“We both wanted a big family (6 or 7!) but I’m getting a bit old – spent too much time on the feminist career-delay-family treadmill before I got in touch with what I really wanted and found it in a man who I can sense walks into a room even when I don’t see him, that’s how electrifying he is to me. When you find that, you don’t leave. You do everything to make yourself worthy of keeping around.”  Cranberry

That statement was made by frequent commenter and fellow blogger Cranberry in reply to my article “Nice guys”. Her comment was the first of many that makes me think that there is a coming backlash towards feminism and the lies that women have been told for all these years. Let me ask, have you ever heard a woman make a statement like that? That article also got me a new reader and commenter who goes by the moniker Annie Oakley. Her comments were eye opening to say the least about how at least some women are coming to the realization that being a traditional wife makes them the most happy. Here’s her first comment:

“If it’s OK, I’m going to chime in on this blog as a middle-aged white married female if that’s ok with y’all. My husband is an alpha male and that suits me just fine. We’re in a traditional marriage. He makes the money and takes care of the outside and I take care of the inside.

I do see the Brian’s all over the place. It makes me sad. My 1st cousin is a Brian. Probably hasn’t been laid in years, has a job, his own home and does quite well financially not to mention he’s in excellent physical shape. His muscles look like piano cords. He’s a good looking blue-eyed red headed man. When I come and visit my uncle, he will come over to visit. He’s one of the kindest people you’d ever meet; he just needs some self confidence.

I remember a few years ago before I got married, I stayed with his father, my uncle for 3 weeks. (redacted) was over every single day. He was thrilled a woman was kind to him, even if it was his own 1st cousin. We hung out, had drinks at a local bar and had a lot of fun. But when I asked him about women and meeting someone, he shut down. He’s probably been SO rejected by these women whom I’ll call ghetto whores, he’s just given up.”

That does sound like the guy in that Craigslist ad. Annie isn’t shy either to call women today what they’ve essentially become. She continues:

“Here’s the thing gentleman. Even women my age and I’m in my 50s were lied to. We were lied to and I didn’t even realize the magnitude of the lies until a few years ago. This is my 2nd marriage. My first alpha husband died in a car crash. I don’t believe in divorce. You make a vow and you stay with it.

Sorry to say, most women today in their 20s and 30s are loud-mouthed, trashy, tattooed whores. And that makes me very sad. I don’t have any daughters but if I did they would have been suited up with a chastity belt a long time ago. I’ve told my 2 unmarried cousins to consider a woman from Russia or Eastern Europe. Most young women are gone. Seriously gone.

We were told as teenagers, get a college education, get a job and then find a man. What a load of bullshit. Had I had it to do all over again, I would have married at 18 and pumped out a bunch of good kids. I married at 25, got a college education and the rest is history. But after 4 miscarriages I gave up on having kids.

I don’t cast my pearls upon swine. My husband has retired and we’re moving to a rural area next month. There are a lot of old fashioned gals there who are good women. I plan on mentoring these women to learn how to sew, cook, crochet, knit, can and other things that are viable skills, not mindless mall shopping and listening to ghetto music.” 

Wow. Talk about going back to traditional ways of life. How many women do you know that even have these skills, much less want to mentor other woman to teach them these skills? None that I know. Plus, if she’s middle aged and her husband just retired, he must be quite a bit older than her. Proof that he is the Alpha she describes. It’s also proof that an Alpha’s age doesn’t matter. I asked her how she came to the conclusions that she wrote about and this was her reply:

“When I was single it was “in” to hate men. Men were the problem and we were the solution (women). It just didn’t feel natural to be a hater, especially to men.

I listened to Oprah (big F’ng mistake) and her lackeys. Oh you don’t need a man, why do you want a man, why do you wanna be married? Why can’t you be happy yada yada yada. I even had women friends give me a hard time for wanting to be married again.

I’d literally given up. I stopped talking to a few of my women friends who were men haters.”

That was probably her first step in figuring out what she wanted and how to get it.

“Then I read various blogs online who gave me the lowdown on YKW and how they were destroying our people. It finally made sense.”

Our humble blogs are doing good for everyone. The red pill isn’t just for men, it works on everyone.

I get a lot of flack for being a traditional woman. I’ll have women here ask me what do you do for a living? When I tell them I’m a housewife and I take good care of my husband, they look crestfallen. I think they think I’m weird.”

I don’t think she’s weird. It’s the women asking her the question that are weird.

“Now if I told them I was a civil rights lawyer, a race hustler, a fashion designer or some other politically correct job, I’d be in like flynn.

Finally I said, the number one denominator in all my past relationships is me! What is in me that is allowing men who won’t commit to me? What the hell is wrong with me?”

The hamster is in the crosshairs. It’s a rare woman that will ask herself that question.

“I finally said to myself, I want to be married and find the love of my life. If that means I will be single the rest of my life, I will NOT settle for anything less than a “real” man.

I met my husband 2 months later, and 5 months later we were married. We’ve been married over a year. The first year was rough, but we made it. I have no regrets.

He for the first time has a traditional woman and he’s happy with that.”

The Brian’s of the world need to make friends with women my age. We’re natural matchmakers. My husband and I are always talking to the younger crowd, men and women. I’ve point blank told women, stop looking like sluts and you’ll find a decent man. I tell the men, accept no less than a virtuous women who’s traditional and you’ll be fine.”

