take this lesson to heart, you just might earn yourself a cell on death row.

Until tomorrow.

Carry tiny but deadly.


This is something that shouldn’t surprise anyone but I still find it amazing that more people that should know don’t. We live in a dangerous age, maybe more dangerous than any of us in our generations have ever experienced. That being said, this post is going to recommend some weapons that you should be carrying all the time, any time you leave your dwelling because it just might save your life. Plus, like I said in the title of this article, they are tiny, but deadly to the individuals who might want to rob or even kill you.

Winter is coming and if you’re like me, I wear jeans, an untucked button up shirt and a Euro style jacket 90% of the time during this time of year unless it’s crazy cold. It definitely makes it easier to carry multiple weapons and unless you want to make it obvious that you’re carrying one you have to plan what you are going to carry in advance. Here’s where I’m going to help you for areas that you can carry concealed arms and this is what I recommend especially if you live in a near tropical area like I do.

First recommendation, a switchblade knife. Fits in the front pocket of your jeans. If you’re my age it fits next to your reading glasses and it is easy to remove and deploy if anyone is messing with you. This is the one I carry

A-my switchbladeTeflon handle, teflon coated blade, slick as shit mechanism and costs less than a hundred bucks. Fits perfectly concealed closed in the right side pocket in the jeans I wear regularly and there’s been a couple of instances where just slinging the blade out has remediated some circumstances that could have gone a lot worse. Five inches long when folded, nine and a half inches long when deployed and razor sharp from the factory. This knife is so beautiful, I play with it regularly, just because of it’s aesthetic attributes. I’ve bought and given these knives to many of my friends. Get yourself one or more, they’re small but deadly as hell. Plus as a weapon or a tool for opening boxes or cleaning small game, you always need to have a razor sharp knife, which is something a man should have on him at all times anyway.

Alright, I know you are all asking, “What’s up with the pistol at the top of the page?” I’m about to get into that. That pistol is the Intratec Cat 9 semi-auto concealed carry pistol that was manufactured from 1994 to 2001. At the time, it was the smallest, easiest concealable and lightest nine millimeter semi automatic handgun ever manufactured. I traded a Thompson Center .357 maximum single shot hunting gun for one in 1995 and have never regretted the trade.

Now I’m not going to say it’s an easy pistol to shoot. Given its weight and the low profile and slimness of the gun, it’s a pain in the ass to target shoot with. With the adrenaline flowing though, you’ll never notice the recoil. If you are used to pocket guns, its accuracy is way beyond any revolver like the Judge.

But, given its geometry, less than three quarters of an inch in width, it looks like a pack of cigs in your jacket pocket and with a 7 + 1 bullet capacity, it’s something that I carry all the time. Plus if you look hard enough online there are some out there for less than $150 dollars. There’s something that everyone out here is going to have to realize soon enough, to be deadly we’re either going to have to go silent or go tiny. I don’t anticipate me going silent, so I’ll go tiny. Personally, I’d rather be deadly than dead or incarcerated

Luckily I’ve figured out how to either pack in a pair of cargo shorts in Florida, a hoodie in San Fran or a jacket in Seattle. I wouldn’t recommend trying to rob me. It’s not going to be pretty. And I won’t be saying a thing.

You’re welcome again.

Video everything.

If you want to stay alive and out of jail.


My friends and I are planning a trip in the early part of November. Last year, we spent a week in Vegas for my birthday. Most of us flew there except for Tempest and Bill, and only because I was suited up for the trip there, it wasn’t too big a deal until I tried to fly back. Let’s just say that the TSA isn’t exactly happy if you have five grand in cash in your pocket and don’t put it anywhere where those bastards have an opportunity to steal it like in your check in or carry on luggage. Let’s just say the “special room” and I have a history. I’ve decided to drive anywhere I go in the states anymore but fuck, even though it costs me less, I’m wondering if it’s worth it.

I’ve gotten used to enhanced “security screening” over the years in airports given what I used to do for a living, but Mardi Gras back in March seemed drivable. I’ve got reliable cars and since I’d had both of my vehicles serviced, the only decision I had to make is considering the gas mileage. So, I picked the Mustang for the trip. Driving there was no problem but driving back from New Orleans from our last meetup gave me a wakeup call that I can ignore no longer.

If you drive a nice vehicle, YOU ARE A TARGET.

Drive a Camry? You can pretty much get away with anything. Drive a Ford Focus? Same thing. Drive anything else that most people can’t afford?

Be prepared to get pulled over. And if you are a single white male like me, be prepared to get pulled over multiple times if you are driving more than five hundred miles trying to get to your destination. Plus, no matter how early it is in the morning, be prepared to be exposed to a field sobriety test. It’s a good thing I practice moving my eyes back and forth over a 190 degree angle.

So, I’ve decided to take the Mustang to the Tunica meetup. But, instead of just mounting a GPS to my windshield, I’m mounting video cameras and audio recorders in all of the openings of a car that has never been involved in any type of crime, not to say the owner of said vehicle. Plus, I removed the limo tint that came with the vehicle when I bought it and spent the money to make it look just like it rolled off the showroom.

I’m extremely interested in how many times I get pulled over when I leave on Saturday Novermber 8th and arrive the next day. I’m probably going to get pulled over more on the way back, but by then, I should have quite a few videos up online and maybe by then they might leave me alone.

I’ll post pics of the cameras and all the other stuff when I get it installed.

The next Manosphere meetup.