 Now that last paragraph is interesting. I wonder why no one in the manosphere has thought of that. It makes sense; married women know who the slutty girls are and which ones are virtuous in their social circle. And they want to protect the good ones. I asked her in my next comment to her if she was happy and this was her response:

 “I’m very happy! Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I argue. We both have very strong assertive personalities so sometimes it’s like 2 bulls in the arena, LOL. Just wave the red flag and it’s WWIII. But I love my husband, I would stay with him if the Titanic sunk. We would go down on the ship together.

Once again, young white men need to make friends with married women my age. All of us have nieces, daughters, friends, etc. If we know the score and the young men know the score, it’s a win win as they know we’ll set them up with a decent woman, not a mall wench.

I want to spare young women and men the pain I went through, the loneliness, etc. Even my current spouse was taken advantage of by women. He was used many times. He finally woke up and said he no longer wanted a woman who was fat, a woman who was in bad shape, financially and mentally and with no financial baggage. Then he found me.”

It appears her husband took the red pill before he met her. Good for him…and her.

“Water seeks its own level. If a young man has confidence, knows himself and has a strong awareness of self, he will not be swayed by a woman who will use him.

Women use men, they really do. I hope I didn’t in the past, but I don’t think so. It’s not in my nature to take advantage of men. I wasn’t raised that way.

I know men get lonely. I know that. I get that. But our young men cannot allow that loneliness which sets them up for a fall. A fall of being used, manipulated and taken advantage of.”

Unfortunately, we’ve got a long way to go until men don’t let women manipulate them for their own gain. But we’re making progress.

“To avoid that, men have to stay away from clubs and malls. Even a woman who’s a decent woman and slim can go from a 3 to 9. With the right makeup, hair color and clothing, a decent 3 can be a 9 hottie in a matter of hours.”

The operative word is slim. She gets what men want and it’s not a fattie.

Am I bashing women? Nope. But since I don’t know how a man feels, I only know how a woman feels. The #1 proponent of Liar in Chief is white women. It’s really quite sickening. When I see a white woman with an Obama sticker I wanna bitch slap her.

I have 9 nephews. 1 niece. My nephews are wonderful young men. I would tell them the same thing that I put on this blog.”

Annie, great points. It just goes to show that there is a coming backlash against feminism and its toxic teachings. These women are part of a vanguard in my opinion. The more we can get our word out, the more women find that the traditional way of interaction between the sexes always leads to greater happiness not just for women, but also for the men they love.

We are winning.

44 thoughts on “Backlash.

  1. “The Brian’s of the world need to make friends with women my age. We’re natural matchmakers.”
    Total BS. Been there tried that; same selection shit.

    • Tell me what happened, it sounds very interesting. Plus it would shed some light on if this is really something men should try to do.

      • Based on my experience as a Christian and an artist middle-aged and older women are attracted to intelligent men who can hold a conversation; in my experience, from my early twenties on, while they themselves are not interested, they did not introduce me to any of their eligible friends or relatives.

        • Damn, that sucks. Now that I think about it, the same thing happened to me. But I was a bit of a scoundrel (more than a bit) and that’s probably why they didn’t introduce me to anybody.

          • I agree with njartist’s contention that Annie’s advice is useless, but for a different reason.

            I don’t know where she lives, but I’m guessing it’s in a somewhat traditional area of the U.S. I’m from a decadent blue state, and my parents are the only relatives who live in the same city I do. All of my other relatives live at least an hour away, most of them even further.

            Life is very age-segregated here — young adults hang out with other young adults, old people with old people etc. Aside from family and co-workers, the demographics avoid each other. The only girls who women Annie’s age know are their granddaughters/nieces etc., who usually live hundreds of miles away and/or in other states.

            Annie means well, but her suggestions aren’t helpful at all.

  2. CNN was interviewing a woman the other day who mentioned that 1 in 5 women who want children will not succeed in doing so merely because they are in soft harems. Although she didn’t word it that way, it’s exactly what she meant. She even used the phrase why buy the cow when the milk is free and that men can text themselves sex whenever they want. We all know who she’s referring to and it isn’t the dads but the cads. Hence why whatever backlash comes, women will still end up alone. You can’t simply erase so many men out of the dating pool and believe that anything good will come from it.

    • There’s still going to be plenty of women alone but hopefully the ones that aren’t will be living happy traditional lives after the backlash. But you got to admit, it’s good times for us cads right now. especially the older ones like me.

  3. Annie Oakley mentions how finding the manosphere and learning about YKW’s manipulations as keys to her figuring herself and her life out. That came a little later on for me, but before that I was definitely not falling in line with the Narrative. Few jobs I’d ever worked made me happy, save for the those wonderful summers I spent during high school, working on a farm. It was that desire to get out of the cage and get away from other people’s expectations that was key.

    I ditched my relationship with a control freak. There is a difference between a man who is a leader and one who is controlling. A controlling man has no trust and no self-esteem, and no care for what his partner wants. A leader is all confidence and trust, and will take into account what his partner and others around him want and need, and if it can be done, accommodate now and then. A man who is a leader does not give in all the time, but recognizes that not all of his woman’s wants and needs are shallow, selfish, or irrelevant. A controlling man is a tough one with whom to live, and you feel like you are always fighting for something; following a natural leader makes life very easy, and you almost don’t have to think about what to do because the behaviors that please come naturally.