Ever since we were disappointed in New Orleans during Mardi Gras due to a misunderstanding from our supposed host and not realizing that New Orleans has gone to shit since the last time I was there, Tempest, Bill and I have been discussing other places to visit. They’ve come up with an option that I think we will all enjoy and since she posted our intentions, the interest has been encouraging.

I’ve already made my reservations, and given how much I hate to fly these days because I generally have to go into the special room for “enhanced screening” I’ve decided to drive to the Fitz. Given my experience driving there and back in the Mustang from New Orleans for the last meetup, I’m leaving Saturday, November 8th, going to take my time, see everything touristy between here and there and show up in Tunica around 3 p.m on Sunday the 9th. Here’s my proposed route.

It looks like Matt, Doc and Aurini are going to show up too. We’re working on Chloe,her husband and Ace but confirmation has not been given thus far. But, I’d love to meet anyone who’s near my proposed route. Seeing that I’m going to take two days driving there and two days driving back, I’ve got plenty of time to meet anyone who might be interested in meeting my sorry drunken ass.

Plus, since I plan to take the Mustang, it’s a nearly twelve hour drive and I’m not exactly the most reputable individual, I’m taking bets on how many times I get pulled over on the way there and back. One thing you might want to take into account; since my experience with the Florida Highway Patrol on the way back from New Orleans, I’ve had the limo tint removed from the car windows. Probably won’t make much difference but I thought you guys should know.

Place your bets in the comments LOL.

Update: Looks like @technoronin is going to attend also. I’ve been in contact with this individual forever and can’t wait to meet him in person.

I hope all you guys like to gamble.

Physics will help your Game.


One of the most famous thought questions in quantum physics is the problem of Schrodinger’s cat. It’s a problem that I’ve had a hard time wrapping my mind around even though intuitively it makes perfect sense.

“If you can’t observe something, how do you know it actually happened.”

Then another question arises. Science relies on a huge amount of people that haven’t actually observed the phenomena being reported on believing the computer generated simulations and huge amounts of mathematical paperwork to give them a modicum of consensus. I just don’t see it. I can do the math, I can decipher the obfuscation that purports to be scientific journalism these days, but there’s still one question that has never been answered:

What happened to the cat?

It’s something that if you find a cat lover, you can develop an entire night’s worth of conversation about. It’s even better if she has a dog and you modify it for her canine friend.

You’re welcome again. Be prepared with smart girls to demonstrate the math.

Blue Pill Psychopaths.

blue pills

“My dream role would probably be a psycho killer, because the whole thing I love about movies is that you get to do things you could never do in real life, and that would be my way of vicariously experiencing being a psycho killer. Also, it’s incredibly romantic.” Christina Ricci

The only reason that what we see around us is still dysfunctionally functional is the deep psychopathy of every person that has either swallowed the blue pill whole or has figured out a way to profit from it.

Every person that believes in feminism, social justice, takes a government disability payment, an EBT card or any other of the myriad of government entitlement programs is guilty of a psychopathy so deep that I have my doubts that it can ever be reversed beyond a complete collapse.

And, from this psychopathy, a Deep State has taken control of this country and most of the developed nations of the world.

The deep state begins with government, an institution I’ve always described as intrinsically evil and destructive. That’s because it’s empowered by enforced coercion; one of only two ways in which humans interact with one another.

The other is voluntary cooperation. That can’t be allowed.

But the deep state is more. It’s not only the massive, prying, regulating apparatus of the federal government, but also the corporate structure that depends on government largess, and the lapdogs in the media and academic community that serve to perpetuate its message. All of these elements are held together with money and propaganda, and they combine to deny the vast majority of citizens true freedom.

I’ve been exposed throughout my working life to these individuals that are described as America’s “top dogs”; a few thousand elites who all know each other. They went to the same schools, belong to the same clubs, socialize amongst themselves, and scratch each other’s backs. There’s no conspiracy needed. They all know exactly what to do to maintain their position without being told. It’s a closed party and as George Carlin stated, “It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.” (Personally I think this routine is why he died so quickly from cancer. There’s plenty of evidence that intel agencies use Polonium as an assassination tool).

But the storm troopers below the top dogs are the running dogs: police, military, politicians, and upper-level government and corporate functionaries who grease the wheels for those at the top. And below them are all the rest. Most are little better than trained dogs who will do anything to keep their treats coming. They have swallowed the blue pill psychopathy whole, either from educational programming or from seeing no other way to feed themselves. These are the bastards that people like you and me are most likely to come in contact with given that we deal with petty bureaucrats, cops and minor functionaries. And, they’re the most dangerous. Given that their livings are dominated by arrest records, quotas and the majority being the type of people we all used to beat up in high school, they have a grudge. And they’ll do anything they can get away with to get back at individuals like us who are successful by our own efforts.

They hate us. They know that they will be on the streets without deep state employment so they defend it with what I describe as a loyalty bordering on zealotry.

But they’re completely vapid when encountered in a social situation. That’s why they socialize only with their fellow blue pill psychopaths.

They can’t be talked to no matter how superficial the subject. There is no discussion, all they can do is regurgitate what they’ve seen on TV or what they’ve read in the NYT or on HuffPo. But, they will defend to the death their ability to suck at the teat of the taxpayer.

Sad as this is, there’s way more of them than there is of us who hold the ideals of freedom dear. Given how my interactions with the deep state have gone lately, I’m not optimistic about any imminent changes.

Psychopaths are problematic in any population. But when they are programmed, encouraged and installed into positions of power now matter how minimal, we have a problem that won’t be easily solved.

I know what it’s going to take.

I just hope I’m healthy enough to participate in it. Already got the hardware.