    After breaking away, taking a little over a year away from dating or socializing and just re-focusing the lens on making more satisfactory use of my time, I started to do the things I liked doing, only with larger groups of people. One of those things is mountain biking, and one Saturday morning on a group ride in a new park, I met my husband. It was the happiest accident of my life, aside from my three kids – all of which we wanted but none of whom we specifically planned to have. And I will tell you, when we met, he was unemployed and living back home with his parents because the economy was just taking its first of many great plunges. It didn’t matter, because he had qualities that I knew would put him back on top again. I was leaving all materialism behind anyway, and his wealth of attractive features and personal qualities were more important than his car or his living arrangements.

    Annie also mentions virtue and not being a slut as important, and I must concur. I was not a virgin when I met my husband, but I don’t fall into bed with guys right away. Actually, since I was in a relationship with Controller for 6 years and believe in monogamy, there was no long list of guys for me, nor was there an in-between period of dating, I didn’t have the energy for it. When we started dating, we kept it at kissing for several months, and I gave him my reasons and told him what I was really looking for (a husband, kids) and why I wouldn’t just jump into bed with him. After we were married (yes, we did have sex before marriage), he told me that he really respected that I made him wait. He’d been with too many women too willing to just sleep with him without really knowing him, and the relationships always fizzled out. It was fun, I’m sure, but it was not going to lead to what he wanted, either (wife, kids). So even if a woman is not a virgin on her wedding night, she doesn’t need to go 180 degrees in the opposite direction and sleep with every guy she dates, on the first date. It does nothing for her esteem in the eyes of her partners, it just means she is an easy lay and worth only that much.

    • I was like you and definitely didn’t follow the “Narrative” either. And for many years I couldn’t figure out why everything just seemed…wrong. It took a happy accident for me to find this little nook of the internet and finally realize it wasn’t just me, there’s tons of us out here. I’m glad you overlooked your husbands conditions when you met him, in my experience many women just can’t get past that when they first meet someone.

    • @Cranberry , your intentions are very noble, but your story is truly not unique. You have engaged in what the manosphere calls “serial monogamy” in which you rationalize dating a string of men as morally acceptable enough to still feel honest in a Christian marriage.

      Your residual sexual market value is still potent enough to attract a man who has the ability to attract more women (based on what you say about his past sex life). In fact, you probably seem unique, since in his eyes, all other women really just want sex, and you actually want children! In his eyes, most cute girls just want to have sex and be careerist girls.

      You say that you and he wanted 6-7 kids, but you now feel too old and tired for that. Don’t you wish that your husband controlled you when you were young and naive? So that now you could give him what he wants? See, you might have hated the feeling that he was controlling you, but now you would have had the children that both you and him clearly want.

      • Hey Grit, cool blog, how long have you had it up? I hadn’t heard of you before but this blog has only been up for a little over a month. Glad to have you here commenting.

      • Well, it’s not strictly a Christian marriage, since my husband is only nominally so by Baptism but never practiced religion a day in his life. Our marriage is a secular one, never consecrated in a church. I went away from the Church for a long time, went back, and still have ambivalence about the whole thing. non-Christians have good marriages all the time, just as Christians have marriages that fall apart.

  4. Annie and Cranberry are not really seeing reality in this situation and possibly in their own life’s history and actually Cranberry provides the bottom line for Brian’s issues with women which is respect. Cranberry called her first husband “a control freak” and that was the reason that she left him to continue on with her serial monogamy adventure with her new husband. If you read Dalrock’s blog at all you will see a raging debate on frivolous divorce (if you’re a true Christian there is only one real reason for divorce outlined in the bible which is adultery, however in the feminized churches of today any and all female initiated divorces are OK so long as she is not haaapy with her current husband) and the havoc it is wreaking in modern day churches is a sight to behold.

    So what was the dynamic in Cranberry’s first marriage? Well she hints at it herself, her man was not alpha enough to command her respect and as she shit tested him and he continued to fail she pulled further and further away. He, not being very confident or comfortable in his skin as a man, became desperate to hold on to her and attempted to do that by probably becoming clingy and obsessive about where she was what she was doing. This of coarse made Cranberry even more repulsed and wanting to get away from him even more which resulted in even more extreme behavior by him … and so the cycle repeated until she finally left him in disgust. The hamster has spun this enough in her own brain to make it all his fault as he was a “control freak” but it was more a mutual dance of marital destruction than solely one parties fault.

    So where does this leave poor Brian who has already offered up the ashes of his penis to the goddesses on pedestals? Exactly where he is now, hopeless. The advice Annie gives is garbage, women are not looking for a nice guy and even those that may be somewhat less slutty than the norm are not going to see anything but a pathetic looser in Brain. And even if they did actually date him and marry him, he would still end up like Cranberry’s first husband as they would not have any respect for him and would eventually end up finding some reason to dump his omega butt and go in search of alpha’s.

    None of this solves the real problem which is the fact that western society has set up everything to encourage females to act exactly how we see them acting today. The results are that betas and especially omegas are at the bottom of the female desirability index and face extreme risks in marrying (even to a virgin or nominal serial monogamist, formally known as a slut) as the probability of divorce theft for these guys is unacceptably high. That’s even if they could find someone like that that would even be interested in them, more than likely the only prospects that they will have are those used and abused cougars that are tired of riding the alpha carrousel and are looking for a provider beta to take care of them in their old age (note: even Brain would not fit into this category).

    I hate to say it but Cranberry’s life is a perfect example of what is wrong with today’s western society. If the environment had been different things may have turned out significantly different than they did for both her and her first husband. But we’ll never really know, what’s done is done.

      • Eh, doesn’t really matter, you spent 6 years together with him, might as well be a marriage and in some states you would have been considered his common law wife (Washington State for example it is just one day! just move in and BAM! you’ve got a claim on half his stuff). The dynamics are the same, this just says that from the start you didn’t see this guy as marriage material so it was on even shakier ground which means that he was even less secure in the relationship.

        Also, it’s pretty common for women to do what you’re doing which is to demonize the ex in some way and tag him with a socially unacceptable label. Asshole, Jerk, Controller, Abuser, Beater, what have you. I’ve seen it happen over and over again with both married couples and BF/GF. The name and circumstances change but the hamster remains the same.

        A good example of that is what happened to a friend of mine many years ago. The guy was a natural alpha who was married to a really hot gal (9 or a little bit higher). Well one day she decided she wanted out so what to do as all her family thought the world of this guy. Surprise, he turned out to be a wife beater! With that one accusation everything turned on its ear and she turned from being the bad guy to the victim (as I know this was a false accusation because I lived with them for about half their time together). Happened to me as well with my first wife but with different circumstances. Hard experience has taught me to never take what women say about ex’s at face value as their hamster will always be working to put themselves in the best light and if possible as a victim.

      • I don’t know the details of Cranberry’s situation, but on the surface,we have a lot in common. My high school boyfriend was a control freak. I never shit-tested him, pushing him to desperation. Indeed I worshiped him. He simply had no self confidence from the start; he told lies to make himself look good, then he isolated me from anyone who might contradict his lies. Although he hit me only once, he showed all the signs of a genuine abuser.

        Cranberry is now happy with a man who is GENUINELY strong, and doesn’t have to manipulate her into submission. This suggests that she was looking all along for a true leader (not a man she could browbeat) and her ex simply didn’t have what it takes.

        I’m thrilled to discover the existence of Cranberry and Annie, because I’m one of them and I feel like a freak of nature. Of course we all made mistakes! We tried to do what feminist society told us we should, which is mostly wrong. We were lucky in a way, because we listened to our guts when it FELT wrong. We had to stumble around blindly until we met men who brought out the best in us. And don’t forget, most men were (and still are) striving to obey feminist society as well.

        Back in the 70s and 80s there was no (well-known) rational understanding of human instinct. In fact back then, academia insisted we had no instincts, only reflexes, and conscious and subconscious thought. We supposedly had the ability and obligation to choose what we become.

        There was no “knowledge” that the traditional/Biblical sex roles are essential to the survival of out species.

        Women like us, and the men we eventually married, had few resources to guide us. I for one, simply went about my business, slowly and unconsciously turning away from feminism. I was not rebelling against feminism, I was merely doing what was necessary to: A. Make my husband happy and productive. B. Make myself happy and productive. C. Build a strong, happy family. It never occurred to me that I wasn’t a feminist, because hey, feminism is all about choices, right? I chose to use my resources to build a family instead of a career. How could that be anti-feminist?

        It wasn’t until recently, in my late 40s, that I could look back and understand what has been going on. As long as we continue to educate ourselves on what “real” men need in women, (thank you Manosphere!) we can teach it to younger women, a few at a time. And we are living proof that following our advice can lead to happy marriages.

        • Great points suz, if we are going to survive this mess we’re in, we are all going to have to change our mindsets first. Thanks for commenting and by the way, cool site.

  5. Holy Toledo gentleman, what a ruckus my post has caused!

    Bill – my husband is a young retiree. He’s in his late 40’s and I’m in my early fifties. We’re only 4 years apart. We both made good financial decisions so we can have a quiet simple life.

    Women who are awake are a good resource. I was always a traditional woman but still naïve on some things. If my past experiences can help our young women and men, how is that a bad thing? On some things I personally did not know better. All your life you can plod along and “bang” the epiphany hits you and you want to share it with others.

    NJArtist49 – I don’t get the hostility here from you and I don’t know why. You cannot fix the problem until you talk about it. Getting upset with women such as Cranberry and I doesn’t help. I’m sorry matchmaking did not work out for you in the past. This blog is all about dialog.

    Let me liken it to this. If you know something didn’t work when you were building your house, do you wipe out the house completely with a bulldozer, or you tweak it, fix it and move on?

    That’s what I was trying to accomplish with the Brian article. Just insights on what I’ve seen. I’m certainly not perfect and I’m no shrink, I only have life experience and some common sense.

    Men are not blameless here either. If you pick a wrong partner, then you have to look in the mirror like many of us have and do a relationship autopsy. Find out YOUR part it in, fix it and move on. These mistakes do not happen in a vacuum.

    I feel like I’ve hit a nerve with some of these men and for that I feel bad. I’m on your side gentleman, don’t shoot the messenger.

    Gentleman, its one thing to disagree with what I’ve posted. But attacking women personally who are giving you a different viewpoint is not cool. Not cool at all.

  6. Gunner – I get the anger in your post. I do.

    There are good women out there who want a nice man. They also want a man who has standards and who will treat them like a lady. If a man treats women like crap, he’ll get the bottom of the barrel.

    True hot women take no garbage and the ones who are well adjusted don’t dish it out either. We all treat others how we feel about ourselves.
    But my dialect IMO is NOT garbage; it’s a compilation of what has been my life experience. I have lived all over the country. Worked in Los Angeles, NYC, Honolulu, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Phoenix. I’ve been in 33 states and traveled abroad on numerous occasions.

    The last 2 years I’ve been on 5 road trips spanning 20,000 miles. I talk to EVERYONE, men, women, old, young, white, black, etc. I’m naturally a friendly chatty person. People tell me stuff. That’s how I learn. Life experience.

    Here’s the thing on nice men. It’s lack of confidence. I’ve worked with men who were not that attractive at all, many of them overweight, but they had confidence.

    They went after what they wanted, women, money, power, cars, fast life, they went after it.

    They did NOT sit at home whining about how no woman wants them.
    Successful alpha men (even if they’re not that attractive) have confidence, drive and power. Women are attracted to the confidence, NOT always the money.

    Not all men are going to be millionaires, but they can have a good sense of self in whatever they do.

    If you’re fat, you diet and lose weight. I’ve spent COUNTLESS hours in the gym. Watching my diet, eating healthy, etc. It paid off. I could have whined and said no one likes chubby women. I said, no men like women with healthy bodies and long flowing hair. So I grew out my short hair, toned up and the rest is history.

    I once worked with a man who was what I’d call portly. He was funny as hell. We’d be in stitches over his antics and stories in the office. He made good money, not a lot but good enough. He brought his wife to the Christmas party one year. She was so smoking hot men and women were gawking at her. I asked her while we were talking what she found great about her hubby (they’d not been married that long). She said Annie; he makes me feel like I’m the most important woman in the world. He treats me like a queen and I roll out the red carpet for him.

    The last time I saw my cousin we had a good heart to heart talk. I said Bill, here’s the deal, you’re a good looking young man. You have to go out there and fight for what you want. It’s like dieting or college. It may take years to get what you want. But would you rather be alone and stay indoors or are you willing to get out there, live your best life and possibly find your soul mate?

    I’ll see him again next month; I’ll let you all know how he’s progressing.

    • You’ve proven my point Annie, women are not interested in the “nice guy”, they’re looking for someone that has some self confidence, someone exciting, someone with alpha characteristics. Just like you’ve said above in so many words. Trying to play match maker and hook these guys up with women saying that they want a nice guy is not going to work because they are not looking for a nice, low confidence, guy and won’t be interested in him. And any guy with confidence doesn’t need a match maker as he’s already out there hitting on any woman that’s of interest to him.

      • Gunner,
        How exactly do you define “nice?” Your implication that nice guys are “low confidence” is disturbing and false. A confident man is not by definition an asshole, and an insecure man is not by definition “nice.” And as men mature, so does their confidence, if it’s not trampled by mindlessnees (or evil) in his environment.

        By perpetuating the “Nice guys are weak” stereotype, you’re giving ammunition to the man-hater feminists. They are using these stereotypes to teach young women that men have little or no purpose – “Sleep with hot assholes, ignore (or use) sweet wimps, and be your own Grrrl! Don’t even consider marrying a man with confidence and potential, and supporting him on his journey to becoming a strong, “nice” man who’s the sort of Wolf Alpha that women crave. (suppress your silly cravings/instincts!) By building up a good man up, you grrrl, are denigrating yourself.”

        • Nice guys by definition are those that have taken the blue pill. They believe all that “sugar and spice and everything nice” BS that they were feed while growing up and so have a totally warped view of how women really operate. They’ve been trained to defer to women and refer to them (if married) as their “better half”. They consistently place women up on pedestals and really do believe women when they spin their victim stories. They will most likely view marriage as a “partnership” with both of them as co-leaders and will defer to their significant other on most things. They usually lack confidence because they keep behaving as described above and keep getting kicked in the teeth because of it. They view themselves as “nice guys” and will say so if asked but in reality they are sex starved wimps desperate for some respect.

          You will find Churches overflowing with these types of guys and as I said before most women will not respect someone like this and certainly will not find them attractive. Also (having been there) the older women will try like hell to set you you with some fat single mother that has a “nice personality”. Nothing like trying to politely decline the offer of dating someone the size of a small house to put the chill on going to church.

          • There’s the myth. That’s not “nice,” that’s a eunuch. Feminism lied to us too. Intentional or not, here’s what feminism has done (the kindergarten version.)

            Feminism told men to give up their masculinity and be “civilized” to accommodate their womenfolk. It told them that women don’t need or like strong men, because women can be all the “strong” they need. At the same time, Feminism pointed to Alan Alda and told women, “That’s the guy you should love. The best man for you is the one with no balls. He’ll treat you like the princess you know you really are.”

            Men, being strong and disciplined, transformed themselves into grovelling weenies, and women, being easily distracted by concepts like “princess,” swore up and down that this is exactly what they want. Men, being strong and disciplined, busted their asses to be the best damn weenies EVAR, And women, being easily distracted by displays of testosterone, kept falling into bed with bad boys as they slowly wend their way to the altar.

            Most women try hard to love the weenies the settle for, but there’s that testosterone thing again…
            So a few years later, feminism reminds women they can “do better than that loser,” and women, being easily distracted by shiny things like cash and prizes, dump their weenies in favor of testosterone displays. Who do we blame? The weenies, of course. Feminism can’t be the bad guy here, it’s what forced the weenies to hand over the cash and prizes!

            If little girls were encouraged, or even permitted, to stand up and say,”Alan Alda is an effeminate emo-wimp!” little boys would be emulating Clint Eastwood and John Wayne. If feminism stopped lying to women, women might realize they’ve been lying to men. Feminism buys our complicity without our knowledge.

            Not that we’re the victims here, we get to walk away with the cash and prizes. And eventually cats too.

      • gunner451- women are not interested in the nice guy, they’re looking for someone that has some self-confidence, some exciting, someone with alpha characteristics.”

        A good quality man has self-confidence, can be exciting when he wants to be, and does have some qualities of an alpha male. That is part of what makes a man attractive to all people, men and women. Nobody wants to be around a man who has no self-confidence, who is boring, has no sense of himself, and is weak-and why the hell would any woman want to spend decades with that type of man anyways.

        “they are not looking for a nice, low confidence guy”
        Sounds like you are talking about yourself, gunnar. A “nice” man isn’t synonymous with a low-confidence man. You just made that up because it probably describes yourself. Well, no woman should be attracted to a low-confidence man. That would be historically terrible for the long term survival of a woman and her children. A low-confidence man is also just not sexually attractive to most women- and he shouldn’t be.

        If you have issues with your own self-confidence gunnar, then deal with those issues. Don’t go on blogs trashing women who have a normal healthy attraction to confidence in men. In this case, the problem is with you.

  7. This is all very nice ladies, but, waiting around for each individual one to get it (usually after they are waaaaay past damaged goods) is not going to save civilization. That is what comes first, not anyone’s “feelings.” The troubling thing here is the idea that one just “gets it” and that there are no consequences. Hey you finally got it! Welcome aboard with no punishment. Nonsense.

    As far as Annie’s cousin, that is a shame. But really if women didn’t have “choice” (which they don’t warrant as they’ve proven many times…fuckin’ up society is not a “choice”) her cousin would have been given a woman (I did say ‘given’ yes) and he would have spread his seed (which is more valuable than that of others). Guys, stop being so accommodating and take a more stern attitude towards the repentants, make them go to work on the others. Demand they get results or suffer ostracism. If this seems cruel to you, remember, civilization comes first.

  8. Gunter my friend

    I think you are missing my point.

    In my prior diatribe I was merely only stating that the “Brian’s” of the world are not succeeding because they have become complacent and have shut down. I don’t need to help the Alpha men, they’ve got it going on. My focus is on the Brian’s of the world.

    If the “Brian’s” of the world actually start living their life, i.e. starting a business, buffing out at the gym, making money, then things change. If a nice man wants to change his dynamic only he can do it.

    There are more and more white men breaking free of the corporate 9-5 grid and doing things on their own OR they’re becoming less of a workaholic and living their lives. There was an article on this blog about it. I applaud the man who stopped working in June.

    Men like my cousin have to break through that fear and try something different if he wants to meet someone. He’s personally told me he wants to get married and have children. He needs to get married, find a decent woman and pump out some white children. Our race needs him. We are fiddling while Rome burns. This country will become South Africa if we do not get off our asses.

    Gunter, I don’t know you personally and you don’t know me personally, so please don’t make assumptions about me.

    You do not know all the charity work I’ve done in the past for white children. One of my main passions is helping poor rural white families with supplies and stuff they need and food for their children. My spouse will personally tell men, stay out of the military (no sense dying for ZOG or losing a limb) and stay the hell out of college (liberal anti-white, anti-male indoctrination).

    There are thousands of men and women what I call the Wal-Mart workers. Former middle managers, accounting professionals, etc, who are either now out of work or working for 1/3 less pay. The women I mentor and befriend, the men my spouse befriends. Usually my husband will hire them for work around the house and the women I either give them things, i.e. toiletries or food.

    This is why we’re leaving South FL. This area is a cesspool. We’ve got a house in rural Alabama where the men and women are sweethearts. Country folk who resemble those I grew up with in Oklahoma.
    I’m not involved in formal charities. They only take my money and things and give them to third world illegals or ungrateful surly blacks. I ONLY want my time and money to help white children.

    Young white men seem to gravitate towards my husband, betas and alphas and young women gravitate towards me. A lot of men think of my spouse as a dad or uncle. Unfortunately many of these kids had screwed up parents so many older folks like me will have to pick up the slack. (these are the crack and coke children from the 80’s parent).

    I’ve introduced several couples (nice man plus nice woman) and they’re now happily married. I can lead a horse to water but I cannot make him drink. If someone is not attracted to someone, they’re just not. It’s not always the women who disses the nice guy, many times I’ve found the nice guy isn’t attracted to the woman. You cannot force chemistry. Nothing I can do about it.

    Time is of the essence. White children are becoming a minority in my own country. They are outnumbered in the classrooms and on the job market.

    If I could wave a magic wand I’d make all women stay at home with their kids and let the men have all the jobs. I’d also lower the age of consent for women and men to get married, like 16. To boost while children numbers we may have to make polygamy legal.

    • Annie honey, if ‘we need more white children’ then your cousin will have to be handed a woman. There is not much time for guys like him to have to become what they can’t be in order to validate the silliness. Why don’t the ladies have to “overcome” their own anti-civilizational solipsistic foolishness to acommodate him? Is it because the rest of the ladies won’t enforce it? No matter, women will just simply have to have their “attractions” disregarded and told what they need to do in order to promote order, progress and civilization. Not sexy? Tough shit. You understand this, and now you have your task, get to it please. Thanks.

  9. Bill – blog owner.

    I’m a very busy woman. I do not have time to come to a blog like this and get beaten up by men who are angry.

    There is probably other authors and writers who are more than willing to write on your blog on the discourse of the day.

    I wish you all well. I”m bowing out of this thread and your blog.

    Good luck to all of you.

    • Annie, nice job mimicking the anti-feminist language so you can pretend you give a damn about men. It didn’t take them long to expose you as the fraud you are.

      I hope you realize the anger here is legitimate, and very new to many of the men who are expressing it; you probably shouldn’t take it personally. It’s unpleasant and it makes us uncomfortable, but most of these men are in the process of learning to direct that anger productively. Most of them are also perfectly capable of rational thought, and if your logic is valid, they will see it. They’re developing some deadly accurate Female-BS radar though, and boy are they tired of Female BS.

      In your last comment to “Gunter,” who is actually Gunner, you’ve make it clear that your ultimate goal is to preserve the future for white children. That’s the exact same goal as the “man up and do your duty” Churchians. You don’t care if your cousin is happy, although gee, it would be great if he found a good wife. You just want him to make more white babies. And I’d bet my last dollar you want him to do so at any cost to himself. It doesn’t matter where he ends up as long as his children survive. You started out saying all the right things, didn’t you – a good man should be able to attract a woman, and since he’s good, he even deserves a nice one. But if she turns out to be not-so-nice, well that just so sad. These things happen. He’ll just have to man up and support those precious white children.

      No wonder you’re not planning to stick around. You’re part of the problem, and these men know it. So go ahead, flip your hair and flounce away, just like the rest of the fem-agendists. Don’t let the door hit you…

  10. Well this article has certainly generated some interesting results and has really defined the dividing line between those men that have taken the red pill and those women that recognize that something is wrong but don’t quite relate to the experiences of red pill men.

    The problem still boils down to female hypergamy but after reading this article about Chinese professional women that couldn’t find a suitable husband in a land where there are 118 males for every 100 females it made me realize that there was something else going on that I don’t think I’ve heard discussed before. That is the concept of female labor being more highly valued than male labor in the modern world makes it very difficult for women, due to hypergamy, to accept what is perceived as a lower status man as an acceptable husband.

    So how could I come up with such a ridiculous view on female labor as we all know from conventional wisdom and the MSM that females are paid less than their male counterparts! Well even if that were true it’s not what I’m talking about. When I say female labor I mean the kinds of jobs that most professional females seem to prefer which are typically in the large corporations and government working as lawyers, marketing, banking, sales reps, teachers, journalist, etc. This is contrasted to those types of jobs most men tend towards which are more on the manual labor side of things like mechanics, construction, IT, manufacturing, etc. Bottom line is men tend to want to build something or work with their hands in some way whereas women tend to want to push paper in one way or another.

    In our modern society it is the paper pushers and the jobs that they hold that are considered the high value careers and infer a higher social status on those in the paper pusher professions. After all, most require at least a four year degree and many require advanced degrees like in law whereas most of the manual jobs all you need is a few years in a trade school, if that. So what do we see in the US? Well over 60% of all college graduates are women and I would imagine that this is mirrored around the world.

    This presents a huge problem for both men and women. Ignoring all the female hypergamy and the laws that favor divorce theft, men still want to be married with kids for the most part. Women eventually want the same thing, some sooner others later but we hear the constant refrain of “there are no good men out there”. What women are really saying is that “there are not enough men of higher social status than me that I would find as an acceptable mate out there”. Why? Because her profession is in the paper pusher profession which typically pays better and has a higher social status than men in the “trades”.

    Short story to illustrate the point, had a friend who was in banking, her biological clock was ringing louder than London’s Big Ben. She was in her mid to late 30’s and was dating a very good guy, nice looking, had a stable job that made decent money and was interested in her. But she had a problem, he wasn’t a “professional” and she just could not accept marrying down so broke it off. Now 20 years later she a cat lady, still has her “professional” job but will never find a suitable mate.

    The question is why are the paper pushing jobs (aka female dominated) jobs so highly valued in today’s world. Most of them do not add value and in may case are negative value when you look at how they impact society. There’s a whole host of reasons for this but I’m out of time so will end it here to hopefully pick it up later. This does answer some of the reasons why the Brian’s of the world can’t get a women that’s interested in him. A lot of the time he is in a low value job and female hypergamy will not allow for women to date “down” the social ladder.

    • gunner451 – Your Howitzer is extremely accurate and packs a mighty punch! These exchanges are excellent! There’s one major point that most if not all of the MRM misses and it’s this; A lot of damage has been done over the last 60+ years. The psychological and social damage can not be corrected in the men who have suffered in this madness. Future generations might do alright, but for us, our lives can never be corrected!

  11. Gunner:

    “The question is why are the paper pushing jobs (aka female dominated) jobs so highly valued in today’s world.”

    That’s one of the most important questions, even though it seems marginal compared to issues like family law, because it illustrates the depth of feminist influence in society.

    The answer:
    Delusion born of propaganda.
    Some of these jobs are necessary, and I’m all for skilled women doing worthwhile work, but far too many of these jobs are little more than make-work. They do more damage than good, in so many ways. But we “value” them because feminism says they’re valuable, and Hollywood & Madison Avenue make tons of money selling the illusion. Women pursue useless careers because they think they’re supposed to, and they sacrifice their most important relationships in the process. The result is miserable (and broke) men, miserable women, and miserable barely-functional children. But nobody dares to point out that the emperor has no clothes. It’s just not PC.

    • Good points Suz, but I think more is going on here. Traditionally white collar jobs were the high social status jobs as they were few and typically really did require higher intelligence, education and connections to get. The vast majority of jobs were blue collar jobs which were both low skill jobs and highly skilled trade type jobs. This was back when most of the worlds economies were agriculture/manufacturing based and it was mostly men in the work place. Fast forward to today and you see white collar jobs have exploded while blue collar jobs have declined as we have shifted towards a “service” economy. Also women have entered the work force en-mass into the white collar jobs, this has been aggressively pushed by government and large corporations for both social engineering and economic reasons.

      Most of the heavy labor jobs have been replaced with machines and automation. You can harvest square miles of wheat with just two people that used to take thousands. Even heavy manufacturing like autos is mostly done using robots now days. That and illegal immigrants have reduced the ability of men to make a good living.

      So now we have government and large corporations stuffed to the gills with women in relatively recession proof high status jobs that pay very well. But how can this be? These kinds of bureaucracies smother innovation and economic growth when they get too big which is exactly what we see in America where if you really look at the numbers we have stagnated for the last 20 years. The only reason we have somewhat maintained our standard of living is because we have out sourced all of our real jobs over the last 20 years. I don’t think that this can continue and when it does end it will not be pretty.

      But circling back to my point the value of these paper pushing female jobs is artificial and has been supported for the last 20 or more years by the hollowing out of our economy. It cannot and will not continue but as long as it does women will be left without a suitable husband and men will not be able to attract a wife because of hypergamy selection issues. And this is not just a US issue but as the article I linked to suggests, the process is active all over the world.

      • I agree. Artificially over-valued female work is destroying the economy, the government, the family structure, the church – pretty much everything it touches. (And again, I’ll clarify that HONESTLY-valued women’s work is perfectly legitimate and even necessary.) Yet it continues, and it will probably go on to the point of economic collapse, since most families are now dependent on two incomes. And I guarantee women will fight to the death for their “pretty,” useless jobs before they will deign to do practical, un-glamourous work (which they’ve been rejecting all along – look at the hard sciences.) Women will continue to earn however much money feminism can con out of society, until there’s nothing left.

        Women’s “work” entitlement IS hollowing out the economy, just like women’s welfare entitlement. The difference is that “working” women actually believe they’re earning their paychecks, because feminism has told them they’re worth it. Here comes another “wall.”

        Invest in the underground economy if you can. Sooner or later, it’s going to be the only one left.

      • I was not going to comment on this masterpiece, but I just can’t help myself – How do you think the “process” spreads or is becoming prevelant all over the world? Influence or a natural progressive phenomena?

        My personal guess is American influence or do females naturally rise to high-end positions when a country creates substancial wealth?

          • I think it’s both. Females naturally “hoard” available resources for the survival of their children. Western excess panders to this instinct.

        • I’d agree with Suz in that it’s both. Certainly Marxist thought has been the primary pusher of feminism both here in the US and throughout the world. Also, as countries urbanize and trend towards a more “consumer” oriented economy, females being the ones that make 70-90% of the purchasing decisions tend to become the dominant focus of both large corporations and government because they are the economy at that point. Also as the standard of living rises females no longer have to work hard to maintain a household (no more doing the laundry by hand on a rock by the river). So with the female work load reduced at home this frees her up for work in the office.

  12. Commentators like gunner451 are going to run all of the sympathetic women out of blog like this. Annie Oakley is on our side- she doesn’t need lectures telling her how views are garbage. Gunner451 is one of those guys who is just so angry, he is even attacking women who are sympathetic to mens views. This is one of the downsides to the mens rights community. Some woman shows up to express genuine sympathy and support, and guys like gunner451 run them off because those women don’t totally agree with his views that all women are what he thinks they are. Most women’s behavior and/or views are varied- it’s not 100% one way or the other. I would hope that the blog owner keeps that in mind.

    To annie oakley- please keep on doing what you described in your post.

    • Initial I agreed with Annie, but then she showed her true colors in two ways. She showed that her reason for wanting men to be happy, is actually so they can produce and provide for more children, i.e. continue to prop up the system. She also wussed out with an astonishingly typical “fembot” response to a man who challenged her to show that her support for men’s rights is sincere.

      Reread her last comment. In the manosphere, how many dozens (if not hundreds) of times have you read that very same sentiment (almost precisely the same words!) written by female and mangina trolls who were completely unable to function within a rational debate? Why would you think Annie is any different? It appears that Annie doesn’t give a crap about men, she just wants the white ones to donate more sperm to the population – did you note the near-hysterical desperation in her last comment to Gunner? Yeah, she was all calm and sweet while kissing up to MRAs, but then she lost it and went cuckoo about the issue that’s nearest and dearest to her heart.

      Women (and men) like Annie will cheer on the MRAs and tell the girls to “keep their men happy,” right up until the moment she gets what she wants. Once the little white babies are born, her agenda is met and fathers can go straight to hell (just so long as they pay the child support.)

      (Yes, I’m ranting. My inner “irrational female” is seething. I can usually peg the Annies within their first few paragraphs, but she pulled one over on me. For a while. My apologies to Bill for my rudeness.)

      • No need to apologize to me. I put her comments on the main site because I wanted a debate on this subject. Thanks to you and all the others who commented, I think we got a really good one and some clarification about what we want to accomplish in trying to fix this mess.

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